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Source of: Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal

Greetings again,

Thanks to all who responded after my second posting.

I did get a more definitive answer:

Rebecca Winnie says:
"It IS DEFINITELY in the shape note book of William Hauser "OLIVE LEAF"
1878-- both text and tune."

New York Public Library does not seem to have "Olive Leaf", however. But I
hope that I'll get to a copy of it, somehow. (I found that there are a few
university libraries that do own it.)

Just to add to the pot:
Brian Taylor, jbtoacf(a) says that:

The CD "Alleluia, An American Hymnal: Spirituals, Shaker Tunes, Hymns &
Anthems" by Kansas City Chorale Charles Bruffy, artistic director
lists this
Southern Harmony (pub. 1834)
1 F.R. Warren. Arr: Alice Parker, Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal

Who F R Warren is, I don't know, and haven't seem to be able to find

Again, thanks to all those who responded, and at least now we have a name of
the book that we can point to as the origin of this wonderful anthem.

If you have any more information, and would like to share with me, please
email me at leehsn(a)

Helen Bielejec
Webster Presbyterian Church

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