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SSA or SSAA: Flashy pieces

Dear Choralisters:

A few weeks ago I appealed to you for women's choral repertoire suggestions
(concert and musical theater works), namely pieces with flash. Some of you
wanted me to post the suggestions, so here's an abbreviated list (in no
particular order; i just cut-and-pasted):

Musical Theater:
"Waitin' for my dearie" from Brigadoon

Poulenc's "Ave Maria?g
Durufle's "Tota Pulchra Est" from Quatre Motets.
"Lauliku Lapsipoli" by Veljo Tormis.

SSAA music by Joan Szymko

Holst: *Ave Maria* Double SSAA a capp
Hovhaness: *Ave Maria* harp, opt. 2 ob, 2 hn

Honegger: *Cantique de Pacques* SSA div., SSA soli, org or orchestra
Poulenc: *Litanies a la Vierge Noir de Roc-amadour* SSA, org

Salut Printemps, for SSA, soprano solo and piano.

"[P]urchase the Elektra Women's Choir CD: From the Heart. There is lush,
outstanding pieces on this CD. I've used the Holst "Linden Lea", the "Reel
a Bouche", "Away From the Roll of the Sea" and the McIntyre "Ave Maria".
All of the pieces on this CD are wonderful. A wonderful gospel selection
for women's choir is
"Go Where I Send Thee", arranged by Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. For the
French selection, I would recommend consideration of Ah! Si Mon Moine
Voulait Danser" arranged by Donald Patriquin or the "J'entends Le Moulin"
that is on the Elektra CD. It's only two-part, but is challenging.
There is also a site on the internet provided by MENC:"

Check O Pastorelle Addio from Andrea Chenier by Giordano
G. Schirmer 0ctavo #11602

Your friend might be interested in either (French) Cecile Chaminade's "Ronde
du crepuscule," SSA, soprano solo to die for, and lovely fluffy piano
accompaniment, or in the (Italian) Monteverdi Canzonette a tre (SSA a
cappella). Also spirituals by African-Americans Marylou India Jackson and
Undine Smith Moore.

Also lush pieces by Michael Cleveland.

One of my favorite contemporary pieces is Robert Jones' 'Lullabye for
Titania' - text from Midsummer Night's Dream.

There are some lovely pieces by Lili Boulanger for women. I think one is
called Les Sirene? And also by Mabel Daniels.

The songbook by Sweet Honey in the Rock might be a place to look for
African-American women's music - but of course they aren't what you call

Seek Ye the Lord
Knut Nystedt
SSAA acappella
Walton Music

Missa Brevis in tempore violentiae (Kyrie and Gloria)
Ron Jeffers

A Child Said
James McCray
SSAA - solo - piano - oboe
National Music Publishers

Maiglocken Und Die Blumelein
SA - piano
National Music

SA - piano
National Music

Three Love Songs
(Wie des Abends schone Rote, Vogelein durch-rauscht die Luft, Nein
setze dich)
SA - 2 piano
E.C. Schirmer

Abschiedslied der Zurvogel
SA piano
National Music

Ho-ja-ja-, ho-ja-ja (Moravian Czech Mountain Song)
Otmar Macha
SSAA acappella
Alliance Publications, Inc. (Wisconsin)

Metsa Telegramm
Nano Oiassi??? (Sorry, I can not find this right now)
SSA piano and wood sticks
Boosey & Hawkes

Cantate Domino
Rupert Lang
SSA synthesizer
Boosey & Hawkes

Miracles to you all,

Kevin Simmonds
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on June 14, 2007 10:00pm
What is?
on June 14, 2007 10:00pm
This is probably one of the best competion song that a girls choir can ever do it got our school choir a 1st in a provincial competiton its modern elements are the most exciting : )