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Lefthanded and conducting

I'm left handed and started choral conducting this year (one of my honours subjects). Can anyone give me some advise on using the two hands seperately, e.g indicating a crescendo with the left AND KEEPING A CONSTANT BEAT WITH THE RH!!
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on May 6, 2012 5:08am
Just continue with practice.  The more practice, the more consistency.  Keep your inner subdivision.  You will find out in the long run that using your baton (or hand) with your right hand gives you an advantage, as you can use your dominant hand more for shape, phrasing, dynamics (of course the right also does this).
It took a while for me back when I first started conducting, but now, I find that the expressivity of my conducting comes extremely easy, because I have two "dominant" arms conducting. :)
Have fun!  Practice hard!
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