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Inspiration from Chicago: Inspiring Works from Superb Performances

I am fortunate to have Spring Break this week to consolidate my thoughts about Chicago ACDA before plunging into more teaching and performing.
The opportunity to share my thoughts here on the ChoralNet blog helps me find the will to think through what over 5000 experienced together.  Here is a list of the music and performances that moved me most from Chicago ACDA - I wonder how it matches up with your experience:
Chantez a Dieu (Sweelinck) - sung by two highly accomplished choirs, BYU and Kantorei.  
Cantus Gloriosos (Swider) - Kantorei inspired me to program this piece - I've heard it performed many times but it never seemed to be the work I thought it could have been - Richard Larsen showed me otherwise.
Singet dem Herrn (Hugo Distler) - I've heard the work many times but never more energetically as Millikin University and Brad Holmes.
Te lucis ante terminum (Levente) - a new work for me sung by Millikin.
There is Sweet Music Here (L.J. White) - BYU's intimate performance of this work was beautiful.
Each Day (Stephen Paulus) - ditto this work by BYU.
Le Pont Mirabeau (Lionel Daumais) - I didn't notice this work from Musica Intima's performance, but I certainly did from the University of St. Thomas.  I think 45 people sing this work much better than 8.
A Jubilant Song (Norman Dello Joio) - Chorale Women from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and Jeffrey Clayton did an incredible job with this piece.
A Day in the Ocean - Millikin did a better job with this than the Latvians, in my opinion.
Audivi vocem de caelo venientem (John Sheppard) - Riverside.  OH RIVERSIDE!  Thank you for your incredible performance of all your music.
Ecco Mormorar (Monteverdi) - well known piece expertly performed by University of St. Thomas.
Revency Venir Printemps (Claude LeJeune) - another classy performance by University of St. Thomas.  Refined and graceful.
Ave Maria (Kevin Memley) - I don't remember this work, but someone told me I enjoyed it, and I certainly was enthused by "O Magnum Mysterium" by the same composer.  Must study these works and hear again.
Gloria - Franz Herzog.  Again, Riverside and conductor John Byun made me believe that anything was possible.
Die Nacht (Heinrich von Herzogenberg) - I can't remember this one as well - but it was from Riverside, so I need to look at it.
Ecce dedi verba mea (Richard Burchard) - This may have been the most profound work from Riverside.  Must study and hear again.
Psalm 57 (John Tebey) - Emory's opening work was fun and energetic.  A great beginning to any concert.
Magnificat - Gloria (Grau) - I have been very pleased with Grau's music of late - this performance by the Calvin alumni was quite thrilling.
Rendez a Dieu (Sweelinck) - More Sweelinck from Calvin Alumni.  Must perform.
Anima Chrisi (Ryan Cayabyab) - I had heard of Cayabyab before but now I must find his music.  Great stuff.
on March 16, 2011 5:29am
What about the TWO commissioned pieces performed by the Young People's Chorus of New York?!?!?! John Corigliano and Meredith Monk. Knocked my socks off!
on March 16, 2011 9:00am
Thanks for adding them.  I didn't hear every work performed at the conference!
on March 16, 2011 3:15pm
Yes, Most definitely! Young People's Choir of New York's pieces were fantastic!!
on March 16, 2011 9:46am
I forgot one:  Jesus Christ the Appletree by Scriven. Sweet and beautiful.
on March 16, 2011 2:38pm
Howard Helvey's "O Sacrum Convivium" (Brethren). Beautiful setting of an Aquinas Communion text.