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Settings of: Hildegard of Bingen texts

Hello all Choralisters!

Thanks to all who responded to my "modern settings of Hildegard texts"
query! It was an overwhelming and very helpful wave of response that came
my way. I discovered that there is a lot out there, and here is a summary
of what I learned (I did a fair bit of editing to save space and time, if
anyone wonders about my sources, please email me in person and I will
respond. Any errors are mine - please also let me know about them!!) There
are a few items that are titles only - if anyone can tell me further
information, I will gladly post an update.

Cheers! Joy-Anne Murphy

Elizabeth Austin, "Hommage to Hildegard" (based on Caritas Abundat),
SB/percussion, manuscript, E-mail: austin(a)

June Boyce-Tillman. All these works are published by the Hildegard Press
and the Association for Inclusive Language: Dr. June Boyce-Tillman , 108
Nimrod Road, London SW16 6TQ, UK. E-mail: junebt(a)

June Boyce-Tillman, "The Lord's Prayer", SATB

June Boyce-Tillman, "The Call of the Ancestors", SATB Choir, Brass Quintet
(2 Trumpets, 3rd trumpet using only three notes, Horn, Bass Trombone,
Tuba, three improvising groups) 20 minutes

June Boyce-Tillman, "Exiles", Music Theatre Piece (2 hours) bringing
together Julian of Norwich and Hildegard of Bingen and including a
shortened version in translation of Ordo Virtutum as the middles act. SATB.
12 soloists. 2 Flutes, clarinet, 2 cellos, piano, percussion.

June Boyce-Tillman, "O Fiery Spirit", Adaptation of O ignis Spiritus
Unison. A cappella. C 5 minutes

June Boyce-Tillman, "Flourishing Branch", SATB Hymn (metrical version of O
viridissima virga)

June Boyce-Tillman, "Fountain of Wisdom", Women's voices ( 4 part) 3 minutes

June Boyce-Tillman, "A Life Apart - Hildegard von Bingen", Music Theatre
Piece for soprano and piano with audience participation. C 40 minutes.
Recorded on British Music Label BML 022.

June Boyce-Tillman, "Singing the Mystery 28 - Liturgical Pieces by
Hildegard of Bingen", Unison unaccompanied.

June Boyce-Tillman, "Sophia, Wisdom of Earth", SATB Choir with optional
organ accompaniment 10 minutes

June Boyce-Tillman, "Spirit of Fire", SATB Hymn (metrical version of O
ignis Spiritus)

Emma Lou Diemer, "O Viridissima", commissioned work for CSU Stanislau.
SSAA, opt. percussion, published by Hildegard Publishing Company , Box 332
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, phone: 610-649-8649, fax: 610-649-8677
web address:

Carol Dyck: All of the following pieces are melodically inviting, easily
accessible, and wonderfully adaptable for variable situations like a church
choir! Not insipid, but not tough. Her snail mail address: 7430-119 St,
Edmonton, AB, T6J 1W1. Email: caroldyck(a)

Carol Dyck: "God has Arranged Everything in the World", SSATB.

Carol Dyck: "There is No Creation That Does Not Have a Radiance" SA (opt.

Carol Dyck: "God Desires That All the World Be Pure", SATB divisi

Carol Dyck: "The First Seed of the Longing for Justice" SA (opt.TB)/organ

Carol Dyck: "The Air Blowing Everywhere" SSA (opt. TB)/piano

Eibhlis Farrell, "Caritas Abundat" SS soli, SATB

Eibhlis Farrell, "O Rubor Sanguinis", SSAATB, not yet published.

Frank Ferko, Hildegard Triptych, SATB/SATB, a cappella, ECS

Frank Ferko, Hildegard Motets, SATB, (No. 8 of 9 is TTBB), a cappella, ECS.
These are tough works (professional calibre), but some are ethereal in
their beauty.

Frank Ferko, Six Marion Motets, SATB, ECS

Michael Finnissey, "Seven Sacred Motets", Possibly a text by Hildegard in
this set. I found it on ChoralNet's repertoire search engine at Oxford
University Press (N3116 £8.95), but could not find out text references. My
source says: "The music is modern, not easy, but REALLY beautiful."

Randall Giles, "O factura dei", SSAA, self published.

Randall Giles, "Caritas abundant", SATB/ Treble, might be published by
Paraclete Press of Orleans, Mass. His e-mail address is: rdgiles1(a)

Laura Haibeck, "Vos Flores Rosarum" using gamba ostinato (or cello),
chanting alto voices and a soprano solo. Email:

Barbara Kolb, commission in progress

Anne Kilstofte, "For You"

Robert Kyr: - "Circling Wheel." All of Rob Kyr's music is published by ECS
Publishing. Call them at either 800-777-1919 or 617-236-1935 (not sure the
800 number works north of the border). Available on print-to-order only.

Bruce Nichol (s?), "O Holy Fire". Was a University of Toronto PhD Student
in the early 90s - have found no further information.

