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wanted: how you do grades for performing groups...

Hello all. I am a music teacher in a small county in TN. I teach at 4 different schools.  I was wondering if you could help me out...i've been told by my high school administration that i cannot give a grade and require my choir to perform outside of school hours...and when i told them that is how other choirs usually do grades, they then told me to research and find out if this was true. So, how do you do grades for your performing groups? Do you count performances as grades? also, if you know of others that do this, i'd like to know...i know this is how things are done, and my principals are not in "the know" since i've started the choir here and am trying to build a program...any info is greatly appreciated!!!  Please comment here or email me at ssmith8(a)  Thank you. sandy smith.
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