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A cappella repertory


General Madrigal Collections
The A Cappella Singer
H. Clough-Leighter (ed).
E.C. Schirmer, (1936,1964). $12.50?
Europaeische Madrigale
Volume 1: fuer Gemischte Stimmen. (1955)
Volume 2: fuer Gleiche Stimmen. (1956)
Egon Kraus (ed).
Musikverlag zum Pelikan. $??
Invitation to Madrigals
Thurston Dart et al (eds).
Galaxy Music (In Europe, Stainer and Bell). $7.95??/vol.
Book 1: SAB (1961).
Book 2: SATB (1962).
Book 3: SSA (1962).
Book 3A: TTB (??).
Book 4: SA or TB (1967).
Book 5: SATB (1971).
Book 6: SSATB & SSATBB (1973).
Book 7: SSATB & SSATBB (1973).
Book 8: Thomas Morley (1976).
Book 9: Thomas Weelkes (1976).
Book 10: John Wilbye (1977).
Book 11: Orlando Gibbons (1977).
Book 12: Luca Marenzio (SATB) (1980).
Book 13: Luca Marenzio (SATB) (1980).

Kings Singers Madrigals, Vol.1 (4 parts)
Clifford Bartlett, ed.
Faber & Faber (imported in U.S. by Hinshaw), 1984, $5.95
Kings Singers Madrigals, Vol.2 (5 parts)
Clifford Bartlett, ed.
Faber & Faber (imported in U.S. by Hinshaw), 1984, $5.95

English Madrigals
The Oxford Book of English Madrigals (1978)
Philip Ledger (ed).
Oxford University Press. $14.95
Penguin Book of English Madrigals for four voices (??)
Denis Stevens (ed).
Penguin. Out of print.
Penguin Book of English Madrigals for five voices (??)
Denis Stevens (ed).
Penguin. Out of print.

Italian Madrigals
The Flower of the Italian Madrigal (2 vols) (1988)
Jerome Roche (ed).
Galaxy Music. $12.95/volume
Introduction to the Italian Madrigal For Four Voices (1989)
Jerome Roche (ed).
Galaxy Music. $10.95
(Note: a revised edition of the former Penguin Book of Italian Madrigals
for mixed voices, now out of print; a good complement to the Flower,
above, which contains no 4-part music).
The Oxford Book of Italian Madrigals (1983)
Alec Harman (ed).
Oxford University Press. $14.95
Popular Italian Madrigals of the Sixteenth Century
Alec Harman, ed.
Oxford University Press.
Andrea Gabrieli: Ten Madrigals
Denis Arnold, ed.
Oxford University Press.
Marco da Gagliano: Three Madrigals
David Butchart, ed.
Oxford University Press.
Orlandus Lassus: Ten Madrigals
Denis Arnold, ed.
Oxford University Press.
Claudio Monteverdi: Ten Madrigals
Denis Stevens, ed.
Oxford University Press.
Alessandro Stradello: Four Madrigals
D. G. Allen, ed.
Oxford University Press.

The Oxford Book of French Chansons (1987)
Frank Dobbins, (ed).
Oxford University Press. $29.95

Musica Sacra
Alfred Doerffel (ed).
Peters. $??
The Renaissance Singer (1976)
Thomas Dunn (ed).
E.C. Schirmer. $12.95?
Renaissance Christmas Motets
edited by Bruno Turner & Martyn Imrie
Galaxy Music [Mapa Mundi], 1986, $5.50
Twelve Motets of the Spanish Golden Age
Bernhard Lewkovitch, ed.
Chester Music, 1971, $10.00
[anonymous, Esquivel, Guerrero, Villanueva]

Rounds and Catches
Catch that Catch Can (1945)
Mary Catherine Taylor et al (eds).
E.C. Schirmer. $??
Der Kanon (1959)
Fritz Joede (ed).
Moeseler Verlag. $??
The Penguin Book of Rounds (1962)
Rosemary Cass-Beggs (ed).
Penguin Books. $??
The Scholars' Book of Glees
David Johnson, ed.
Oxford University Press.

Medieval Music
An Anthology of English Medieval and Renaissance Vocal Music (1961)
Noah Greenberg (ed).
Norton. $??

