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SATB: with Violins and Continuo

Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 21:05:22 -0500
From: "K. Nielsen"
Subject: repertoire for SATB, 2 vln, cto


Thanks to the people who sent suggestions of repertoire for the ensemble
configuration: SATB (non-divisi), 2 violins, and continuo. For those who
are interested, here are the suggestions:

Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg (1736-1809) - Beethoven's theory teacher
In Te Domine Speravi - SATB, 2 violins, cello, bass
Carl Fischer CM8353

Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg
De Profundis - SATB, 2 violins, cello, bass
Carl Fischer CM8316

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich - Hanssler-Verlag: HE31.150/01, 1977

Blow, John (1648-1708)
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses - Walton Music: WM-155, 1979

Blow, John (1648-1708)
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses - Roger Dean: CC-102, 1975

Blow, John (1648-1708)
Sing, Sing, Ye Muses - National Music: NMP-187, 1986

Boccherini, Luigi (1743-1805)
Gloria - Hinshaw: HMB-190, 1993

Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707)
Befiehl dem Engel, dass er komm - Broude Bros.: BB120, 1952

Buxtehude, Dieterich (1637-1707)
Furchtet euch nicht - Willy Muller: WM940 SM,

Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707)
In dulci jubilo - Concordia: 98-1500, 1958

Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707)
In dulci jubilo - Kalmus/Belwin-Mills: 6131,

Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707)
In dulci jubilo - HÑnssler: HE36.003/01, 1968

Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707)
Jesu, meine Freude - Peters: H118, 1951

Caldara, Antonio (1670-1736)
Gloria Patri; from 'Beati Omnes' - Concordia: 98-2365, 1978

Caldara, Antonio (1670-1736)
Lauda anima mea Dominum - Mark Foster: MF131, 1989

Gorczycki, Grzegorz G. (1665-1734)
In virtute tua - Mark Foster: MF2008, 1990

Haydn, Johann Michael (1737-1806)
Prope est Dominus - Broude Bros.: MGC17, 1976

Leo, Leonardo (1694-1744)
Magnificat in G minor - Walton Music: WM159, 1984

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643)
Damigella tutta bella - Roger Dean: CC-101, 1974

Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643)
Laudate Dominum; in 'Christmas Vespers (#5)

' - Novello: 07 0430 10, 1979
Monteverdi, Claudio (1567-1643)

Laudate pueri; in 'Christmas Vespers (#4)
' - Novello: 07 0430 10, 1979

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Litaniae de Beata Virgine (K.109) - Lawson-Gould/G.Schirmer: 52041,

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Misericordias Domini, K.222 - Mark Foster: MF137, 1972

Lots of Mozart early (Salzburg) masses are so scored. I particularly like the
F major (K. 192).

Schutz, Heinrich (1585-1672)
Psalm 023 - Der Herr ist mein Hirt - Hanssler-Verlag:HE20.398, 1970

Schutz, Heinrich (1585-1672)
Saul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich? - Hanssler-Verlag:HE20.415, 1969

Telemann's *Laudate Jehovam* a setting of Psalm 117 published by
Augsburg. It is in 3 short sections and runs about 6 minutes or so. {This
piece was suggested three times}

Happy singing!

Kirin Nielsen

on October 17, 2003 10:00pm
Some of the early Joseph Haydn Missa Brevis settings are scored for this instrumentation. The Missa Brevis in F Major and the Missa Brevis in B-flat Major (Kleine Orgelmesse) are two good examples.

I also am not sure if I saw this on the list, but the Pergolesi "Magnificat" is a good piece with this instrumentation
on October 18, 2003 10:00pm
Have to disagree with you, Fred. The "Pergolesi" Magnificat (actually composed by Francesco Durante) is scored with viola throughout. Admittedly, the viola doubles the bass line quite a bit and you could probably get along without it, but that would be an arrangement, not the composer's original.