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YouTube agreement with Harry Fox and NMPA

"We already have deals in place with a number of music publishers in the U.S. and around the world, and today’s deal offers more choice for rights holders in how they manage use of their songs. Going forward, the 46,000 music publishers already affiliated with HFA will be able to license the musical compositions they represent for use by the YouTube community. When these publishers allow YouTube to run ads alongside user generated videos that incorporate their compositions, the publishers, and the songwriters they represent, can make money. We’ll also be working with HFA to invite other publishers to sign up, even if they’re not affiliated with HFA. 

Our Content ID system allows us to identify the works of these songwriters whether the compositions appear in an original sound recording or in a cover version, using information provided to us by the publishers. This means that more songwriters will be able to share in more of the revenue that the YouTube community’s creativity yields. It’s simple for publishers to opt in to this licensing opportunity, and advances in our technology help publishers to find even more performances of their songs, providing the opportunity for more revenue. Content ID is used today by 2000+ partners including every major US music publisher, record label, network broadcaster, and movie studio."
I'm trying to decide if this is a good or a bad thing from several angles: 1) conductor of a chorus who *may* at some point have a video we want to share on Youtube; 2) composer of works that *may* someday be videoed and shared via Youtube.
Any thoughts on this?
on October 13, 2011 5:56pm
Thank-you Lana for pointing this out.  I was having difficulty logging in to ChoralNet for a while and completely missed this post.
I realize this response is a long time in coming but I have done some digging and recently received a response from Harry Fox Agency.    I asked them what the agreement between HFA and YouTube meant for obtaining licenses on YouTube.   They responded that details were still being worked out and there would be an announcement later on this year.  They suggested that we contact the publishers directly in the meantime.  They gave these links BMI SESAC ASCAP Copyright (.gov)  I would also add the Music Publishers Association directory.
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