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Canons and Rounds: Collections of Canons

Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 18:05:39 -0500
From: PTcoul(a)
Subject: compilation-rounds & canons

Greetings to all,

Since there were so many responses to my request for rounds & canons, and so
many wanted a compilation, I thought I'd sent them to the whole list!

Many thanks to: James C. Myers, Roland Gruler, Ki Adams, Becky Jarman, David
Bohn, Carol Wooten, Lucas Weiss, Mz Kwooz, Chuck Livesay, Helen Deitz, Noel
Ancell, Paul Meers, Clell Wright, Trish Buffington, J. Dewitt, Frannie
Goldstein, Margaret Green, Michael Wustrow and Laura Swartzendruber.

Here goes: (many had the same volumes in mind)

Easy Canons ed. Reichenbach (Presser)

60 Canons on Secular Texts (2 vols) ed Buszin -
Peters #66132a/b

24 Canons by Haydn - Peters #6999

Der Kanon - Fritz Jeode publ Moesler, Wolfenbuttel, Germany
Ars music vol 1-- publ (per above)

Classical Canons comp by Antal Molnar
publ Editio Musica Budapest, distr Boosey & Hawkes

The Book of Rounds.. Taylor & Dyk publ Dutton

Doreen Rao (Toronto Children's Chorus Publications) B&H

Canons, Songs, and Blessings by Helen & John Kemp
publ Choristers Guild distr Lorenz

Betty Bertaux series (B&H?)

101 rounds for Singing- publ World Around Songs, Inc
Burnsville, N.C.

Sacred Canons publ as above

Favourite Rounds and Canons
ed Leigh Wigglesworth & Noel Ancell.

Mary Geotze series (B&H)

Rounds Galore by Weber (340 rounds by Jean Richie,
Sally Rogers, Garrison Keillor, Peter Schickele, etc.)
To order: 1-800-397-9378.

Well, that's about it. Happy singing!!

Peter Coulianos

on February 6, 2007 10:00pm
Do you know how i could order THE BOOK OF ROUNDS by Taylor & Dyk? Thanks alot!!!! Lori White