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Singer behavior: Behavioral contracts

Thank you to everyone who submitted Behavioral Contracts. There was a lot of
interest in seeing these. Polly Murray

a Choralist posting that might assist you.

The FMEA student contract for all-state ensembles addresses behavioral
concerns. it includes rules for curfew, etc. If you're interested,
here's a link:


2007 Lucerne and Paris Tour Behavior Standards

Please review the following standards. Each participant is responsible for
upholding all standards listed below. Failure to comply with these Standards
may result in disciplinary action, being sent home at the singers¹ expense,
and possible dismissal from the ensemble.

1. No hands on each other when in uniform. This includes teasing,
horseplay, etc. You are representing Acalanes High School and our music
2. Concert uniform is required for all performances. Those not in uniform
will not perform.
3. Chaperones and other adults must be obeyed and treated with respect.
Students who fail to cooperate may be withdrawn from the performance, or
privileges on tour.
A) First infraction, chaperone handles.
B) Second infraction, curtailment of privileges.
C) Third infraction, reported to music director, who may remove the
individual from the performance or tour.
4. Participants are to proceed in an orderly fashion.
5. Protect your voice: no yelling or loud talking.
6. Eat healthy food 2 hours before a performance. Eat healthy snacks only,
no caffeine sodas or candy during backstage waiting time.
7. No cologne, hair spray, or heavy garlic/onions meals. No dairy products
before singing!
8. Chaperones are to be respected, and listened to as if their directions
came from the director.
9. While on tour no smoking, drinking, or use of controlled substances is
allowed. Anyone violating this rule will be sent home at his or her
expense and be subject to school disciplinary procedures.

10. You are responsible for meeting all time commitments. Curfew is
non-negotiable and must be obeyed. Anyone breaking curfew is subject to loss
of privileges or being sent home from the tour.

Hope it helps,
Bruce Lengacher



Here are some guidelines for the upcoming trip. With everyone following
these guidelines, our trip will be more fun for all (your chaperones
included); many of these are common sense and common courtesy but worth

1. When you are on a Bel Canto trip, you represent: first, Bel Canto;
second, the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and last ­ but certainly not
least ­ your family and yourself. The way you conduct yourself while on a
trip shapes the opinion of all with whom you come in contact.

2. We will be in very close contact with each other for the trip. We must
be able to get along with everyone and conduct ourselves in a professional
manner at all times. Personal hygiene will be very important; all
choristers must shower daily!

these rules will result in your being sent home at your parent¹s expense.

4. Snacks are permitted (please no ³junk² or sugary foods). A water
bottle is necessary. Choristers must remain well hydrated during the entire
trip (soda not permitted). Keep the area around you clean and free of
litter (this includes the buses, airplanes, rooms).

5. All choristers are responsible for their own luggage. Chaperones will
not carry suitcases.

6. In the hotels/accommodations, any items damaged or broken will be paid
for by the parents. We recommend prepaid phone cards (or cell phones). Any
emergency calls will be made collect. Quiet time will be as designated by
the chaperones and must be strictly adhered to so that all choristers get
sufficient rest ­ staying well rested will allow everyone to enjoy all of
the things that are planned for the trip!


8. Spending money for snacks and souvenirs is at the parent¹s discretion.
Please bear in mind that you must eat well-balanced meals. The better
nourished you are, the more stamina you will have to perform. Any items
purchased must fit in your suitcase. Chaperones are not responsible for lost
items. There will be no lending or borrowing of money among the choristers.
If you lose any money, your parents will be responsible to reimburse any
money that is borrowed from Bel Canto or your chaperone.


While cellphones are an economical and easy way to stay in touch with your
chorister, with that can come abuse. While we know that no BCCC chorister
would deliberately abuse this convenience, we felt it necessary to institute
a policy on cellphones prior to traveling. The policy is as follows:
1. All cellphones are to be turned off or in ³silent² mode during all
rehearsals and concerts, during group times (such as sightseeing times,
shared meals, etc.) and at other times deemed necessary by staff or
chaperones (i.e., bedtime, group meals, rest times).
2. We will attempt to determine (prior to leaving on the trip) times each
day when the choristers may make or receive calls (keeping in mind our
scheduled times, etc.).
3. Obviously, should there be an emergency of any kind, exceptions can be
made and will be at the discretion of the BCCC staff. We will also provide
the parents with the cell phone number of their child¹s chaperone, as well
as Vickie Long and Joy Hirokawa.
4. If a chorister is found to be in violation of this policy, one warning
will be given. If a second violation occurs, the phone will be turned over
to the chaperone; the chaperone will allow the chorister use of the phone
during designated and allowed times but will retain possession of the phone
for the remainder of the trip.

