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"Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves"

Dear all--
This is such a magnificent tool!
I am taking on a new community choir responsibility and am developing the programming.  I've hit upon a theme for our spring concert--a "tribute" to Cher, I guess, entitled "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves."  I've already chosen the following literature:
Bizet--Smugglers Chorus from Carmen
Verdi--Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore
I'm also considering the spiritual "Trampin'", which isn't REALLY in the true spirit of the theme.
I feel very comfortable with the Gypsies portion of this program, but would really appreciate ideas about how to augment the Tramps and the Thieves sections.  Any suggestions?  I seem to be hitting a mental wall!
Thanks in advance to all!
Bob Demaree
Director of Choral Activities
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
on July 16, 2009 11:12am
Opera must have a number of Thieve Choruses, esp Verdi. I just can't bring one up. They also sound just like assasin choruses.
Amahl's Mother's aria, as she attempts to steal Melchoir's gold, comes to mind. Walzin' Matilda is a tramp's song as is Bob's," When the Air Sings of Summer, I must Wander Again" aria from Menotti's Old Maid and the Thief. The young men in Tenderland are tramps so, I guess you could draw a fine point and sing The Promise of Living.
on July 16, 2009 4:44pm
How about a shtick about rustlers?  If this interests you, please contact me for a pdf score and a sound bite.
RUSTLER’S DAUGHTER, THE —an opera is one/thirty-second of an act (TTBB/narrator/violin or piano) is a comical farce about wild west days.  The narrator’s The chorus comments on what the narrator is saying.  Good choreography can make this “shtick”  the hit of your show. 
text is:

    One night, I went out with the boys to have a little fun. 
We had all been on the trail a while to make a cattle run.
We landed in a honkytonk where girls  gave us the eye.
One, over in the corner, was alookin' at me real sly!  

I ordered up another round pretending to be drunk. 
I told some jokes and chugaluged, but then my plan was sunk!
Before my eyes, her tattooed hand was serving me a drink; 
and when I lifted up my eyes, I thought my heart would sink! 

That woman's voice was twice as sweet as anything I've heard.
I listened, 'bout an hour or so, and never said a word. 
She kept the rounds acomin' up and talked on, real deep,
    until,  with  eyes wide open, I sat there sound asleep! 

To my surprise, our marriage is the best thing I have done!
Our ranch is full of cattle, and we hain't paid for none!
McDonalds and the Burger King make offers every day.
While my wife is amakin' baby clothes, I'm really amakin' hay!

Vocal ranges are: tenor 1, C1–b-flat2; tenor 2, c–G1; baritone, c-D1; bass, F-C1. (3:10) MEDIUM 
on July 17, 2009 2:12am
Canasg Music ( can offer the story of Sovay who takes a couple of pistols and sets out to steal a ring:
It's an SATB a cappella arrangement, duration about 2m20s.
If you follow the link, you'll find a page about the piece, with the words in full and a further link to a sample of the score.
John Wexler
Canasg Music
Edinburgh, Scotland
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