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Steve Barnett, Bat Yiftach (Jephthah's daughter)

I got the translation from Steve Barnett for the solos in Bat Yiftach
(Jephthah's daughter)

Since Mr. Barnett will also be at our vocal coaching for the solos tomorrow
night, I was glad that he was also able to offer a translation.

Thanks to all who responded. Here is the translation for any who might be
P.S. This will be performed as part of the Dale Warland Singer's Cathedral
Classics concert this month at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. Call
the DWS office at 612/339-9707 for tickets. Concert is at 8 pm on Saturday,
March 20th. For additional information, see the Dale Warland Singers

Lynette Johnson
> ----------
> Avi patzitah et picha el Adonai,
> My father you opened the [your] mouth to God
> avi aseh li kaasher yatza
> mipicha
> my father do to me that which came out from your mouth
> acharei asher asa l'cha Adonai
> after what did for you God
> n'kamot meioivecha mib'nei Amon,
> taking vengeance on your enemies from the sons of Ammon
> ["And she said to her father"-Harlap does not set this line]
> Yei'aseh li hadavar hazeh
> Let it be done to me this thing
> harpei mimeni
> stay away from me
> sh'nayim chadashim
> two months
> v'eilchah v'yara-d'ti al heharim
> and I shall go and shall go up upon the mountains
> v'evkeh al b'tulai anochi v'reiotai.
> and mourn on my virginity I and my friends
> There you are.
> ["And Jephtha vowed a vow to the Lord and said"]
> Im naton titein et b'nai Amon
> b'yadi
> If indeed you will deliver the sons of Ammon into my hands
> V'haya hayotsei asher yeitsei midaltei
> veiti
> then it shall be whoever comes out from the door of my house
> Likrati b'shuvi v'shalom mib'nei Amon
> to meet me when I return in peace from the sons of Ammon
> V'haya Ladonai v'ha'alitihu
> olah.
> Then it shall be to God I will raise [as a sacrifice] on high
> Steve Barnett
> Composer/Arranger/Producer
> Barnett Music Productions
> BarMusProd(a)