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Books and materials: Singing textbooks


Thanks so much for your wonderful suggestions. I really appreciate your
help. Here is a list of the recommended books:

1) The Structure of Singing by Richard Miller, Schirmer Books
2) The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice by Barbara Doscher, The
Scarecrow Press, Inc.
3) The Overtones of Bel Canto by Berton Coffin, The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
4) Singing...The Mechanism and the Technique by William Vennard, Carl
5) Principles of Voice Production by Ingo Titze, Prentice Hall (Acoustics,
physics and voice production, very scientific)
6) The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults by James McKinney, Broadman
about vocal literature (art song)
7) Song, A Guide to Style & Literature by Carol Kimball, Pst...Inc
8) Basics of Singing by Jan Schmidt (published by Schirmer Books)
9) Foundations in Singing by Van A. Christy and John Gleen Paton published by Brown and Benchmark Publishers
10) The Contemporary Singer by Anne Peckham
11) Functional Unity of the Singing Voice

24 Italian Songs and Arias (Schirmer (yellow) or the John Paton (blue or purple version)

Schubert is a great starter for German Songs
Die Schoener Mullerin and Winterreise have great selections in them
Vaughan-Williams is a great start for English.
Mozart and Haydn also have some English Rep.
Purcell also but Purcell can be musically very intricate.