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SSA or SSAA: with Trumpet

Date: Tue, 01 Oct 96 18:06:12 EST
From: "Sarah Meredith"
Subject: compilation: trebles and trumpets

Many thanks to those who responded with suggestions:
Alexa Johnson Treblemakr(a)
Lee Kesselman Kesselman(a)
Brian Breeding BBREEDIN(a)
Dave Singer singer(a)
Monica Hubbard mhubbard(a)
David Bohn markfostermus(a)
Barbara Hall HALLB(a)
Janice Smith jpsmith(a)

The following pieces were suggested:

a) Wake Up Oh World Michele Kaschub SA with trumpet
currently unpublished, suggested by Janice Smith
contact me for Michele's e-mail address if interested

b) O Aula Nobilis William Matthias SSA/3 trumpets
organ (keyboard)
suggested by Barbara Hall

c) Fanfare (?) Lloyd Pfautsch
d) O Magnum Mysterium Daniel Pinkham U/antiphonal trumpet
middle movement of the Christmas Cantata, other brass parts
which could be covered by accompanist
suggested by Monica Hubbard

e) Nunc Dimittis Burgon
f) Easter Sequence Kenneth Leighton
suggested by Dave Singer

g) Gloria ad modum tuam Dufay SA/2 trumpets
in canon
suggested by Brian Breeding

h) Canadian Brass series, edited by Henry Leck, published by Hal
for children's choir and various brass ensembles
suggested by Alexa Johnson

i) Jubilate Deo Lee Kesselman SA/2 trumpets/opt.
timpani/strings (Keyboard)
written for and performed at 1996 Utah Centennial
Children's Chorus Festival in April
not yet published

j) Hacia Belen Spanish Carol, arr. Valerie Shields
k) Trumpet Gloria Dufay, adapted James McKelvy SA/2 trumpets
suggested by David Bohn

on September 21, 2014 11:58am
I have written Three Shakespeare Songs for SSA, trumpet, and piano.  They are
      Hark, Hark, the Lark
      Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind
      Orpheus with his Lute

Written for children's chorus, but they would suit women's voices as well.
Not published; contact me for scores and recordings.
Brian Holmes