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Best Kodaly programs

Thank you for the numerous responses! I'm sure to find a program that
will suit me! Here's what I received.

The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN has a great graduate program
and offers both Kodaly and Orff certificates. I completed the Orff
certificate in three summers. Each level was two weeks of intensive
training. The Kodaly program uses the same format. Many of my friends
completed the Kodaly certificate as well as a master's emphasis in Kodaly.
I've found the course work to be very relevant and applicable to the
classroom setting. It's not a program with just book's
active and hands on! I've thoroughly enjoyed my grad. school experience at

Best regards,

Daryl Timmer

I just finished my certification at Portland State University. I started
certification at University of North Texas. Both are taught by Dr. Jill
Trinka, and Dr. Susan Brumfield. There is a good program not far from you,
although it would be very different from these programs at Silver Lake
College in Manitowac, WI.

Melissa Roth
SWOKE treasurer
North Clackamas Children's Choir Director

There is a good summer Kodaly Institute at the New England Conservatory in
Boston. The
certification process takes 3 summers. Let me know if you'd like more

Best regards,

Judy Zuckerman

If you would be interested in coming to St. Louis for Kodaly training, let
me know. We have a program now at Webster University. It will run for the
last two weeks in June this year.


Kathy Bowers
Director, Music Education programs
Director of Choral Activities
Webster University
St. Louis MO

stay in Wisconsin and go to Manitowoc. SilverLake College has a
nationally acclaimed Kodaly program and you can take many classes over
the summer. It should only take you about 1 1/2 hours to travel and
even if you have to stay for awhile, Manitowoc is nice in the summer. I
would contact Sister Lorna at SilverLake if you have any questions.


Holy Names College in Oakland, CA is very rigorous. Three summers for
certification, and each summer is fully worthwhile. Instructors come from
Hungary (1 each summer), so make sure you study with them if at all
(some classes are split off into levels--solfege, etc.).

Christopher Borges
Bakersfield, CA

I received my Kodaly certification from the Univ. of Oklahoma back in
1990. I
am not sure what their Kodaly cert. program is now as I moved to Ohio in

I am currently finishing my masters degree in music at Capital Univ. in
Columbus, Ohio area. They have an excellent program where you can get your
masters and your Kodaly certification together. It is a summer
weeks over 2 summers and then 3 weeks for the 3rd summer. It is labor
intensive but very rewarding and the instructors are excellent.

Contact Dr. Sandra Mathias at Capital University.

You probably have had other people email you this info.

Good luck,

Cathy Brown
Lancaster City Schools
Lancaster, Ohio

ps....have you looked into Silver Lake College in WI.? They have an
program too.

Nebraska Wesleyan University has an excellent program. You can check it
on their website..., click on academics>Department of
music, and then onto the dept of music web page.

I think that there's one at Holy Names College in Oakland, Ca. You could
check the Kodaly web site. (I'm not sure what it's called but you could
access it from the MENC site or the Orff-Schulwerk site

DePaul University in Chicago offers summer programs in Dalcroize, Orff and
Kodaly. I signed up for Kodaly last summer, however, and they had to
the class. I'm hoping to take it this summer as well as Orff Level III.

Hope this helps.

Brooke Thompson

University of Texas at Austin used to sponsor a 3-level program. You
inquire there. Ann Buchanan, Brownsville, TX

Holy Names College in Oakland offers the best Kodaly program in the area.
Several of us in Hayward Unified Schools received our masters degrees

Your contact person is Anne Laskey at ajlaskey(a)

Thanks again for your responses!
Jennifer Kramer
Vocal Music Director
Oregon High School
456 N. Perry Parkway
Oregon, WI 53575
(608) 835-4353

on June 23, 2004 10:00pm
I know Darly Timmer already told you about the University of St. Thomas program, but perhaps what you don't know is that JILL TRINKA is now there as "Head of Graduate and Undergraduate Music Programs." I can't think of a better person under whom to study Kodaly.

Good luck with your decision,
Tim McMillin