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Middle school: Good Middle School Mixed pieces

To all who submitted suggestions for Good Middle School Mixed Repertoire,
thank you! Here is the compilation.

Cecil Shoemaker, choral/general music teacher
Tecumseh Middle School
Lafayette, Indiana
=================FROM: Linda Saripalli, Walpole Public Schools, Walpole, Massachusetts,

I have been teaching 7-8 grade choral groups for 20 years. Here are my

Carol of the Bells SATB or SAB
Riu Riu Chiu, SAB Spevecek (see comment for Kyrie, below)
Play For Me a Simple Melody SAB Berlin
Alexander's Ragtime Band SAB
Kyrie, Schubert [Mass in G Major] (in my town, this was a hard sell at
first, but the students eventually came around and really did well with it!)
Follow the Drinking Gourd SAB
The Lion Sleeps Tonight SAB
Lean On Me (Emerson 2 Pt. arrangement is what I have)
Welcome, Welcome Every Guest (Sacred Harp tune) 4 part canon or quodlibet is
a good opener
O Music, L. Mason 3 Part (this wasn't their favorite, but it is good
repertoire and it works well with their voices.)
I often have girls sing one selection alone: Hero (Mariah Carey) or
And boys get to do one also: Glendy Burke (Foster) or Yellow Submarine
I don't have arranger info handy, but let me know if you need more
information on any of these.
====================================FROM: Molly Deich, New Brighton Middle School, Capitola, California

I teach choir at an 850-student middle school. Here are some favorite songs
of ours:

Siyahamba (Henry Leck, ed.)
Keep Your Lamps! (Andre Thomas; I've arranged SATB to become SAB)
Shut De Do (Randy Stonehill; again arranged from SATB to SAB by me)
Jubilate Deo (Palestrina; Doreen Rao, ed.)
Oh, Mary Don't You Weep (Neil Johnson, arr.)

Since I only teach a 10-week beginning choir (4 times a year!), these songs
are accessible to beginning students, and they are challenging and
interesting enough to keep 8th graders happy.
======================FROM: Cecil Shoemaker, 8th grade choir, Lafayette, Indiana, ces12357(a)

Here are some of my favorites from my first year:

Come In From the Firefly Darkness, Amy Bernon, SAB, Heritage Music Press
Let My People Go, arr. by Roger Emerson, SAB, Hal Leonard
¬°Cantar!, Jay Althouse, SAB, Alfred
This Day of Joyful Pleasure (Italian madrigal), SAB, arr. by Patrick
Liebergen, SAB, Hal Leonard
Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Vivaldi/Porterfield, SAB, Heritage Music Press
Boys 'R Us, Jay Althouse, SAB, Alfred (a fun piece!)
FROM: Philip Glenn, Choral Director, Burleson HS, pglenn(a)

Greetings! Here are a few of my favorites. The ranges are wide for the

baritone, but they are challenging and, in a section of 12 or more, a few

drop out high and a few drop out low...well, you know.

Springtime Mantleth Ev'ry Bough - Thomas Morley from McKinney (ed.) -

Madrigals of the XVIIth Century Set 2 (spring)

The Falcon - Badarak (festival in spring)

The Sky Can Still Remember - Gray (Christmas)

Something Told the Wild Geese - Porterfield (fall)

======================FROM: Denise Baccadutre, Moriarty High School Choral Director, Moriarty, NM