We hope all choristers and parents understand the need for this policy
and know that everyone will make every effort to hold to this policy.

Joy Hirokawa Bel Canto Children's Chorus

Christopher Rhodes also has one, but its a zip file. Cantact him directly

Sally B. Murphy
Oak Bay Secondary
2101 Cadboro Bay Rd
Victoria BC V8R 5G4
Portland Choir Tour April 17-21, 2007

You are ambassadors for Oak Bay, for Victoria and for Canada. Conduct
yourself in a way that will leave our American hosts with a lasting,
positive impression of our school, city and country. Moderation, courtesy to
others and common sense should be your guide at all times.

The following rules apply to all choir members.

1. Students must be in groups of AT LEAST 3 at all times.
4. NO DRUGS, other than for medical purposes.
5. Do not take risks that jeopardize the safety of yourself or any other
6. PUNCTUALITY is expected at all times.
7. Any choir member who feels ill must inform one of the adults immediately.

In the case of a breach of behaviour deemed serious by the committee, the
choir member(s) will be returned to Victoria, on the first available
commercial flight. The airfare for the student will be at the parent¹s
The decision to take such a step will be the responsibility of a
Disciplinary Committee including the Choir Director and three Supervisors.
A student representative, elected by the choir, will participate in the
discussion but will not be part of the final decision. The student(s)
involved will be given a fair hearing


The undersigned has requested that Oak Bay Secondary School
appoint the above
Disciplinary Committee for my/our benefit and the benefit of
(hereafter called the ³Choir Member²) during the trip, and the school has
agreed to appoint the Committee upon the agreement of the undersigned and
the conditions hereafter contained.

Now therefore, in consideration of the premises, the parent/guardian and the
Choir Member both together and separately, covenant and agree with:

The Oak Bay Secondary School, the Choir Director and each
Supervisor as follows:

1. That the Oak Bay Secondary School (³the school²) shall appoint the above
Disciplinary Committee for the purpose of providing discipline for all Choir
Members during the trip.

1. That the said Committee shall have authority hereby to apply the above
regulations in respect of the said Choir Member, in a reasonable and prudent

1. If, upon a serious breach of behaviour by the Choir Member, the said
Committee decides to return the said Choir Member to Victoria, the
undersigned shall:

a) Repay all costs and expenses of returning said Choir Member to
b) Make such repayment no later than sixty days after the date upon which
the Choir Member is returned to Victoria and, in default, such shall be
recoverable as a debt.

1. It is further understood and agreed that should the said Choir Member be
returned to Victoria by the Committee, the undersigned shall not be entitled
to a refund or set-off of any Trip payment or portion thereof previously
made on behalf of said Choir Member.

This agreement is understood and agreed as witness our signatures below,

as of this __________________________ day of _________________________,

___________________________________ ___________________________________
Choir Member Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature

Dear Parents and Students;

Welcome to the Knox County Elementary Honors Choir! I am very excited about
working with you and your child this year.
The Honors Choir provides a wonderful opportunity for your child's musical
growth. The Honors Choir is an intensive choral group. Our success depends
greatly on the parents as well as the singers. This is definitely a
collaborative effort between director, teachers, singers and their
respective households. The Honors Choir is a performing group. Music
rehearsal and events are scheduled for the entire season. Singers should
agree to participate for the entire season. I have enclosed a schedule of
rehearsals and performances. Please make sure you look it over carefully
and mark down all performances now. Each member is expected to remain
committed to the program to the best of their ability.
However, your commitment and hard work has many benefits! Performing with a
musical ensemble gives students not only the opportunity to grow musically,
but also to learn more about cooperation, teamwork, commitment, tolerance
and acceptance. Your child will also benefit by better self-esteem,
confidence and pride in accomplishment.

In this handbook you will find very important information regarding
attendance, communication, attire, behavior, a contact and contract sheet,
rehearsals and performance dates as well as my contact information and the
Soul Singer website information.

I greatly look forward to a terrific semester of music making!


Edie Yeager, director Sing4MissY(a)
Website inf.:

Never underestimate the ability of children. They can surprise you when
presented with a challenge!)

Polly Murray
Founder/Artistic Director
ChildrenSong of New Jersey

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