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TTBB: with Guitar


Here is a compilation of the request I made regarding repertoire ideas for
Guitar and TTBB chorus.
Gary Weidenaar

Der frohe Wandersman - arr. Franz Biebl
La Paloma - Sebastian Yradier, arr. Franz Biebl
Set of 5 songs - (S solo, TTBB, gtr) - Karl Haus
Bonnie Eloise - Hunter-Parker-Shaw
Roll Round with the Year - arr. Alice Parker
La Pastorella - Franz Schubert
Fergus an' Molly from Celtic Songs by Vijay Singh (Belwin OCT 9605)
Susa’s Carols and Lullabies from Music of the SW
includes Hp and perc as well

Ron Smail's Arrangement of Fogarty's Cove,
Stephen Chatman's arrangement of The Grand Hotel
neither written for guitar, but it can be used

Gen’l suggestion to look at music of Jeffry Van (guitarist)
Gen’l suggestion to look up a Robert Shaw CD w/men’s voices

The actual replies follow:

Music of Ginastera, Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Lincoln Andrade, DMA program KU
I'm sure you'll get many suggestions for Spanish and Latin American stuff,
so I'll broaden the search. Franz Biebl (everybody does his Ave Maria) has
a charming arrangement of a Swiss folk song "Der frohe Wandersman"
TTBB/guitar published by Süddeutscher Musikvarlag. And Hochstein publishes
Biebl's arrangement of Sebastian Yradier's "La Paloma." Karl Haus has a
set of 5 songs for TTBB/soprano-solo/guitar published by Carl Engels.
Alice Parker's arrangment of "Shenandoah" can be done with guitar instead
of piano (I prefer it that way), published by Lawson-Gould (or whoever took
it over from them). If I remember any more, I'll pass them on. I'm sure
that the Musica database has an long list.

John M. Crowell
Sacramento Master Singers
Music Librarian
Alice Parker wrote a wonderful secular setting of 5 pieces for male chorus
with guitar called "Roll Round with the Year." It has a "holiday" slant to
it but is not religious at all. It seems a bit odd at first when you
rehearse it but it is fun and an audience pleaser. It's not a published work.
there does exist a charming little Schubert piece featuring men's voices
and guitar.
Brent D. Baldwin
Director - Longhorn Singers
University of Texas at Austin

Your best bet is examining choral music of Jeffrey Van, guitarist, whose
choral music with guitar has been performed by Dale Warland Singers. It is
quite possible that some of his works are for men's voices. His website is: and has an e-mail link for
him as well.
Mark Gresham

the only things I've done with guitar and men's choir are Susa's Carols
and Lullabies of the Southwest (which also involve harp and percussion),
Franz Gruber's Silent Night (ala the original version), Red River Valley
(arranged by one of men in my choir for guitar, harmonica, and men's choir)
and the occasional Schubert piece.

Diane Loomer,
Elektra Women's Choir, Chor Leoni Men's Choir
Vancouver, BC, V6P 5M2 CANADA
There are some nice male choir/guitar pieces that Schubert wrote -- check
out the R Shaw CD of Schubert male choir pieces --- "La pastorella" is one
that goes well with guitar --- The old Hunter-Parker-Shaw "Bonnie Eloise"
is one that I've done with guitar as well. Hopefully others will give you
Spanish things ---
Clayton Parr
Director of Choral Activities
DePaul University

For TTBB rep with guitar, I can't think of any right away, but there are a
couple that you could add guitar to and they sound quite nice (I've done it
a couple times). Ron Smail's Arrangement of Fogarty's Cove, and Stephen
Chatman's arrangement of The Grand Hotel. Both are Canadian folk-type songs
and very fun.
James Baldwin

A piece that we are doing this Fall with guitar and recorder/flute or opt.
piano is Fergus an' Molly from Celtic Songs by Vijay Singh (Belwin OCT
9605) TTBB. We are using an acoustic guitar. The guitarist is a classical
guitarist but this piece does not utilize his capabilities in that vein.
However, it is a light piece and fun when done in dialect and would be a
nice contrast to more 'classical' pieces.
Dorothy Dwight


Gary A. Weidenaar

Doctoral TA - Choral Music & Music Technology
University of Kansas
Conductor - KU Men's Glee
Conductor - Kaw Valley Community Chorus
email: gw(a)

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