The Oxford Book of Carols (1928,1964)
Percy Dearmer et al (eds).
Oxford University Press. $14.95
The Penguin Book of Christmas Carols (1965)
Elizabeth Poston (ed).
Penguin Books. $??
The Chester Book of Carols
no editor listed
J.W.Chester, 1985, ???
[many contemporary settings of carol texts, some accompanied,
various voicings from SS to SSAATTBB]

Ars Musica (Vol. 4 Chorbuch fuer gemischte Stimmen) (1965)
Gottfried Wolters (ed).
Moeseler Verlag. $??
The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems (1978)
Christopher Morris et al (eds).
Oxford University Press. $14.95
A Sixteenth-Century Anthem Book
Christopher Morris, ed.
Oxford University Press, 1976, ??
[20 English anthems for four voices]
An Anthology of English Church Music
David Wulstan, ed.
J.W. Chester, 1971, $15.25
[Browne, Byrd, Farrant, Gibbons, Tye, Tallis, etc.]
The English Choral Tradition, Vols. 1 & 2
Noah Greenberg, ed.
Associated Music Publishers, 1984, $3.95
[sacred & secular stuff from Taverner to Purcell]
English Romantic Partsongs
Paul Hillier, ed.
Oxford University Press, 1986, $10.00

Of Special Interest...
(Note, since I have no personal experience with the
following editions, I have simply edited, condensed or
quoted recommendations of others, and given their names.
Sometimes I have added my own comments are in square

Stephen T. Moore (STMOORE@PUCC.BITNET) suggests:
CMM (Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae) series.
($25-35 dollars each)
e.g. all 11 books of the madrigals of Giaches de Wert.
The complete madrigals of Gesualdo, Ugrino Verlag
[my own inquiries showed that this is out of print;
Briggs and Briggs, Cambridge, MA, was willing to
sell its few remaining copies for $50/piece -- steep for
books of about 80 pages].

Facsimile partbooks, of which there are about a dozen sets
of chansons etc. published by Tielman Susato in the 1540's
and 1550's that are published by Editions de Culture et
Civilisation in Brussels and can be had from OMI, inc. which
handles all sorts of facsimiles of early music.

Jane Peppler ( suggests:
A couple small offbeat collections available from Skylark
Productions, 2522 Charlock Court, Chapel Hill NC 27514:
Under the Drawbridge
music from the thirteenth to the twentieth century
Three Log Night Songbook
uncommon music for the holiday season
(early music, British carols, old Hannukah music,
mostly original arrangements)
Sigh No More
music from Elizabethan England. These are mainly 2-4
part arrangements.

David Curtis ( suggests:
1) The various series published by Garland (New York).
Although expensive (unless on sale), they contain lots of
previously unavailable choral music in modern editions. For
example try the following series: Sixteenth-Century Motet,
Sixteenth-Century Chanson, and Sixteenth-Century Madrigal.
Write them for a copy of their catalogue for content
Garland Publishing
1000A Sherman Ave.,
Hamden, CT 06514
2) LeRoy & Ballard's 1572 Mellange de Chansons (ed. by
Charles Jacobs); Pennsylvannia State University Press, $75.
[I found this at the library and it is a fascinating
collection. I wish I had money to get three copies!]
3) There are also three large series of choral music from
German publishers worth investigating.They are:
1. Chor-Archiv (pub. by Brenreiter)
2. Das Chorwerk (Wolfenb
on August 25, 2004 10:00pm
It's on
and you could also look on

on August 25, 2004 10:00pm
Any suggestions on where to find the O Magnum Mysterium by Jacob Gallus Handl? Thank you for your help :)
on August 21, 2005 10:00pm
Any suggestions un where to find the Stabat Mater of Christof Penderecki? Thank you for your help :-)
on October 3, 2006 10:00pm
I am looking to hire/buy copies of Byker Hill from Three North Country Folk Songs arr. Wilby but am so far having little success. My choir is 75 strong SATB and I am hoping to obtain copies ASAP for performance in February next year. I would welcome any suggestions or offers and thank you in advance for your time and help...
on January 10, 2007 10:00pm
Recent a capella SATB compositions of Huub de Lange can be downloaded
(pdf- and midi- and mp3 files) via

Missa Brevis, Magnificat, Stabat Mater, 3 Shakespeare Songs and more.

The direct link to Huub de Lange's music is:

on March 4, 2008 10:00pm
If I am looking for a really good "traditional" acapella choral piece, I would look towards the Renaissance and Baroque period. For instance, I really like Haec Dies by William Byrd. Another piece would be Sicut Cervus by Palestrina, and if you are interested in performing great Romantic acapella choral music, you cant go wrong with Locus Iste by Anton Bruckner or Ecce Fidelis Servus.