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SSA or SSAA: Christmas

Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 23:33:38 -0600
From: figaro(a)
Subject: Women's Christmas Music -- Compilation

Thanks for all the suggestions! Here's what everyone came up with:

Two selections by James McCray:
Sonne of God text by Miles Coverdale
SA 312-41609 Theodore Presser

There is no rose of such virtue
SSA WHC-78 National music Publishers

Try the SA "Christmas Song of the Shepherds" by Kodaly, with a
recorder (or organ) obligato.

I have arranged what I think is an interesting version of the French
carol "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" for SSA chorus, S solo,
harp, and finger cymbals or triangle. It's in the key of G major, the
soprano solo is a reiteration of the melody, and it's very singable
for an amateur group. This piece was written as a commission for
another group about 4 years ago. Let me know if you are interested in
purchasing this piece.

James Gall, nearly DMA
Tucson, AZ

One that comes to mind that my choir did last year was The Kalanta of
the New Year (Greek) with hammer dulcimer. It was lovely.

This may not be at all what you need, but all my search for religious
music that is spiritually significant to women singers, and my boredom
with "goddess" music, leads me to publish lots of music with Marian
texts. I have a 2-part conductus (c. 1300), very vigorous, with a
good Advent/Christmas text, and optional percussion, and several a
cappella things, including an SSA setting by Edith Borroff of "The
Christ-child lay in Mary's lap", which expresses the physical
closeness of mother and child very well.

Drop me your snailmail address if you'd like a catalogue; reference
copies are 50% off.

And do not miss Margaret Bonds's "Oh, sing for the King who was tall
and brown", about the African Wise Man, just published as an octavo
for treble voices by Plymouth. It's SSA and piano only, but has a
highly excerptable melodic line in the accompaniment which would do
well on oboe or flute or saxophone or something. It's a show-stopper;
my ladies love it.

Mary Lycan
Treble Clef Music Press
415 Wesley Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-1521
phone/FAX 919-932-5455

"Evergreen" by Daniel Pinkham. It is unison and very contemporary (no
key noted at top of my copy of the music). It has only 2 verses and
has a list of other instruments that can be used with it, including, I
believe I am correct, guitar and bells.

I did a piece with my ladies in a high school several years ago, an
arrangement of the Mexican lullaby "A la nanita nana." Very
beautiful, "ethnic," with piano, and VERY accessible. Arr. by David
Eddleman. I'm considering it for my University ladies.

A beauty is a cycle of old English carols arr. for SSA/harp by John
Rutter entitles "Dancing Day". Ethnic?... probably not ... but

There's a terrific piece by Kodaly for flute and 2-part women:
Christmas Dance of the Shepherds. Boosey & Hawkes. Rhythmic,

Check out John Rutter's *Dancing Day* (SSA, hp), (OUP), and Kirke
Mechem's *7 Joys of Christmas* (same forces), (ECS). OUP's Carols for
Choirs 4 as all for treble voices as well.

Mechem also did a pair of carols (pub. ECS) for SSA & guitar; the
names escape me at this time.

There is an SSA and percussion arrangement by James McKelvy of "Deck
the Halls in 7/8," published by Mark Foster Music.