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Info on Smoking and Singing

Here is the information I turned up in my search for
information on smoking and singing. There was no
specific video found but lots of places to start
looking. Thanks to everyone who responded. I hope
this is helpful to you all.

Christy Survoy

From: DURWARDDAG(a) | Block address
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:11:28 EST
Subject: Re: Smoking

You might want to call the American Cancer Society.
They have great

Hi Christy,

I don't know of anything that has been assembled and
published for use
like this. However, sometimes a, local, home-grown
approach can be more

You might try to find an otolaryngologist in the area
who is sympathetic
to your mission. He/she might be willing to visit your
class, bringing
along some assessment tools -- a rigid laryngoscope
exam should scare
the most ardent smoker.
The most persuasive things I have seen are:
1. A laryngoscope video showing a healthy larynx
compared to a
smoker's larynx,
2. visiting with a recent laryngectomy patient who
is attempting to
learn to speak after having lost vocal cords to
smoking-induced cancer.
Both came out of contacts with speech pathologists &

Best of luck. It is an uphill battle

Lee Spear

Dear Christy,

I would HIGHLY recommend your contacting The VoiceCare
Network, Dr.
Theimer, Executive Director .
The VoiceCare
connects the National Center for Voice and Speech, the
Fairview Voice
and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Music

Last summer I completed the VoiceCare Network's basic
course, and I
say enough good things about the incredible store of
knowledge to be
through them.

Good luck,
Roberta Shimensky

Give a try to New Jersey Medical School. Contact Joan
Liman at
liman(a) (tell her I say hello, I spent a year
as a student
before going off in the choral direction) and I'd bet
she could find
who would have something for you.
Ethan Nash
48 Hours on CBS did a full hour on teen smoking
several years ago.
Part of it dealt with a student, my son, who was in a
musical and the problems he was
The program aired in January about 4 years ago.

Gordon King
Montclair, NJ

You might want to try the following website which
provides thorough
information on the negative affects of smoking and
tobacco products.

Good luck!

Most sincerely,
Amy Scurria

Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:27:35 +0000
Margaret Foster | Block
Re: Smoking

I can't say I know of a video - but my mother had a
beautiful soprano
voice (all state, all New Englands in her youth, etc).
She started
smoking at about age 24-25. It destroyed her breath
support, dropped
her range (all according to her) and, in the end, took
her life with
cancer that started in her mouth, moved to her throat
and eventually
into her lungs.
I wish there was a video that would capture that.
Margaret A. Foster

From: DURWARDDAG(a) | Block address
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:11:28 EST
Subject: Re: Smoking

You might want to call the American Cancer Society.
They have great

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Hello again! Many of you expressed an interest in any
information I could find about a video about the
effects of smoking on singing. Beyond the sources I
have already posted, I recieved this email a few days
ago. Hope it helps.
Christy Survoy

Kay Wiley" | Block address

Subject: smoking effects-
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 10:57:19 -0700

Dear Ms. Survoy,

Charles Bruffy forwarded to me your request and
responses from choralist re: smoking effects-singing
educational materials.
(I am a speech pathologist and sing with Charles in

I concur with all the suggestions you received -
especially the materials from the Cancer Society - (in
fact I
called our local agency before Christmas - no response
from here) - but may I add a suggestion of a
videotape that you might want to consider - especially
if you don't have the means of using some of your
local speech or medical professional's images. I have
not seen it, but in reviewing all of the Voice
Foundation's video descriptions, it sounds good -
(voice foundation rep. thought it appropriate for your
needs, too).
Murray Morrison, M.D.
A collection of laryngoscopic images (normal and
abnormal, male and female larynges during speech and
singing) under normal stoboscopic light. Effects of
voice abuse and increased laryngeal tension, hiatal
hernia, smoking, drinking, and other laryngeal
irritants are illustrated. " approx. 29 minutes.
$65.00 - NTSC, 1/2 " VHS plus shipping and

available from: (an organization of ENTs, Speech
Pathologists and Musicians caring for the VOICE !)

1721 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 735-7999
fax (215) 735-9293

Good Luck and I'd be interested in what you ended up
using this year in class. If I can be of any other
help, don't hesitate to contact me.

Kay Wiley, M.S., CCC-SLP
Clinical Instructor
University of Arizona, Speech and Hearing Sciences
PO Box 210071
Tucson, AZ 85721-0071
(520) 626-6073

private practice: kdwiley213(a)
(520) 615-8131 or (520) 991-5845

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on March 31, 2005 10:00pm
I wanted to tell all of you thanks for giving the great ideas. I am involved in this whole idea. Finding this information on this was part of my chorus project and it was fun doing so. Although i dont think personally that the video of all this was the way to go. No video will stop someone if they have started,because thast just like telling them,it wont work and i appreciate the ideas though. I think that whoever loves singing would stop anyways because singings enough anyways...i dont believe taht they should have even started if involved in anything anyways. Just being a person isnt a good idea for you to start up smoking,thank you and post more if you may help people involved with choral issues