1. Come, Sing a Joyful Song SAB (Purcell) arr. Liebergen, pub. Shawnee
2. Mairi's Wedding, SAB, arr. Bob Chilcott
3. Adoramus Te, SAB, by Emily Crocker, pub. Hal Leonard
4. The Gypsy Fiddler, SAB, by Ronald Melrose, pub. Carl Fischer
5. The Turtle Dove, SAB, arr. Linda Spevacek
6. Homeward Bound, SAB arr. Jay Althouse
7. The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky, SAB by Mary Lynn Lightfoot
8. Simple Gifts, arr. John Leavitt, SAB pub. Warner
9. Pastime With Good Company - SAB -by Henry VIII, pub. Shawnee Press
10. Rhythm of Life - SAB - by Coleman/Barnes pub. Shawnee
11. Open Your Eyes - SAB - by Arcadelt/Liebergen, pub. Shawnee
12. So Ben Me Ch'ha Bon Tempo - SAB - by Vecchi/Robinson, pub. Shawnee
13. Sanctus - SAB by Roger Emerson
====================FROM: valinflower(a)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel 3pt. mix
Turtle Dove
Carol of the Bells
===================FROM: Greg Lapp
Brosscum Publications

These pieces I have written for one of the director's at my feeder programs.
They have been done very successfully by them. They are all for SAC meaning
that the Baritone/Cambiata part is written mostly from middle C down to F
below middle C.

Brosscum Publications deals directly with choirs and directors. If you are
interested in a perusal copy of any of the listed pieces please contact us
directly my email or check out our web site which is in development

Five Songs from Mother Goose - SAC a cappella - Greg A. Lapp bp970826
These rhythmic settings of five little-known poems are relatively simple in
structure but exciting for the listener as well as the singer.

Spiritual Medley - SAC a cappella - arr. Greg A. Lapp bp970827
This simple arrangement uses four relatively unknown melodies. Starting with
an a cappella solo, it continues to build into an exciting frenzy of joyous

America the Beautiful - SAC a cappella - arr. Greg A. Lapp bp010911
This is an effective and powerful tribute to the heros of the 9/11 heros. It
is very accecible for the young singer but offers some educational challenges
as well. (Recording not available)
===================FROM: Barbara Harlow
There is much recommended repertoire in our newly published
Dr. Terry Barham. Check out table of contents at our website:
===================FROM: Jim Taylor
You might try Themes and Variation Music. They can be found at
===================FROM: Paul Mark
Take a look at three items in our catalog: FOUR HYMNS, GLORIA, and WHEN LOVE
KIND. Go to and click on contents/choral/equal
===================THE END

on September 1, 2003 10:00pm
Thank you so much for posting your suggestions for middle school age choir. We started a choir here at what started out as a piano studio, since then we have implemented voice, Kindermusik, and now a choir. My choir consists of children age 8-12. I currently have 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls. I was searching for good starting music for them for the fall, we have been asked to sing at family night at a local mall. This is in October and I just could not see us doing Christmas music already.
Thank you so much for your postings they are very helpful.
on July 25, 2004 10:00pm
I am looking for the publisher of a piece called, The Last Leviathan arr. by Raymond Egan It would be SATB I think, and the text is about dying whales, who have been wounded and are dying. It starts out with two solos. It was sung at the ACDA L.A. Western Division 2000 Convention by the Middle School Honors Choir. Please e-mail me at

Thank you.
Lorri Cetto
Hall High School
West Hartford, CT.
on November 29, 2004 10:00pm

This is a very wonderful site full of valuable resources in choral music. However, I would still like to see more repertoire listings for children's (elementary school) chorus in SSA voicing.

Can any one suggest suitable song collections for such group?

Thank you very much!

Susan Wang-Selfridge
Santa Barbara, CA
please e-mail me at:

on January 30, 2007 10:00pm
I have a song that sounds BEAUTIFUL with a middle school choir. THE STROM IS PASSING OVER
Applauded by an audience of 1
on August 25, 2015 8:33pm
You might want to try the free downloads from (This site is listed elsewhere on ChoralNet as a repertoire resource.) Quite a few of the arrangements are useable as either three part (SAT or SSA) or SATB. The tenor and bass parts each have only 5 note ranges but still sound full. Many of the sacred songs that are posted also include a version with a more secular text. And finally, there are a few recordings of my 7th & 8th graders performing the SATB versions. We use these arrangement at Contest quite often for non-required selections.
Bob Colaner
Xenia, Ohio