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SATB: with Horn

Thank you for your extensive and thoughtful responses.
Several writers asked for a compilation.

Many people suggested Paul Basler and James Mulholland in general; some
specific titles were also suggested. I always marvel at the collective
wisdom of this group

Ray Klemchuk



Paul Basler "Alleluia" (from Tom Wine, David Griggs-Janower, Janis Bryant)

Paul Basler "Songs of Faith". Individual titles include:
"Be Thou My Vision"
"Ubi Caritas"
"Psalm 150"
"Psalm 23"
(from Robert Sabourin)

Johannes Brahms - "Vier Gesange" op. 17, for women's chorus, two horns and

David Childs "The Lord is My Shepherd" (Psalm 23). (from Tom Wine)

Craig Courtney - "One Faith, One Hope, One Lord" [Beckenhorst] (from
William Weinmann)
Craig Courtney - "Coronation" [Beckenhorst] (from Nicholas Petersen)

Brian Holmes - "Medieval Carols" for choir and brass quintet (from Jan
Pedersen Schiff)

Libby Larsen - "Sweet and Sour Nursery Rhymes" [set of three songs] for
choir and horn. (from Margaret Anne Butterfield)

Felix Mendelssohn - "I Waited for the Lord." ed. John Haberlan [Kjos] (from
Tom Granum)

James Mulholland - "Heart, We Will Forget Him" for women's voices (or men's
voices), horn and piano (from Leslie Gillis, and Steven A. Russell)
James Mulholland "If Love Should Count You Worthy." (from
Tom Wine)

Robert Nance - "Set Me As A Seal" [Walton Music] (from Carolyn G. Lokken)

Steven Sametz - "Nevermore" [Issued by the composer under Steven Sametz
Publications] double choir, bells, vibes/marimba, horn and harp. (from
Margaret Anne Butterfield)

Harri Wessman - "Water Under Snow Is Weary" ("Vesi väsyy lumen alle"), for
SSAA chorus, flute, piano and strings, performed on several occasions with
French horn (instead of flute), and piano (no strings); [Edition
Fazer/Walton] (from Mark Gresham)

Wallace De Pue - "Annabel Lee," by E.A. Poe, TTBB/French horn (from Mr. De

David Hamilton - "The Moon is Silently Singing". double choir and two
horns.(from Mr. Hamilton)

Brad Nelson - "O Sacred River"[Concordia Publishing House], SATB, Organ,
Horn (from Mr. Nelson)

Brad Nelson, (Arr.) - "Lo How a Rose, E'er Blooming" [Kjos] SATB, Organ,
Horn (from Mr. Nelson)(EE1F64C9)
Ray Klemchuk

I didn't send this in, because I thought it would be the FIRST piece that got
mentioned. Foolish me!

"The Mystic Trumpeter" by Norman Dello Jollio

Yes, friends, I KNOW it says "trumpeter" in the title, but the piece is
scored for french horn and choir.

(Prof.) J. Michael Thompson
Byzantine Catholic Seminary
Pittsburgh, PA

Many more thoughtful responses were received. Thank You all

Ray Klemchuk

Ken Galbreath - "Give Thanks, Sing Praise" (Psalm 92), [Mark Foster (MF
2169)] (rhythmically interesting without being too hard to teach). for the
Thanksgiving season. (From Chuck Livesay)

Paul Basler "Missa Kenya", or just the closing "Agnus Dei"
· Also, Paul (Basler) did a commission for the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay
called "Cantos Allegres"; I think these are being released through Plymouth
Music in several sets, though most if not all of the movements should be out
by now. (From Frank Wells)

Norman Dello Joio "The Mystic Trumpeter" French horn and choir (From Prof.
J. Michael Thompson)

(The following were graciously provided by Jean Sturm, of Musica, and are
search results)

Caillat, Stéphane, Arr. "Les brouillards de Noël" (Les buans de Noa) (La
corneille est arrivée) : [Pub. Heugel & Cie, 1968 Ref.: PJ 7; H.31910]
Genre: Christmas song, Folk music SATB & Horn. Tonality: F minor
Duration: 2,50 min. Text:French

Perosi, Lorenzo "La Passione di Cristo secundo Marco" [Pub. Milano: Italy:
G. Ricordi & Co. Ref.: 101642] Genre: Sacred SATB & Soprano or Tenor
or Alto or Bass Soloist(s) & Horn , Organ Liturgical use: Holy Week

Perosi, Lorenzo "La resurrezione di Cristo" [Pub. Milano: Italy: G.
Ricordi & Co. Ref.: 102440] Sacred & Soprano or Tenor or Alto or Bass
soloist(s) & Horn, Organ Liturgical use: Easter Text:Italian

Morley, Thomas "Now is the month of Maying" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany:
Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.204/20]
Genre: Secular SSATB (5 mixed voices) & Horn Duration: 2 min.

