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SAB: Closers

Thank you to those directors that replied to my request! This is a compilation of their suggestions for a 3pt mixed or SAB closers appropriate for a middle school choir. Titles beginning with an asterisk received more than one recommendation.

All of God's Children - 3pt mixed Wallace Earl De Pue
Blue Moon - SAB Roger Emerson (out of print according to JW Pepper)
Can You Hear? - SAB Papoulis/Nunez
*Give Us Hope - SATB Papoulis/Nunez
If you can walk, you can dance - SAB Elizabeth Alexander
*O Sifuni Mungu - SAB Roger Emerson
Praise His Holy Name - SAM (M=Men) Keith Hampton
Psalmo 150 - SSA Ernani Aguiar
Sahaytah - SSA Ben Allaway
*Seize the Day from "Newsies" - SAB Roger Emerson
Shine On Me - SAB Rollo Dilworth
Take Me to Higher Ground - 3pt Mixed Carl Strommen


*I decided to go with "Shine On Me" by Rollo Dilworth. The score preview on Pepper's site looks great and I really like his other stuff.

*I found two compilations in Choralist's archives on a similar subject, if you're interested. Here are the links:

Thanks again!

Mr. Jussi Doherty
Choral Director
Diplomat Middle School
Cape Coral, Florida, USA