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Books and materials: Books on Vocal Terminology

Here is what I received -- in answer to the following request, in case you
missed it: (Thanks very much to those who replied!)

A friend who is an opera lover and attends many productions in New York
would like to find a reference book that describes, in his words, "different
kinds of singing voices and techniques, with technical terms defined, plus
terminology for the various types of opera roles...." He has access to a
large University library. Can anyone steer him in the right direction? Does
this sort of thing exist??? Thanks!

Ruth McKendree Treen
Chatham, Massachusetts

1) The Structure of Singing by Richard Miller contains these facts although
they are only a small portion of the information found in the volume.

2) I found an excellent essay with wonderful detail concerning voice
categories. It is a lengthy essay that serves as part of an aria collection.
The collection is entitled "Singers' Edition Operatic Arias" published in
Dallas TX by Pst...Inc. The essay is entitled "Voice Categories" written by
Richard Boldrey and Robert Caldwell. The essay serves as the forward for
each edition of the various voice categories. These are recent publications.

3) I have a large reference book: A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology -
Cornelius L. Reid pub. by Joseph Patelson © 1983 some 500 pages of

on November 28, 2006 10:00pm
An alternative, voice-science-based resource uses, in many cases, alternative terminology that is both common and comfortable for vocalists and is faithful to findings in voice science and voice medicine (also presents unique neuroscience-based orientations to teaching-learning that increase the liklihood of lifelong dedication to singing):

Co-edited by Leon Thurman, Ed.D. and Graham Welch, Ph.D.
Publishers: National Center for Voice and Speech, The VoiceCare Network, Fairview Voice Center

Link for ordering: or