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix "Abschied vom Walde" ,op. 59, no. 3 (O Täler
weit, o Höhen) [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV
40.220/10] Secular, Romantic & Horn
Duration: 3 min. Text:German - Source of text: "Das Leben eines

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix "Frühlingsfeier" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany:
Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.220/10] Genre: Secular, Romantic & Horn

Silcher, Friedrich "Der kühle Maien" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany:
Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.230/40] Secular, Romantic & Horn Text:German

Marx, Karl "Frühling" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV
40.261/20] Genre: Secular
& Horn Text:German

Marx, Karl "Im Frühjahr prangt die schöne Welt" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany:
Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.262] Secular & Horn Text:German

Schumann, Robert "Schön ist das Fest des Lenzes" [op.101] [Pub.
Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.280/40] Secular, Romantic
& Horn Tonality: B flat major Duration: 5 min. Text:German

Reger, Max "Mailied" [Pub. Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV
40.299/10] Genre: Secular, Romantic & Horn Tonality: B flat major

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix "Frühlingslied Berg und Tal" [Pub.
Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 90.001] Genre: Secular,
Romantic SATB & Horn Text:German

Ganea, Nicodim "Pastoralia" [Pub. Bucharest: Romania: Muzicala, 1969 [in
Coruri] Ref.: Nr 343]
Genre: Partsong, Secular, Popular SATB & Soloist, Baritone & Horn in F
Tonality: G major Duration: 4 min. Text:Rumanian

Weber, Carl Maria von, Euryanthe - Jägerchor (Die Tale dampfen) [Pub.
Frankfurt - Leipzig - London - New-York: Germany: C.F. Peters 1958 [in
Volksliederbuch für die Jugend Heft 2] Genre: Romantic, Secular, Lied,
Opera SAA or TBB & Piano (1), Horn (ad lib) Type of score: Full score
Tonality: B flat major Duration: 2 min. Text:German

Holmes, Brian W. "Pie Jesu" [Pub. Santa Barbara, CA: USA: Santa
Barbara Music Publishing Ref.: SBMP 279] Genre: Sacred SSA & Horn or
Cello or Clarinet Duration: 4 min. Text:Latin Source of text: Requiem

Goublier, Gustave "L'angélus de la Mer" [Pub. Paris: France: Enoch &
Cie Ref.: 7034; 4 p.] Genre: Secular, Poem (2 mixed voices)
Soloists: Mezzo soprano / Baritone & Horn Type of score: Full score
Tonality: D major Duration: 3 min. Text:French

Hugill, Robert "Memorare" (1995) ("My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken
Me" - "The Dead Poet" - "I Am A Worm" - "Memorare") [Pub. London: Great
Britain: Spherical Editions, 2003 Ref.: 005003; 36 p.] Genre: Secular,
Contemporary, and Cantata SSAATTBB & Horn Duration: 15 min.

Ray Klemchuk
on February 14, 2004 10:00pm
Two published pieces for treble chorus with horn.

Pie Jesu (SSA and solo horn). (Includes the
Emily Dickinson poem Ample make this bed.)
published by Santa Barbara.

So we'll go no more a roving (SSA, flute (or violin),
horn, and piano). Text of Byron. Published
by Roger Dean.

An unpublished work:
Ploughing on Sunday (SA, horn and piano)
Poems of DH Lawrence, Shakespeare, and Wallace Stevens)
Suitable for children's chorus or for women's chorus.

contact me for recordings, additional details.

Brian holmes
on February 16, 2004 10:00pm
One more entry for the list of SATB with Horn:

Johann Klug (arr. John Jay Hilfiger) "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word" (Wehr's Music House, 2003) SATB and horn (or trombone or viola)

Jay Hilfiger
on February 19, 2004 10:00pm
I have a piece in TTBB or SATB setting with horn.."God Is our Strength". The TTBB is published by Lawson-Gould; the SATB is unpublished, but i'd be happy to provide it.
on November 27, 2008 10:00pm
I have come across A C Mackenzie's "Hark! 'Tis The Horn Of The Hunter" SATB with two horns. There is also a piano part which looks as if it would be fine withou it. Available here: