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SSA or SSAA: Spanish

Thanks for your suggestions! I have a long list of works to share with you.
Special thanks to Ben Allaway and Wayland Rogers who offered their work, to Iris
Levine, Artistic Director of Vox Femina Los Angeles, and to all of you who were
willing to share your music with me.

* O magnum by Cristobal Morales for SSAA published G. Schirmer
* Tres Villancicos de Navidad (Three Spanish Christmas Carols) arr by Ben
Allaway Riu, riu chiu; Dadme albricias; and Dansaron (E la,
don, don) w/ harp or keyboard, flute and percussion
* "No hay nadie como Christo" or "There's Noone Like Jesus" originally a west
african song, nende language begins the piece, translating to English and Spanish by
Ben Allaway published by GIA
* Venite Exsultemus Domino by Antonio Russo (Argentinian composer)
* "Airecillos the Belén." by Alberto Balzanelli published by Ricordi Americana
in Buenos Aires Argentina
* "Puer Natus Est" for SSA by Morales published by Bourne Co
* Flor de Jarilla. Obras para canto infantil Op. 25. by Emilio Dublanc
published by Ricordi Americana in Buenos Aires Argentina
* "A La Ru, A La Me" by Ellingboe, Hal Leonard (lullaby) with 2 flutes
* From the Earthsongs Catalogue
o Como compongo poco by Alberto Grau, 4 equal voices
o Como tu by Alberto Grau, SSSSAAAA
o Corazon de espinas by Ron Jeffers SSA
o Duerme negrito, Emile Sole
o El barquito by Alberto Grau, SA
o La cucaracha, by Alberto Grau 3 pt treble
o Hay un rio by Ron Jeffers SSA
o La flor de la miel by Alberto Grau, SSAA w/ Soprano solo
o Mata del anima sola (T or S, ssaa), Antonio Estevez
o Noche de lluvia by Sid Robinovitch, SSAA, piano
o Te quiero by Lilliana Cangiano, SSAA w/Alto Solo**
* As costureiras by Hector Villa-Lobos, pub. G. Schirmer
* Mass for St. Cecilia by Hector Villa-Lobos
* "O Regem coeli" by Victoria, published by Treble Clef Press
* Carols and Lullabies by Conrad Susa (SSAA) published by E.C. Schirmer
* Riqui Ran by Gregg Smith
* Ala Nanita Nana arr. By Norman Luboff (SSA) published by Walton Music
* Yo Le Canto Todo El Día byDavid L. Brunner
* Ogguere by Gilberto Valdés, Carlos R. Abril
* El Mambí, by Luis Casas Romero & Sergio Lavilla, Carlos R. Abril, (SA)
published by World Music Press
* El Pambiche Lento, Traditional Dominican Republic, arr by Juan-Tony Guzman
* Maximina, Traditional Colombian by Julián Gómez Giraldo
* Caramba by Otilio Galíndez, Alberto Grau
* Maquerule, Traditional Colombian, Julián Gómez Giraldo
* La Lluvia by Stephen Hatfield, Boosey and Hawkes

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