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From: Clell "E." Wright "Jr."
Subject: Compilation: American Repertoire
Date: Wed, 13 May 98 11:08:51 PDT

Dear Listers,

First of all, my sincere thanks to all who responded to my post
for American repertoire suggestions. I received some excellent
recommendations. I also rightly received several gentle
reminders concerning my incorrect spelling of Aaron
Copland s name (a result of fast fingers and a slow brain - but
still no excuse). Thank you.

Several responders suggested I look into works by women
composers. This is an excellent suggestion and I am ashamed
to admit that it had not even occured to me that my short list
did not include any. I shall endeavor to change that. It was
also mentioned that E.C. Schirmer is an excellent resource for
American composers. Also, a couple of responders mentioned
that I should consider some Jazz selections - since this is truly
an American idiom. That, also is a great suggestion.

In compiling the responses, I will list composers names that
were mentioned without any reference to a particular work first.
Next I will list specific arrangements of folk songs, hymn
tunes, etc. Some of these came with last name only, and I m
sorry to say I m not familiar enough with them to know their
first name. Lastly I will list specific original compositions by

As a reminder, I had asked for anthem length, a cappella works.
The following compilation includes all those mentioned by
responders as well as those I had already selected as part of
the program.

Thanks to Greg Wheatley, David Griggs-Janower, Chris Johns,
Kevin Kelly, Jonathan Veenker, Iris Levine, Susan Onderdonk,
Bill Voetberg, Martha Springstead, Karen Thomas, Mark
Gresham, and Gordon King, James Green, Philip Seawell, and
Jo Scheier for their responses (I inadvertantly deleted a couple
of responses into oblivion, so if I have not incuded your name
and suggestion, I deeply apologise.

John Bertalot, Rene Clausen, Richard Delong, Emma Lou
Diemer, Frank Ferko, Vivian Fine, Dan Gawthrop, George
Gershwin Miriam Gideon, Jester Hairston, Moses Hogan,
David Hurd, Libby Larsen, Gerald Near, Leo Nestor, Ruth
Crawford Seeger, Louise Talma, Joan Tower, Gwyneth Walker,
Judith Weir, Phyllis Zimmerman, Ellen Taafe Zwilich,


Chilcott Simple Gifts

Dawson, William Ain a That Good News
Ezekial Saw the Wheel
There Is a Balm
(or any other of a thousand pieces)

Erb, James Shenandoah

Greshem, Mark Steal Away
Jesus, Born in Bethle m

Heniger The Cockoo

Hopkins, James Five American Hymn Tunes

Larkin, Michael Somebody s Knockin

Nestor, Leo Three American Hymn Tunes
Motets on Plainsong Themes
Rorate caeli
Jesus dulcis memoria

Parker, Alice/Shaw, Robert Bright Canaan
Bring a Torch (although this is a
French Carol)
Garden Hymn
His Voice As the Sound
I Will Arise
Wondrous Love
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal
If I Got My Ticket, Can I Ride?
Same Train
(or any of a thousand pieces)

Smith, Gregg Blow the Candles Out

Thomas, Karen Deep River

Thomson, Virgil My Shepherd Will Supply My Need


Barber, Samuel Three Reincarnations
Sure on this Shining Night
Under the Willow Tree

Berkey, Jackson Tenting Tonight

Beveridge, Thomas O Cool is the Valley Now

Billings, William David s Lamentation
Easter Anthem
I Am the Rose of Sharon
Modern Music
The Bird
When Jesus Wept

Bissell, Claude Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Sky

Conte, David Cantate Domino

Copland, Aaron An Immorality
Four Motets
Ching a Ring Chaw
Boatman s Dance
The Promise of Living
Younger Generation

Dello Joio, Norman A Jubilant Song

Diamond, David Three Settings of Poems by James

Diemer, Emma Lou Alleluia
Three Madrigals

Dirksen, Richard Rejoice Ye Pure in Heart

Fetler, Paul Wild Swans

Fine, Irving Father William
Have You Seen the White Lily Grow?
The Choral New Yorker (entire set)
The Lobster Quadrille

Fissinger, Edwin Lux Aeterna

Frankenpohl, Arthur Lovers Love the Spring

Friedell, Paul Draw Us in the Spirit s Tether

Gardner, John Brightest and Best

Greshem, Mark I Will Not Leave You Comfortless
Set Me as a Seal

Ives, Charles Turn Ye, Turn Ye
Crossing the Bar
(both of these are accessible works)
Psalm 67
At the River
Circus Band
William Will

Jacob, Gordon Brother James Air

Johnson, Hall Ain t Got Time to Die

Manuel, Ralph Alleluia
Three Pieces
Two Madrigals
Sudden Light

Massengale, John Cusseta

Persichetti, Vincent Mass for Mixed Chorus

Poston, Elizabeth Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree

Rorem, Ned Sing My Soul"

Schuman, William Carols of Death

Sowerby, Leo Eternal Light

Stevens, Halsey Go, Lovely Rose

Thompson, Randall Frostiana
Peaceable Kingdom (individual

Walker, Gwyneth White Horses
My Love Walks in Velvet
Sounding Joy

Young, Robert Songs of Nature
Three Pieces
Two Madrigals
Sudden Light

Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:48:54 -0700
From: Art LaPierre
Subject: American Compilation

Dear Fellow Listers: Though I lurk most of the time, there are moments when
subjects just seem to slip by me. However, I do want to participate in the
"American Compilation" thread. Please forgive my lateness or for not
posting to the correct list. Nonetheless, I can not help but notice that
this particular American 'compilation' did not include, among others, any
of Duke Ellington's choral settings. With all due respect to the, IMHO,
'lesser-named' composers and arrangers listed in the compilation, I find it
curious that not one of Ellington's Sacred Concert settings was mentioned.
Art LaPierre

on July 11, 2005 10:00pm
I am searching for small to large group arrangements of songs by the grateful dead. If anyone out there knows where I can find such pieces, please contact my e-mail with a subject line of grateful dead