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Chanukah: Women's choir

Thank you to all who responded to my colleague's request for Hanukah music
for women's voices! I've kept the "non-women's voices" suggestions which
were sent, too.

Ilan Glasman
Assistant Professor of Music
Olivet College (Michigan)
iglasman(a) (please note new email)

1) Hanerot Halalu by Baruch J. Cohon, arr. Blanche Chass

2) David Eddleman has 2 wonderful, energetic pieces for the holiday:
available in a combination of 2pt/3pt/satb Tetra Music

call Bernie Fisher/Plymouth in Florida.....he has oodles...he'll be
to send you a catalogue

3) For suggestions re Chanukah music please go to

4) Linda Spevacek has written two songs that fall within your
If your colleague would like a complimentary copy of either or both
please let us know and we would be very happy to send them out. The Joy
Hanukkah has not been put on our computer yet for electronic mailing.

Joy of Hanukkah* 2 Part Heritage Music Press 15/1220 H
Hanukkah Nagilah 2 Part Heritage Music Press 15/1458H

5) "Chanuka, O Chanuka," arranged by Peter Saltzman (SA, piano, optional
percussion and electric guitar)

"Mi Yemalel," arranged by Peter Saltzman (SATB unaccompanied)

"Three Israeli Songs: 1. Mi y'maleil; 2. Mi zeh hidlik; 3. S'vivon,"
by Bob Chilcott (SATB; 1 and 2 with piano, 3 unaccompanied)

"The Chanukah Story," by Samuel Adler (unison chorus and piano)

"Spin, dreidel, spin," arranged by Samuel Adler (SA and piano)

"Who can retell," arranged by Samuel Adler (SA and piano)

6) There is a beautiful Hanukkah composition which features a female solo
called "Beams of Gentle Light."

7) Yelton Rhodes Music carries some wonderful music for Hanukkah.

Three Hanukkah Songs (C. Baker)
TTBB or SATB and piano
Bazman Haze (Scott Henderson)
triple TTB chorus, cello, and piano
Hanukkah (Scott Henderson)
SATB and piano
Hanukkah, Hanukkah (David Maddux)
SATB and piano
Hanukkah (Alan Stringer)
TTBB, cello, and piano
Hanukkah Blessing (David York)
Erev shel Shoshanim (J.A. Kawarsky)
TTBB a cappella
The Final Word (J.A. Kawarsky)
SATB, harp, flute, clarinet and cello
Dreidel A-Go-Go (J. Moidel)
TTBB and piano
For All to See (J.T. Hawhee)
TTBB, SATB, or SSAA and piano
Nes Gadol Haya Sham (J.T. Hawhee)
TTBB, SATB, or SSAA, flute, and piano

8) Vox Femina Los Angeles has done several Hanukkah songs for women's
You could contact their director, Iris Levine, at their website:

9) Our publication 24A Zol Zain Sholem (Yiddish for Let There be Peace),
arranged by Josh Jacobson for SA and treble solo accomp. by piano, is not
Hanukah song per se but has verses that include Hanukah references
dreidel) and has been used for that purpose by many groups. It also comes
SATB (#24). $1 for either. It's lots of fun - very much in the Klezmer
I'd be happy to send a perusal copy to anyone who'd like one. Judith Cook
Tucker, Publisher, World Music Press (WMPress(a) or

10) Al Hanissim. Transcontinental 99136
S'Vivon " 991501
Hannukah Likhteleh " 984014 (Yiddish, very haunting)
Chanukah Variations " 982003