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TSA and Children's Choir Travel

Dear Listers,
I'm not one to get in an uproar about such things, and this is still a pretty new issue, but has anyone traveled with a children's choir since the new TSA "pat down" procedures have been put into place? I believe I read that children under 12 are exempt from the check, but what of those age 13 and up? My international tour is not until late July, and I hope this issue will be resolved before then, but I can already hear the anticipated phone calls from parents (best case) and I don't want any of my kids feeling violated or assaulted (worst case). I'd be willing to have background checks or something done before our departure so our kids, especially those without parents travelling, have to be searched.
Curious for your experiences....
Brian Clissold, Artistic Director
Ft. Wayne (IN) Children's Choir
on November 22, 2010 6:12am
I am not a choir director and have not seen this first hand but I'm sad to say that I've seen some youtube videos coming across Facebook that indicates children are being searched by TSA.  One was a frightened little 3 yr old and one was a young boy but I don't know what age.  The videos show the parent holding the child while the TSA agent searches and it's very frightening to the child.  I don't know which airports are using this but I would not want to put a children's choir through this.  Also, I have seen reports that the body scanners are not at safe levels.  I hope this terrible mess gets cleared up.
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