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America the Beautiful arrangements

Follwing is a compilation of responses I received to my request for SATB
with piano and no divisi arrangements:

Try the arrangement by John Ness Beck. Very lush and easy to sing.

Irwin Goldberg
East Syracuse-Minoa High School
East Syracuse, New York
"From Sea to Shining Sea" is arranged by Maurice Whitney and is
really for Band or Orchestra and SATB. It is easy. the only divisi is
on the last chord in the Sop. part. It works well with piano, but the
interludes between stanzas really are better with more color than a
piano provides. We did it the other day for the opening session of a
Superintendent's Workshop Day. The audience (entire district staff
from bus drivers and cafeteria help through top administration) loved
it. It's also easy to put together with combined choirs and no or
nearly no rehearsal time for the entire group. I'm pretty sure it is
published by Warner Brothers.
## Dean Ekberg ##
## Rochester, New York, USA ##
I like "From Sea to Shining Sea" arr. Maurice Whitney. Not difficult but
very effective.

Jim Klein
James Klein, Minister of Music
American Lutheran Church
1085 Scott Drive
Prescott, AZ
The Robert Page arrangement is wonderful. Hinshaw, HMC-1128

Mary Alice Stollak
Director of Choral Activities
The Community Music School
School of Music
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824
Director, The MSU Children's Choirs
There is a new gospel arrg. of America the Beautiful published by Hinshaw.
I have forgotten the arranger, but will be happy to look at school if you
are interested. It is a different style of arrangement than the usual, but
my kids and the audience really enjoyed it. Let me know if you need the
arranger. Doris Prater
If unaccompanied is acceptable, let me plug my own arrangement,
published by Santa Barbara (SBMP 313). Meets your criteria:

Not for sing-along, however.

See the score at

Best wishes,

Nina Gilbert

Click on (
or type this address into your browser). It is SATB, with small notes for
optional divisi, but was constructed to work well without them.

Brad Nelson
With a little bit of editing because of about 8mm. of divisi, you may
want to look at the Cecil Effinger's An American Hymn. Taught it to my
very small choir and used the regular hymn version during this passage.
The effect was equally as beautiful without the lush texture. It was
clean. Let the organist do the work!

Eric Anthony
I've been using the SA version ofGod Bless America arr. by Roy Ringwald.
It's pretty good and easy. It comes in SATB, SAB, etc. versions. If you want
to listen to the SA version, I have an abbreviated version of it on my
website from last night's rehearsal.
Never underestimate the ability of children. They can surprise you when
presented with a challenge!)

Polly Murray
Founder/Artistic Director
ChildrenSong of New Jersey
The enclosed attachment is a good arrangement. It works out in unison well.
If you cannot open the attachment, you can go on the website under and see if you can retrieve it.

Good luck!

Raquel Garcia
Artistic Director
Philadelphia Chamber Chorus
I just read through Nina Gilbert's arrangement of "America the Beautiful".
There is no divisi, it is fairly simple and she does a nice job of
contrasting the melody with various obligati in the soprano.

I Hope this is helpful,

Bruce C. Lengacher
Acalanes High School
1200 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549
925.935.2600 ext. 135
A very fine arrangement is called "From Sea to Shining Sea" published
by Hal Leonard (chorus with band or orchestra, but you can use
piano). I'm not sure of the arranger, but it might be Whitney. It has
all three verses, is dramatic, has effective instrumental interludes,
counterpoint in the accompaniment, easy vocal parts, and an
effective ending.

Bill Bullock
Check out NIna Gilbert's arrangement at our website.

Barbara Harlow

Barbara Harlow, President
Santa Barbara Music Publishing
260 Loma Media, Santa Barbara, CA, 93103
phone 805-962-5800 * fax 805-966-7711
Dedicated to nurturing the choral art.
Buryl Red has a terrific, sensitive arrangement with piano and flute
obbligato (I've used clarinet, oboe, and trumpet on the line). Simple SATB
with interesting arranging. I have used it for community sing-alongs as
well. Trigon Music TM115. I think it is still available.

Steve Szalaj
Crystal Lake Community Choir
Cyrstal Lake, IL
There are 3 different arrangements that I like right now:
James Mulholland has done an awesome arrangement for SATB paired with "Not
Alone for a Mighty Empire". Big, with a great piano part.

Linda Spevacek's arrangment for SSA with a solo is gorgeous, borders on
gospel, and my women love it. East to learn.

And finally, the most traditional arrangment by John Ness Beck. SATB. Very

Good luck,
Martha Springstead
Director of Music
Community United Methodist Church
VA. Beach, Va
I have a TTBB & keyboard version published by Thomas House which I could,
conceivably, rework for SATB for you.

Please let me know if this might be of interest. . .

Hope this helps,
Robert Ross, Artistic Director
Voces Novae et Antiquae
Philadelphia, PA
Try Cecil Effinger's Arr. of America the Beautiful. As recall, I don't
think there are any divisi save the SATB...and I think you can have the
audience sing the last stanza....

B. Kinch
JMBC Children's Choir
I have an
arrangement of America The Beautiful in SATB with Heritage Music Press. It
requires a good soloist with a little style (or I suppose you could double
the solo with a couple singers who sing well together). It is sensitive and
in a contemporary almost gospel feel, at times. I did add divisi on the
last chord in the soprano and alto only. I would be happy to send you a
complimentary copy.
Also, I did notice you were not on our mailing list. If you would like
single complimentary copies of my pieces for your reference files, please
list for our database your position(s), the voicings you use
(school/community SATB, SATB Divisi, SSA(A), TTB/TBB, SSAB, 3 Part Mixed, 2
Part and church choir SATB, SAB, 3 Part Mixed, or 2 Part), and your mailing
address and I will send you a free package of music...also no shipping
charge. Just consider it a gift from me and an addition to your files for
future reference.


Linda Spevacek

Martin Banner
Monticello, New York