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Latin masses by living composers

Thanks to everyone who replied to my search for Latin masses by living
composers. Following is the compilation. The only editing I did was to
remove personal notes to me. Looks like lots of people are still setting the
Latin words...bravo!

Thanks again. -LK

Larry Kent, Music Director
Florida Pro Musica
Tampa, Florida

The responses:

Panamanian composer, Georges R. Colbourne, has a Latin mass titled "Missa
del Manglar" (Mass of the Mangrove Forest) for chorus and orchestra,
premiered by Ray Prescod's Choir and Orchestra on April, 1988, at the St.
Matthew's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York (Ray Prescod is a
Panamanian living in NY).

Colbourne was a pupil of Roque Cordero (one of Latin America's most reknown
composers living in the US) so his compositions have no definite style.
Haven't heard or read the work yet so can't tell what rythms he uses but
probably local popular music and sacred music like other sacred works he has
( This work was recently revised by his
master, Roque Cordero, but hasn't been premiered yet. Supposedly, it was
going to be printed in the US with Cordero's help but don't know what is the
status of it. If interested I may give you Colbourne's e-mail address.

Roger Panamá, R.P.

+ + + +

Harrock Hall recently published Britisher Tim Knight's "Requiem." Performed
several times in the UK to good review and premiere in the US being planned.
Latin text.

The harmonic structures of the Requiem are not disjointed as one might
expect from a "modern" Requiem, but have a suave, almost neo-Classic feel.
Knight concerns himself with finding musical means to enhance the text, and
there are beautiful subtleties in his melodic and harmonic writing that
achieve his goal. The music is at times descriptive, reinforcing the text,
and of a simpler, reflective nature when necessary. The entire
eight-movement piece is built upon a few ideas, which, rather like
signposts, provide a means for the listener to relate the different

reviewed at 4 of 5 stars:
Robert Jordahl, rajordahl(a)
Tim- I've heard only the Kyrie thus far, and it's splendid! I do wonder why
composers are still writing Latin masses.
(•01 )

Cecil Rigby
rigrax(a) (personal)

+ + + +
The St. Louis Chamber Chorus is preparing a new work to be premiered this
spring in its entirety entitled "Mass for St. Louis" by the British composer
Sasha Johnson Manning. I've included the SLCC's web page with more info.
(Look for the final concert entitled "Coda") I'm sure you could speak to
Philip Barnes and get more info. It is an absolutely beautiful a cappella
Carrie Munsell
Waterloo, Illinois
+ + + +

Two a cappella masses for treble voices:
Missa Brevis by Stephen Hatfield
Mass in Times of Struggle by Dan Krunnfusz
both published by Boosey and Hawkes
both challenging but not overly so
Dan Krunnfusz
Madison Wisconsin

+ + + +

I wrote a Mass for SSA voices, in Latin, slightly contemporary but based on
classic concepts, it was performed for Women's day in 1995 at Virginia Tech.
It has all sections. It's my own edition. And I'm alive !
prof. Joan Yakkey
Conservatorio di Musica
Luigi Cherubini
tel. 011 +39.055.576611

+ + + +
Ask Musica (
Hundreds will come out

+ + + +
We have sung and really enjoy Anthony Piccolo's "Canterbury Mass." It is
perfect for liturgical use but also works
well on concert programs.
Steve Holmes

+ + + +
Lana Walter, "Petite Mass" (Latin) SSA a cappella, Treble Clef Music Press
Best wishes,
Mary Lycan
Treble Clef Music Press

+ + + +
Although not an unaccompanied Mass, you will no doubt wish to include in
your list "Mass for a Sacred Space," by Stephen Paulus (b. 1949), a William
Strickland Commission of the Cathedral Choral Society of Washington National
Cathedral. Our world premiere recording of the Paulus Mass has just been
released on the Arsis label, together with seven works by contemporary
composers from our concert of Modern Mystics.

