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Middle school: Arts songs

Dear listers,

Here is the compilation of suggestions for unison and art songs for
middle school. Hope you find it helpful.

Paul Magree


Path To The Moon, Eric H. Thiman, Boosey and Hawkes
The Sally Gardens, Arr. Benjamin Britten, Boosey and Hawkes
Sleep My Baby (Suo-Gan), Welsh Lullabye, Arr. Alec Rowley, Boosey and
Hawkes (Doreen Rao series)

Handel/Ashworth Bartle: Art Thou Troubled? (Hinshaw)
Vaughan Williams: Three Songs for Children (Oxford?)--each published
The Singers
Over the Rainbow (from Wizard of Oz)

Bouman: Three Rhymes (Earthsongs)
Britten: Friday Afternoons (a collection of many songs, pub. Boosey)
JS Bach: Bist du bei mir (in Doreen Rao's series)
Et Exultavit (alto solo from Magnificat, published separately by
Handel: How Beautiful are the Feet ( from Messiah, pub. in Rao's series)
arr. Dolloff: She's Like the Swallow (Rao's Series)
Schubert: Heiden Roslein (arr. Leck?Plymouth)
Alice Parker: Water Songs (esp. "Where Go the Boats")
Vaughan Williams: Two Songs of Winter (pub. separately from Songs of
Four Seasons)
Wassail Song
God Bless the Master
Naplan: Al Shlosha D'Varim (U +Descant) (Rao's series)
Howell (arr.): The Angel Gabriel (Boosey)
Emig/Myers: Candles (like a partner song) (Shawnee)
Torme: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting...)
Bacon: How Can I Keep from Singing
Boshkoff: I Will Bring You Brooches (Boosey)
arr. Goetze: Ca' the Yowes (Scottish--like a partner song) (Boosey)
Campion: The Peaceful Western Winde (lute song)
Bach: Sheep May Safely Graze
R. Thompson: Solstice
arr. Bertaux: To Music (U + Descant) (Boosey)
Ridout: Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser (Thompson/Warner Bros.)
Binkerd: An Evening Falls (jazzy, slow) (Boosey)
Kistler: Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening (CPP Belwin)
Barnard: Travellers? Tales (Xmas) (Oxford)
Snyder: Wintersong (like 3 partner songs) (CPP Baelwin)
Jennings: The Bandicoot (maybe in a set?? Can?t find this music)

Praetorius: Jubilate Deo
William Boyce: Alleluia (published w/ nice accomp arr. By Proulx?GIA)
Old English: Summer is i'cumin in
Clemens non Papa: Dona Nobis Pacem (quite a challenge)
Chen arr. Rao: Do Di Li (U + Descant)
Cherubini: Like As a Father (also a challenge)
Purcell: We Merry Minstrels

The Song that Nature Sings - Ruth Schram, Brilee

Old Carrion Crow
A Great Big Sea
Vivaldi for Treble Voices edited or arranged by Janet Galvan (Roots and
Branches series)
Magnificat (et exultavit/esurientes) challenging unison
Art Thou Troubled-Handel pub. By Hinshaw unison, moderately difficult

Dance of the Willow by Victoria Ebel-Sabo

Winter Changes David Brunner Boosey and Hawkes.
The Wind on the Hill
Who Can Sail? [Sorry, I don't have any info on these two at the

I have done all kinds of folk songs like Hava Nagila in unison with my
groups just to get them singing. I also teach rounds in unison Die
Dona Nobis, Welcome, welcome every Guest, etc. but for art songs, I
separate the girls from the boys.
The Cuckoo Carol Walters (B & H)
Good Night arr. Rao also B & H does work with mixed group with

Self composed/arranged suggestions:
Winter changes, David Brunner (orchestral version available) Boosey &
On Christmas Morn (unison), David Brunner, Boosey & Hawkes
Eletelephony, David Brunner, Boosey & Hawkes

Water is Wide, (2 pt treble, virtually unison), Paul Carey, Oxford Uni

There Is No Rose, (unison/ 2 part) Tom Hale

Ode to St. Cecilia, unison w/continuo (cello), woodwind (recorder or
and keyboard (harpsichord if available), Ann Kapp Andersen (unpblished)

Teluga Song, unison, Wallace De Pue - wallace(a)

on July 14, 2004 10:00pm
My Combined Boys'Choir (7th and 8th) have been selected to perform at the Texas Music Educators State Convention in 2005. This is a big honor and I am looking for some BIG, foot stomping Patriotic music to end our program with. A medley might be nice. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Please keep adolescent voices in mind! TTB preferred!!

Many Thanks,
Tammy Benton
Choral Director, Midway Middle School, Waco Texas