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Notation software for iPad

I just read about an app called Notion for iPad. Has anyone used this? I see that Finale is working on free software for the iPad as well but has no release date. I want to do simple arranging for my choirs, but more complicated than what I can do on Finale Notepad. (I can't afford
Finale PrintMusic) What are your thoughts and experiences? Also, my school has Finale 2012 on our school computers. Will Notion and Finale "play well" with each other?

Thank you for your advice-
Emily McDuffee
Choir Director
Southport High School
Indianapolis, IN

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on April 11, 2012 7:27am
NOTHING? No suggestions at all? If there aren't any yet, are we all nagging for someone to come up with something?
on April 11, 2012 11:21am
Ann & Emily:  I don't know anything about Notion except that it exists, but our former Department Head has been watching out for a number of years for a decent freeware music notation program just for computers, and hasn't had anything to say about it yet.  Your best be, of course, would be to contact the company and simply ask.
But in case you haven't noticed, musical notation, developed by and for monks writing with feathers, is COMPLICATED!  Much more so than programs designed to handle language, because the end result has to be graphical, and has to look absolutely correct. 
If it turns out that there is money to be made by converting any current program to run on the iPad (or any of the competing products), be sure that someone will come up with a way to do it, but I wouldn't hold my breath!  There are already apps for reading music from your Pad, but not necessarily for writing it.  But again, too many competing products and operating systems tend to discourage developers.
But then I'm sort of stuck in the middle ages (otherwise known as the 20th century), and don't even have or use a smart phone!  My students have them and can make them sit up and bark!!!
All the best,
on April 12, 2012 6:58am is my best friend, as a teacher and for composing projects for my students!
on April 12, 2012 7:14am
I too have explored this a bit, in hopes of seeing a Finale iPad app ... however, from what I've read about the upcoming (May 2012) free app, it does not appear it will be an editor or creating based app.  Seems like it will be more useful for rehearsing, playback, printing, etc.  Notion looks pretty cool, especially the Guitar Fretboard input module, but I don't really know much about it.  I doubt it will work well with Finale with .mus extensions.  You may be able to convert midi or use a scan feature, but I've found that with Finale these often don't work well.  I did come across another app (, and it looks pretty neat.  I'm not sure it will do more than Finale Notepad, but it might be worth investigating.  At least from a marketing standpoint, they do a better job than Notion :)  I've been suffieciently satisfied (as of now) to stick with Finale on my MacBook for creating music.  If you school has Finale 2012 on the computers, does that license not extend to your computer?  Or, are you just exploring other options?
Good luck, and keep us updated ... I'll do the same.
on May 25, 2012 12:50pm
Hi Emily, I'm going to add the suggestion to look at - my understanding is that:
1. their web-based service is basically cloud-hosted notation software, which anyone can use for free - but with a subscription you can also import PDFs, transpose, edit, and midi-file export...
2. the paid App "scorio Music case" is the related iPad e-reader in which notably (!) one can not just shrink and enlarge your music but RE-FLOW it on the fly - say, from 16 bars/page to 12 bars/page; transpose; turn pages hands-free, and more.
There's also a paid App targeted for composition, which doesn't have good reviews but there are only a few - and you know the price of Sibelius or Finale - $2 is not what you pay for that software...
There's a quick introductory video to the notation component of the above, here:
So - I can't recommend or not recommend this, but all are options to consider and I don't see them posted yet, in answer to your question.  I first saw this from the German firm which created it at the Musikmesse Expo in Frankfurt. It would be interesting to get feedback from people who have used it for a while, as I'm sure it has a leaning curve, and feedback from those who have invested the time in it - regarding annotation and the like - would be more helpful. Probably a search through comments in their Forums online would be a good start.
Ian Bullen
P.S. for those who want to hold their iPad in a folder, we've responded to some custom requests, by riveting a trimmed version of the iPad Performance case  INSIDE our lightest-weight music folder. We'll post some prototype images in the next month. That way everyone in the choir looks the same, for those who are determined to use their iPad when there's resistance to the different appearance of just using the performance case with handstrap as illustrated.
on February 18, 2014 4:29am
I can recomend a new program called ScoreCloud, witch is free to use notation program for mac and also iPad! You can check out this cool video to see what its about, or just visit for more information! 
best regards! :)
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