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Treble: SA favorites

Wow...thanks for all who responded.
These are what your collegues consider to be the best SA pieces:

ChoralNet has a listing of "Unison/2-part Festival pieces" at
ChoralNet > Repertoire > Lists > Voicing > Treble.


I absolutely love Andrea Klouse' Kyrie in 2 part. My 6th graders learned it
quickly and did it in a cncert last week.
Also, look at "Where Are the Angels?" by Linda Spevacek.
and "Every Child's a Promise" by Lloyd and Marci Larson.
Donald Moore has some great canon arrangements, too.


Take a look at Ruth Elaine Schram's arrangements. Many of them are unison
with an optional Part II. I attended an elementary music teachers' reading
session of her work last week, and here are her pieces from the session that
I think would be appropriate for a festival (my personal favorites are noted
with an asterisk):
America the Beautiful*
Oh Shenandoah*
Picture a Playground (very touching--"Picture a playground filled with
the happy sound of children who dream and explore with no thought of
May the Road Rise to Meet You (very beautiful)*
Gloria and Alleluia (a cappella)*
For the Beauty of the Earth
Gift of Life (beautiful!)*
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Peace Like a River
My World (environmental theme)
Jacob's Ladder
Ubi Caritas


1. "My Own Song "by Crystal LaPoint Kowalski, Published by Hinshaw= 2pt.
absolutely beautiful and meaningful to girls.


Inscription of Hope - Z. Randall Stroope
Send Down the Rain - Joyce Eilers???


O GIVE THANKS for SA and piano by Wayland Rogers
Boosey and Hawkes
Building Bridges Series of Doreen Rao


Ching A Ring Chaw - 2 Part Heritage Music Press
Hi! Ho! The Rattlin' Bog - 2 Part Heritage Music Press
I Bought Me A Cat - 2 Part Hal Leonard
Castle On A Cloud - 2 Part Hal Leonard
Edelweiss - 2 Part Hal Leonard (This is the SATB recording, 2
Part is available)
Ja Da - 2 Part Heritage Music Press
Stars & Stripes - 2 Part Heritage Music Press
Sakura - w/Orff instruments and recorders - 2 Part Hal Leonard
Sing All Together Now - 2 Part Hal Leonard
A Whistler's Suite - 2 Part Heritage Music Press
With A Banjo On My Knee (Foster) - 2 Part Jenson
Yankee Spectacular - 2 Part Hal Leonard


Take a look at our web site under Prep I (and even Prep II)
literature. You'll get lots of ideas.


BirdSong by Paul Read....Boosey and Hawkes


Art Thou Troubled
by Handel


When I am Silent- Joan Varner - AlliancePublishing


Visit our web site. We have many outstanding SA and unison children's
pieces. They are filed under "children."
Barbara Harlow


My recommendations of 2-part music would be:
1. Music Has Brought Us Together - arr. Jerry Estes
2. Yankee Doodle Spectacular - arr. Linda Spevacek
3. Joyful, Joyful - arr. Roger Emerson
4. When You Believe - arr. Audrey Snyder & John Moss
5. The Frim Fram Sauce - arr. Greg Gilpin
6. Al Shlosha D'Varim - by Allan Naplan
7. Ching-A-Ring Chaw (Unison) by Aaron Copland
8. The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky - by Mary Lynn Lightfoot
9. The Water Is Wide - arr. by Jane Ellen
10. The Rhythm of Life - arr. John Leavitt
11. Cherry Riddle Song - arr. Judy Herrington/S. Glick
12. Hakuna Matata or Circle of Life from "Lion King" - arr. by Mac Huff or
Keith Christopher
13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - arr. Jeff Funk
14. The Guitar Man - by Joyce Eilers


A general recommendation is the CME series, Boosey and Hawkes, edited by
Doreen Rao. I've done many pieces from this catalogue over the last ten
years with my 120-voice girls choir of 4th - 6th graders, and my 60-voice
Middle School Chorus. They are always first-rate: challenging but
accessible, and beautifully presented.

Neat speech piece called "Too Many Cats" in two parts. Forget the composer's
name. "Manx Lullaby" by Lori Ann Dolloff is a beautiful unison piece.

Compiled by,
Jennifer Price
Granite Falls, Washington

on September 25, 2006 10:00pm
I'm looking for simple a capella songs for 3rd-5th graders, some recognizable tunes. Multicultural in part if possible. They will also be learning solfeggio in this class and sing canons and rounds.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Patrizia Cioffi
on September 14, 2008 10:00pm
I hope you will consider my "SNOW SONG", published by Shawnee Press. It's a fun 2-part treble (SA) piece, secular, for winter concerts. It's lots of fun.
Dean Rishel