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Composers With Published Works -Questions

I am talking about those published by a company that is not your own.
I am trying to get my thoughts straight so that I can better present them.  I need some feedback and perspective.  I will ask similar questions for unpublished and self published composers soon. 
How do you see the Composers' Marketplace benefitting you?  
Even if all you write is re-articulating what I have said, I would like to hear it filtered through your own experience.
Is the Composition Showcase enough for your published works or do you feel the Composer's Marketplace would be additionally useful? How? (if not answered above)
How much do you currently make on average when your work sells?  What is the percentage?  Feel free to message me if you are not comfortable putting it on the forum for all to see.  
What price are your octavos currently selling for? 
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