Stephen Paulus, "Visions from Hildegard", Tryptich , SATB,
"They are contemporary, singable works in three
movements with various chamber ensemble accompaniments. They are
delightful, but
serious works and are about medium difficult to difficult."

Wayland Rogers, "I am that great and fiery force", manuscript from composer
"All of Creation is a Song of Praise to God", SATB/Organ or Piano

Robert A. M. Ross, "Antiphon for the Holy Spirit" (De Spiritu Sancto),
Ralamar Sparks Enterprises

Anna Rubin, "Hildegard's Prologue"

Naomi Stephan, "Hodie", Treble Clef Music Press, SSSAA, a cappella. Also
available SSATB from the composer (see below). According to Mary Lycan, the
treble version is "a very rewarding piece with some medieval techniques
and wonderful texture and voicing." Mary Lycan, Treble Clef Music Press,415
Wesley Drive,Chapel Hill, NC 27516-1521, phone: 919-932-5455, fax:
919-932-5418, Email: mlycanclef(a)

Naomi Stephan, "Ideo", SSAA, Vibraphone, Marimba, manuscript from composer
Box 182, Ojai, CA 93024-0182, phone: 1-805-640-9118

Naomi Stephan, "O Virtus Sapientie", SSA, Marimba, Vibraphone, (Commission
by the University of Vermont)

Jeanne E. Shaffer, "Caritas", SSAA/ keyboard, Company Press

Janika Vandervelde, "O Viridissima Virga", SATB/ST solos, dumbek or tabla
drums, Earthsongs Publication (Can't seem to track this one down online.
Anyone have a snailmail address?)

Some site suggestions (I have not checked them all out yet myself): (this is a German publisher, from the looks
of it)

Thanks again to those of you who responded. Someone provided the address
for Earthsongs Publications, which is as follows:

220 NW 29th Street
Corvallis, OR

As well, I received four additional works suggestions, and I have provided
the original descriptions below verbatim.

Joy-Anne Murphy

I can't believe that no one submitted Nancy Wertsch's "Antiphon" to your
list. I am sorry that I don't have my score in front of me to give you the
publisher. "Antiphon" is a terrific piece and also rather challenging. The
Dale Warland singers presented it to great acclaim at the recent Chorus
America convention in the Twin Cities. It is for soprano solo, women's
chorus, men's chorus, and SATB chorus placed spatially in the performance
venue. The reason I know this piece so well is that I have just produced
the newest CD of the Dale Warland Singers—which includes the Wertsch—for
the American Choral Catalog label and it will be out nationally by the end
of September. The title of the CD is Bernstein and Britten (because the
centerpieces of the CD are the Chichester Psalms and Rejoice in the Lamb).

Donatus Haus, "Gebet einer Seherin" ("Prayer of a Prophetess"Êritas
abundat in omnia...)Sopr. and Bass soloists, satb choir, 2 trpts, organ,
premiered in its final version 1998 in Cologne by Lise Tjalve (Sopr.),
Jochen Hennlich (Bass), COLLEGIUM CANTORUM KOELN, Trompetenensemble Markus
Stockhausen, Donatus Haus (Org.), dir. ThomasGebhardt. It's available on a
CD (private recording of the premiere concert) look at:
- then choose "CDs"

"Illumination - Hildegard von Bingen: The Fire of the Spirit", Original
compositions, arrangements, and interpretations by Richard Souther, Sony
Classical SK62853, p1997

Tracks on the CD are:
1. Kyrie
2. O ignis Spiritus Paracliti
3. O vos felices radices/[Sanctus]
4. O rubor sanguinis
5. Solitude
6. The Angels
7. Illumination
8. O ignee Spiritus
9. Spiritus Sanctus
10. Agnus enim immaculatus
11. Word of light
12. Worship
13. O virgo Ecclesia
14. Salve Regina

The Latin titles have the words, generally just short extracts but
repeated, from Hildegarde's original chants. Most of the English titles
have no vocal part, but the music was inspired by Hildegarde's chants.
Vocal parts are mainly solo or duets, but with lots of post-production
blending, etc. The vocals appear to have all been recorded totally
independently from the instruments - in different coutries in some cases.

Instruments include Keyboards, Synthesizers, piano, a Cello quartet, solo
cello, Uillean pipes, Low whistle, Acoustic drum, Djembe, Native American
Tree (whatever that is?).

I have written a hymn setting of Hildegard's text "I Am That Great And
Fiery Force" for choir SATB and organ. It's a short piece--only about 1:00
in duration. Tim Olsen. Email: olsent(a)

Timothy Olsen
Assistant Professor of Music
Dept. of Performing Arts
Union College
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518)388-6563 office
(518)388-6567 fax

on January 18, 2007 10:00pm
Hi. I just came across your posting and have information on how to find Nancy Wertsch's "Antiphon". It is available from Subito Music at (973)857-3440 or Sample pages can be viewed at