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Choral Showcase is open! A Game Changer for Conductors/Composers

    The ChoralNet Composers of Choral Music Community has gone to great lengths to create a new interface between composers and conductors.  We recognize the difficulties in searching through individual composers’ websites, trudging through so many listings to find the one piece that fits your needs.  We also understand that many of you have given up on performing new music, especially that which was composed by self-published composers.  What we felt was needed was a filter to help you find only the best of our work.  
    We have created the Composition Showcase to act as that filter.  Published and self-published composers have put together a little marketplace of quality works.  Each composer has been limited to posting only three selections in the same voicing and a total of six pieces in all different voicings.  There are age requirements and other oversight tools to help refine the repertoire choices presented.    
    All pieces have at least a partial PDF to peruse; most have a recording of a choir or a virtual recording and all have a streamlined method for purchasing from the composer or publisher.  About 50 works have been prepared for you so far with new works being added everyday. The interface is easy to use and will save you a lot of time. 
      The Composition Showcase is in its beta version and ready for you to peruse and improve with your suggestions and/or critiques.    Even if you are not currently looking for repertoire, please help us refine this tool that was created to serve your needs.  You can join our community to start your own post in our forum, comment on the posts of others or contact Jack Senzig our community editor.  Your input is essential to allow us to serve you better.  
    The Composition Showcase is part of an overall effort to improve the relationship between conductors and composers.  This is just one of several planned steps along the way. 
    If you join our community, I suggest you set your Subscription email options under your My ChoralNet tab to digest.  We are the most active community on ChoralNet and would not want to bombard you with an email every time someone posts or comments. 
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