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Settings of: Magnificat

Thanks to all who responded in regards to my search for medium-difficulty
Magnificat settings. As promised, here's a compilation:

Kevin Hildebrand
St. Luke Lutheran Church
Clinton Township, MI

1. Richard Bloesch has an edition of Perti's Magnificat might suit your
purposes. It is scored
for strings and bc, SATB chorus, published by Concordia.

2. Setting by Charles Stanford --Published by Galaxy Music NO. 1.5136.

3. Michael Haydn - G. Schirmer HL50309270 - SSA, continuo. Lovely work!
4. Orlando Gibbons - Oxford TCM 43b - SATB a cappella
5. Thomas Morley - Oxford TCM 64 - SAATB/organ
6. John Blow - Novello 19907 -SATB a cappella

7. There's a wonderful Magnificat by Byron Adams, for SATB, trumpet and
organ. I don't know whether it's published. If so, probably EC
Schirmer. Byron teaches at UCalifronia at Riverside, so you can find
him there.

8. Oh, another one, tho' a cappella, by Robert Young. PUblished by
Walton, I think. Published with his Nunc, and also published as part
of Emmanuel - GOd With us, which contains three pieces. DJ

9. The Pachelbel Magnificat in G and the Charpentier are my favorites. The
Charpentier requires an excellent Tenor Soloist. The Pachelbel requires 2
good trumpets. Recording/Accomp. trac is available from Roger Dean Pub. for
the Pachelbel. The Charpentier requires renting scores for small chamber

10. Compilation from a previous inquiry:
Halsey Stevens (Mark Foster Music) - 7 recommendations
Gerald Finzi (Boosey & Hawkes) - 4 recommendations
Charles Stanford (G. Schirmer) - 3 recommendations for Magnificat in G
William Byrd - 2 recommendations
René Clausen (Mark Foster Music) - 2 recommendations (7-8 minutes)
Herbert Howells (Collegium Royale) - 2 recommendations
Jackson Berkey - 1 recommendation
Derek Holman - 1 recommendation
Herbert Howells (Gloucester) - 1 recommendation
Carolyn Jennings - 1 recommendation (5-6 minutes)
Rob Landes - 1 recommendation
Rupert Lang - 1 recommendation (for mezzo solo and men's chorus)
Libby Larsen - 1 recommendation (for women's voices)
Claudio Monteverdi - 1 recommendation
Lloyd Pfautsch (Lawson-Gould) - 1 recommendation
Henry Purcell - 1 recommendation (5-6 minutes long)
Robert Ray - 1 recommendation (gospel style)
John Rutter - 1 recommendation (ca. 40 minutes long)
Michael Tippett (G. Schott) - 1 recommendation
Ralph Vaughan Williams - 1 recommendation
William Walton - 1 recommendation
Robert Young - 1 recommendation

11. There's a very good setting by Halsey Stevens that uses trumpet solo and
string orchestra (or organ or piano) meets ALL your criteria!
Halsey Stevens setting , published by Mark Foster, uses strings and 1 trumpet.
Very nice.

12. Magnificat by Ben Allaway, six minutes, has a little divisi but not hard,
some polyphony but carried mostly by S & A, but quite a bit of unison-2-part
texture and some great chords. Exciting organ part. Available direct only
from LMNOP Publications, benlmnop(a), or call 515-288-8883. Cassette
tape available.

13. An annotated list:
1) On the 'leaner' side I recommend:
Bonnet CPH 97-5483(organ score)/98-2425(choral score)
Essentially chant with cool organ interludes

Vaughan Williams G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard 8813
Wonderful simple, but NOT simplistic setting. Mostly unison, but some
SAB sections

2) Leaning toward the 'fat' side:
How Trinity Canticles RSCM (catalog held by GIA)
Gorgeous setting; you will have to figure out how to get yourself
through the score (for congregation and choir (written for 3 parts));

VERY lovely

3) Harder stuff:
Powell Mag and Nunc Augsburg Fortress 11-10493
Never done it, but comes highly recommended

Ives (Grayston) RSCM (available from Musical Resources in Toledo)
Wonderful, not too difficult; great organ part

Howells Mag and Nunc (Collegium Regale) Novello 29 0289 03
Probably THE most beautiful Mag ever written; sometimes very
difficult, but Paul Bouman and I did this at Lutheran Summer Music
high school students--they could do it!

Sumsion Mag and Nunc in G Novello 29 0290 07
Probably my favorite; the sopranos go to a high A; probably the same
difficulty as the Howells, maybe easier; so beautiful

on September 25, 2002 10:00pm
Which of these settings are in latin? I am impressed with your research.
Thank you. :-)
David Lang
Saint Catherine of Siena
Great Falls, VA
on June 10, 2004 10:00pm
Walamsley's setting and Dyson in D minor are too of my favourite settings! worth looking at, especially Dyson
on July 20, 2004 10:00pm
Has anyone heard of Wood: Mag and Nunc in E for men's voices? I heard it on New college Oxford CD, and have been trying to find a publisher for it but no luck.. Novello has published E flat and D for SATB.