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TTBB: Processionals

Thank you all for your responses -- I think there are some things here I can
work with. If you have any further suggestions please feel free to share.
Below are the responses:

Thomas J. Rinn

50 years of male glee club singing have persuaded me over and over again
that the number one, all-time best concert opener is Edvard Grieg's
"Brothers, Sing On." Another great one is Martin Shaw's "With a Voice of
Singing." which is available for TTBB.

Vijay Singh's "Medieval Gloria" is easy, has a drum part (certainly you
could add more) and works well as a processional. It's only two parts, but
since they'll be walking, it might be safer! Or you could always use
Wendell Whalum's arrangement of Betelehemu, which also has lots of
percussion and works nicely as a processional.

Non Nobis Domine, Fred Bock Music Company publication - for procession,
rearrange it to parallel Henry V movie; i.e., start with unison (or solo)
and add parts throughout first section and build. Very effective.
One of my favorites that might work for you is "Soldier's Hallelujah" by
Singh. However, it is only TB, (a cappella) but it is nice and virile and
boys would enjoy it and it is perfect for a processional. The text makes
allusions to Christmas, but you really could ignore it. I have used it for
High School Honor Choir in May and it felt perfectly fine. I believe it is
published by Brilee Publications.

There is a Christmas piece/processional called "Gaudete!" arr. by Kirby
Shaw. I don't know if you want a Christmas piece, but it is really nice,
2-part voicing, any combination. There is a tambourine and hand drum part
also. It is published by Hal Leonard, reference number 08743074.
If you are interested I'd like to send you perusal copies of 2 of my songs
which have been arranged for TTBB chorus. "American Anthem" is a song which
MET star Denyce Graves sang for President Clinton at the millennium
celebration on the DC Mall, at President Bush's inauguration, with Leonard
Slatkin and the National Symphony and most recently on the Oprah Winfrey
show. I don't know exactly the kind of piece you are looking for, but this
patriotic anthem which has been performed by the us army choir (TTBB) might
work well as a proscessional. It is very easy to learn and has been done by
many high school choirs.
Christmas Once More was featured on Ms. Graves PBS Christmas Special. The
TTBB was performed last year by the Turtle Creek Chorale (TTBB) at Carnegie
Hall. That arrangement is also not particularly difficult.
If you want to find out more information about me you can look at my website

You must use "Sing Dem Herrn" A great song for what you need! We always used
that one

I've used Sonya Garfinkle's arrangement of Antya Laba, an African Religious
Processional with my Men's Chorus. we find it very effective. If you decide
you're interested I can let you know what I did with the SATB Version to
it work for my men.

EL PADRE NUESTRO is easy, TTBB, perfect for a processional BUT it is
[The Lord's Prayer in Spanish]. Let us know if that's acceptable and we'll
a copy.

BROTHERS in SINGING (TTBB/large and small shell drums or tambourines/large
and small suspended cymbals) is a fresh, new processional for men's chorus.
Marching to the stage to begin a concert enables the audience to feel that
it is a part of what is about to happen on stage. The hand-held percussion
instruments and distinct vocal entries of this five-voice canon keep the
interest in the sound intact. When on stage, the conductor will signal that
all parts to abandon their current position in the canon and skip directly
to the homophonic climax at the end. The text is:
Brothers in singing are joined in their souls.
They forever remember, with pride, when they march on together in friendship
and honor.
They know their songs lift up others who listen intently to the finest in
music that great masters have written since history
unfolded and blessed all mankind with their glorious creations and beautiful
poems made for men who love to join as
brothers in singing.
The vocal range is: c#-C#1. (duration indefinite) EASY

Freedom Come by Ben Allaway is available in TTBB from Santa Barbara Music
Publishing and has been used as a processional very often. It is a stately
South African-style piece with conga and other optional percussion. I can
send you a complimentary copy if you like. I now retail all Allaway titles
through Thresholds Music in Des Moines, 515-288-8883 or ben(a)
Sing Dem Herrn, by Praetorius, setting by Dr. Wallace DePue is perfect
Warner Bros SV8640. You may do it in 2-5 voices, in a canon,and you can set
the ending in any voice combination you want., We have it on CD if you would
like to obtain a copy.

hi. the perfect piece is JAMBO RAFIKI YANGU (welcome my friend) by David
Montoya, published by Pavane P1197. It is exactly what you're looking for
and I have used it with great success in an SATB version with my church
choir of 50 singers and at a men's festival with the Phoenix Bach Choir and
Phoenix Boy's Choir and others with a total of almost 300 men. David's email
address is Davypavy(a) if you'd like to contact him for a recording or
perusal score.

What a great thing! Syracuse held men's choral festival for several years
but does so no longer, unfortunately. I had the closest thing to a
standing male choir in the area. At the time, my mixed choir was preparing
Carmina Burana and then the light bulb went on: Hey, tlhis is two part
with men doubling women, let's take the women away and sing the first five
movements! (Through Ecce gratum). Wayne Gallagher from Ohio State was the
clinician and he was very enthused about Carmina for men. O Fortuna!
Other suggestions: Handel's Hallelujah, Amen; TTBB edition of Thompson's
Last Words of David.

There is a fine Lou Harrison work, A Joyous Procession and a Solemn
Procession, for two-part men, 2 trombones, and 5 percussionists published fy
Peters in 1962. The score has drawings by Harrison depicting the procession.

The slow part of Betelehemu would make a great processinal. (I think!) Also,
a piece called Sorida....although I'm not sure if it's available for TTBB.
Another one is Louez le seigneur (Praise His Holy Name). It's from
Earthsongs...I'm not sure if it's available for TTBB either...but it's a
great processional. If it's not, it certainly can be easily arranged for

How 'bout "Sing Dem Hernn" by Palestrina? It is a round, but lies in
for most guys (G up to D) so it should work. Even your cambiatas can usually
make some noise down there. It is a cappella, but is very effective as a
processional. Good luck,

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on February 8, 2007 10:00pm
Do your have a recording of The Last Words of David TTBB?