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SATB: with Orchestra (very short works)

Dear Choralist:

In response to several requests, I am posting a compilation of responses to
my inquiry for a very short work scored for large SATB choir and orchestra.

The original post was:

The choirs from my university and two others are looking to combine with
a local symphony to do a short work, one which won't take too much
rehearsal time for any of the groups. Does anyone know of a work of 10
minutes or less (a single-movement work is fine) for (large) SATB choir
and full orchestra? (Sacred is preferred, but secular can also be

Chuck Livesay

Dr. Charles Livesay
Director of Choirs
Spring Arbor University
Spring Arbor, MI 49283
(517) 750-6498

The responses I received included the following. (I have omitted responses
I received from composers who suggested their own works, to avoid
accusations of public promotion. However, if anyone would like to see the
suggestions from current composers (which I AM considering, BTW), just send
me a private e-mail and I'll be glad to share their responses with you.)


Haydn's Te Deum in C (recommended by 4 people)

V-Williams: Serenade to Music - lots of solos and a few lovely tutti
moments for choir. The orchestra is quite a bit tougher.
Or, how about excerpting your favorite mvmt from a major choral work
(e.g., Sanctus from Durufle/Requiem--FABULOUS!).

To Everything there is a Season by Miklos Rozsa

Holst - Festival Te Deum (most difficult of my short list)

Vivaldi - Beatus Vir

Mozart - Te Deum

Telemann - Laudate Jehovam

Vaughan Williams - 5 Mystical Songs (if you have the baritone.. minimal

Buxtehude - Magnificat (much fun!)

Hanson - Beat Beat Drums or Song of Democracy

How about "Zadok the Priest" [recommended by several] or another of those
big Handel anthems? They are pretty easy.

Benedicite by Ralph Vaughan Williams--it is a work of
praise and magnification--scored for large orchestra/SATB choir/S solo

Last words of David - Randall Thompson, ca. 3minutes. [Recommended by
several people]

Vaughan Williams' "Toward the Unknown Region" is such a piece. It is a Walt
Whitman poem, so not sacred, but dealing with death and afterlife. Full
orch., takes a large chorus, 10-12' [2 others suggested this piece]

Rutter's Te Deum

the short choral/orch works of Brahms (Nanie, Schicksalslied)

You might look at a movement or 2 from Vaughan Williams' Five Tudor
Portraits --- rollicking, slightly bawdy texts. Vaughan Williams'
Serenade to Music is a little longer, 14' I think, but much of this are
solo parts which good students could do. Ives' Harvest Home Chorales
fit the length requirement but might be more work for choir and
audience than you want.

R Vaughan Williams - O Clap your Hands
Holst - Turn Back O man

on January 13, 2009 10:00pm
Regina Coeli by Mozart
on January 22, 2009 10:00pm
Hi all

If you are looking for short works for choir and Orchestra try for some lovely songs arranged for SATB choir and orchestra - may be a good concert filler?

Best wishes

Mark Armstrong