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Opera contests for the middle-aged

Hello,  Colleagues.
Pardon my off-topic query. After making little vocal progress in college 20 years ago i have found a teacher with whom I feel I am making leaps and bounds with! She mentioned (before she knew my true age) about the young singers' contests run by the Met. After finding I am in my early 40's she drew a blank on contests, other than auditioning for our local opera company. I would like to make a name outside our small city and would like to know of any opera singing competitions on the east coast that take late-comers such as myself. thank you for any leads you may think of.
on May 15, 2011 6:56pm
Craig:  I don't follow opera much, so I don't have an answer to your question.  But my advise would be, if you haven't already done so, to make a name INSIDE your small city first, especially if it does have a small opera company.  Opera people do talk with one another, and word does get around.  We just had four great soloists here a couple of weeks ago for a Haydn Mass, and they were busy networking with one another the whole time!  And of course you should make sure that any conductors in your area who hire soloists are aware that you are available.
In other words, build a resume, with actual roles and oratorios you've done.  My son is involved in doing exactly that, and in the opera world he's still considered a "young artist" at 35, plus being a countertenor.  And networking is the way he's done it, although yes, he has entered some competitions, winning one with The American Bach Soloists, but even getting good gigs out of ones that he did NOT win.  So those competitions are out there.  I just am not especially aware of them.  And certainly don't restrict yourself to the east Coast.  If you DO build a reputation you're going to have to travel with it, so get used to it!
All the best,
on May 16, 2011 4:13am
I don't know of any off of the top of my head, but Classical Singer Magazine lists competitions by age limit. You might also subscribe to the "YAP Tracker" service.
on May 16, 2011 11:17am
The Nicholas Loren Vocal Competition is sponsored by the Holland Chorale of Holland, MI. The annual competition is in late-September and is open to applicants of all ages. Two cash prizes are awarded, and the talented applicants come from across multiple states. Two years ago, one of the two winners was from NY; last year, one winner was in her thirties, and the other in his fifties, so while college and graduate-school aged singers compete, the competition is wide open for middle-aged singers, as well.
For more information about the competition, contact the Holland Chorale office at 616-494-0256 or visit the Chorale's web site at late summer for information about this year's competition.
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