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Treble: Masses

Thank you very much for all of your suggestions re my inquiry of Masses
>>>Treble voices. Many of you asked for a compilation list which is set out
>>>Top of the list was:
>>>Britten's Mass in D
>>>Missa Brevis - Nancy Telfer
>>>Missa Brevis - Imant Raminsh
>>>Messa Breve - Delibes
>>>Mass No 6 - Gyorgy Orban
>>>Others included:
>>>Mass for young voices - Alice Parker
>>>Missa Brevis - Stephen Hatfield
>>>Missa Pequeno para los Ninos - Francisco Nunez
>>>Messe des Pecheurs - Faure
>>>IMHO - Messager
>>>Fragments from the Mass - Emma Lou Diemer
>>>Petite Mass (SSA a capella) - Lana Walter
>>>Missa Sponsa Christi - Hendrick Andriesson
>>>Missa Brevis in tempore violentiare - Ron Jeffers
>>>Mass for St. Sebastian - Villa Lobos
>>>Messe Lyrique; Missa Benedicta Sit and Missa Viatorum - Calvert Shenk
>>>(Couple of) Masses by Michael Haydn
>>>(Couple of) Masses by Sigismund Neukomm
>>>Missa Hosanna - Goemanne
>>>Messe Breve - Gounod
>>>Masses in A Major and g minor - Rheinberger
>>>Thank you again.
>>>Robyn Edgar