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SATB: with Chamber Orchestra (Magnificats)


Below is the compilation of responses to my query on 15-20 minute
"Magnificats" from the Classic period through 20th century with small
orchestral accompaniment. Some of the responses strayed somewhat from the
time frame, but I appreciated them all.


Dr. Don R. Campbell
Southern Wesleyan University
Director of Choral Activities

Schubert has a nice one...

Pergolesi's Magnificat is quite charming

We recently recorded a very nice Vivaldi Magnificat, performed by a local
church choir. It's a fairly good recording, for a church choir.

The magnificat by Baldassare Galupi is a charming piece, SATB/Strings in 4/
Continuo. I believe it is published by Boosey.

Definitely consider the Schubert Magnificat, C Major. Three movements:
Mvts. 1 & 3 chorus and soloists (SATB), Mvt. 2 soloists only. Approx. 15
minutes. Pair of oboes, pair of trumpets, tympani, and strings. Lawson
Gould 51870.
Other Magnificats to consider, maybe:

Giacomo Puccini (Maybe less than 15 minutes)
Rutter (Maybe more than 15 minutes)

If you'd like to try something different, but can be very effective if you
have the right soloist and accompanist: Robert Ray: Gospel Magnificat.
Performed it with a college choir. Easy to learn. We had a great time
exploring the unique performance style. The audience and the chorus loved
it. (Piano, Electric bass, Guitar, and Drums.) A wonderful programming

The Durante Magnificat, originally thought to be by POergolesi, is with
strings and perhaps oboes. Published by Oxford or some reputable publisher
like that. it's quite charming. Might fit the bill.

This season we are doing the "Magnificat, Op. 75" by Paul Patterson. SATB,
brass, percussion, organ. It's a little bit "Star Wars" like the Rutter
"Gloria" but should be a crowd pleaser.


The Vivaldi is marvelous, Perti and Bochorini no so great, Buxtehude is
terrific but may be a bit short.

One of the Bach son's (I don't believe it is CPE) has a nice one. The only
active knowledge I have of it comes from a solo movement which appears in
Lloyd Pfautsch's Solos for the Church Year .

Vivaldi also wrote a Magnificat far less distinguished than his Gloria but
that is a bit too early for your request in any case.

How long is Pachelbel's "Magnificat"? or J. C. Bach's?

Magnificat Wyton Alec Hope AG 7127 SATB/ contralto solo

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Williams R.V. G. Schirmer,
Inc. 8813 SATB

MW509 Magnificat in C Major,Mozart, Wolfgang, Robert S. Hines, Plymouth
Music Co. PM-106 SATB

Dixit Magnificat by Mozart

Magnificat by Vaughan Williams for mezzo solo and SSAA choir

Magnificat by Raminsh

How about Finzi? Gorgeous!

The Rutter and the Jonathan Willcocks are both marvelous.

I just pointed John Howell toward I Magnificat I did with my church
choir a couple of Christmases ago, which may meet your needs. J.C.
Bach's Magnificat .... probably not quite "Classical," but I think the
sound would be close.

Take a look at the Pergolesi Magnificat. It might meet your needs. I
recall it is highly sectionalized, like the Bach Magnificat but not as
musically elaborate. It also has quite a few solo and duet movements.
Still, Pergolesi should be marginally acceptable as a Classic period
composer. I think the orchestration is mostly for strings, but don't have
that in front of me. The choral score is available from Kalmus and there may
be other editions as well.

Magnificat by Giacomo Puccini "senior", HMB 189 (Hinshaw Music Inc.)

Magnificat in D by Giacomo Puccini "senior", HMB 217 (Hinshaw Music

on July 30, 2014 8:07am
Here is a newly composed (2013) Magnificat for chamber orchestra but traditional sound: