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Selling performance CDs

After reading many forums here and playing with HFA Songfile, I was curious.  I am able to record educational performances for archival purposes.  After I have determined actual demand, can I order the licenses to duplicate the recording to sell to the people wanting the recording?  I know that Songfile needs exact performance times for the royalties this is why I ask.  Without knowing the actual time of each song, prior to recording, I find it hard to get an accurate rate for each song.  Mr. Howell, any suggestions?
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on December 13, 2011 5:57am
All the info is on Harry Fox'es website.  Songfile makes it easy, and you do need to know the tieme to know the rate.  Under five minutes, which is most octavo-length pieces, is 9.01 cents or something like that, per song, per CD.  The website lists all the costs.  I found it pretty easily.
Almost any CD copying program can tell you easily the length of each cut, or you can open it in a playing file like Windows Media or Itunes and if the total time isn't listed you can skip to tne end and see how long it is (I've done it this slow way WAY too many times!).   Then you list all the songs and timings in Songfile (and publishers!) and you get a bill.
Beware- Harry Fox has a processing fee.  I found out yestrday that our $432 in licenses had a whopping $257 tacked on for Fox's "Processing Fee." Ouch!
For unpublished pieces you have to go to the compoers, and for pieces not licensed by Harry Fox to the publisher directly.
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