Margaret Shannon
Program Annotator
Cathedral Choral Society
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC 20016-5098

+ + + +
I'm pretty sure Alice Parker was working on one, though it may not be
finished. Please do post a compilation! –Jonathan
Jonathan Miller
Founder and Artistic Director
Chicago a cappella
2936 N. Southport Ave., 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60657-4120 USA
NEW direct line (best phone): +1 630 493 9730
cell phone +1 708 829 8662
administrative offices: +1 773 281 7820
fax: +1 773 296 0968

+ + + +
Try also my Michael McGlynn's "Celtic Mass" in Irish and Latin, available
Best wishes
Paul O Neill

+ + + +
I have two masses in Latin: one quite esoteric, the other more
harmonically tame and geared toward liturigical use. (Liturgical and
concert performances at Church of the Immaculate Conception and
Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland, OH)

A few others...
James MacMillan: a couple different masses with different approaches,
very good
Arvo Part, two very different masses in Latin: Missa syllabica and
Berliner Messe
Einojuhani Rautavaara: very nice twelve-tone mass in latin
Ian Hamilton: Mass in A (latin, extended tonal approach)

Benjamin Taylor
Music Director
Albany Community Chorus

+ + + +

I know "MISSA REGENSIS" by Ugis Praulins an a capella mass for SATB choir
and soloists. I sang it. Very beautifull but very difficult. The score is to be asked to
him. I composed a latin requiem for Soloists, SATB Choir and Organ

I just finish to compose an a capelle latin mass for SATB Choir. It is not
already presented on my website. I send the scores to the conductors who ask
me. These three pieces are tonal music.
Best regards
-Jacques Guyader

+ + + +

Look in my website.
Giuseppe Mignemi

+ + + +

I would like to suggest to your attention my following 2 Masses for choir a
cappella. They are only two of my together 9 masses for various casts. I
would like to tell to you, that I am composer of all kinds of music (not
only sacred one!).

1) Missa Sistina, for Mixed Choir a cappella (Latin) (1993) (17´).
Published by: Wolfgang G. Haas, P. O. Box 90 07 48, D-51117 Köln. Germany.

2) Missa in Fa, for Baryton Solo and 3-voices Choir (SSA) a cappella
(Latin) (1998,2000) (12´). Published by: Alliance Publiations, Inc., P. O.
Box 157, 585 County Road Z, Sinisawa, WI 53824. U.S.A. apimusic(a)

Both these masses are in origin a cappella, but I was made to add to them
the possible organ acompaniment too, but it is not original.

I would be very obliged to you, if you would use this information. Many
thaks for it in advance and my very best wishes!

Jiri Laburda
Czech composer
laburda.jiri(a) (comp - laburda) (comp - laburda) (comp - laburda)
www.Google (jiri laburda)

+ + + +

New Jersey composer Vernon Williams has written an a cappella requiem in
Latin. You can reach him at vwilliams(a)

>From: Richard Sparks
>To: larrykent(a)
>Subject: Re: [CHORALIST-L] Latin Mass compilation
>Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:34:38 -0700
>Sorry to be late to the party! You could add:
>Mass for a New Millennium - Richard Nance (b. 1955) S & T soloists,
>choir, oboe, harp, 2 percussionists and organ (ca. 41') Credo published
>by Walton, full mass and parts available from the composer
>Recording available at:
>Richard Sparks, Artistic Director
>Pro Coro Canada (Edmonton) Choral Arts (Seattle)
> rksparks1(a)

>From: Jackson Hill
>To: larrykent(a)HOTMAIL.COM
>Subject: Missa Brevis
>Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 07:37:27 -0700
>With regard to your survey of Latin Mass settings, may I mention my own
>Missa Brevis.
>Jackson Hill
>Missa Brevis (SATB)
>Edition Peters (1985)
>C. F. Peters Corporation (Edition Peters #66887)
>It receives a number of performances on a regular basis in the US and in
>the UK. I know that it is being sung today at Saint Thomas Fifth Avenue in
>New York and is used in a number of churches on Trinity Sunday.
>Best wishes for your survey.
>Jackson Hill
>Professor of Music
>Bucknell University
>Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837
>(570) 577-1494
>Fax: 570-577-1215

Larry Kent
on December 12, 2005 10:00pm
Dr. Daniel Kramlich, professor of theory and piano at Houston Baptist University completed his Mass in 2000, I believe. An excellent work; the Kyrie and Credo are the standout movements, the Gloria is also exciting.
on January 9, 2007 10:00pm
Huub de Lange composed a MISSA BREVIS (SATB - A Capella)
Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.
It was recorded in 2004.

This work can be downloaded (pdf- and mp3 files) via

The direct link to Huub de Lange's Latin Mass is: