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Favorite Elementary music resources

Here is a compilation of the responses I received regarding elementary
music aides and resources. Thank you to all who responded.

Tammi L. Gahl


A Galaxy of Games for the Music Class by Margaret Athey & Gwen
Hotchkiss, from Parker Publishing Co.

This helped to save my life in a part time job once.
Good luck


Tammi, check out these materials:



I love the MacMillan McGraw Hill Share The Music



Here are a few resources for Elementary music activities.

1. It's Your Turn, ...Again!
-More incredibly successful games and activities for the
elementary music class
by Cheryl Lavender
Hal Leonard publications

2. Rhythm and Melody
- Reproducible Workbook
by Peggy Klein Morton
McDonald Publishing Company

3. Children Should Know Music
-Origin of Music, The Orchestra, Famous Composers
Books 1 - 3
by Isabelle Groetzinger
Hayes School Publishing Co., Inc.

4. Bulletin Boards That Teach Music
by Loretta Mitchell Norgan
Hal Leonard Corporation

5. The Big Book of Music Games
by Debra Olson Pressnall & Lorilee Malecha
Instructional Fair

6. Classical Music Stories
- Composer stories with music examples and activities to
by Cynthia G. Adams
Instructional Fair

I hope these resources will be of some help to you. A major company to
order teaching resources through is Music in Motion. They are based in
Dallas area of Texas. They offer tons of instructional aids and books.
Good Luck

Angela Farris


The "Music" series from Holt, Reinhart and Winston has always been
superb. The best of the elementary school music resources in my


Bill Wood


"The Kodaly Method" Prentice Hall: "A galaxy of Games for the Music
Class"Parker:"Music Lessons You Can TEach" Parker:"Teaching Music in the

Twentieth Century" Prentice Hall. It is important to know some Orff.
Find out
who the president of your local chapter is and attend one of the
You will love these people. My best, Chuck Matz



A MUST resource for you is WE WILL SING by Doreen Rao, published by
Boosey &

Lee Kesselman


on September 30, 2002 10:00pm
I would like to start a small choir at my elementary school where I am a teacher. I sing but play no instrument. How do you use Karaoke or other cassette or cd players to help teach the songs to 3rd graders?

Thank you for any advice towards teaching children to sing.
on June 7, 2003 10:00pm
We have created a CD-ROM disk to help teachers assess singing skills and remediate them. It has a lot of video example. Contact me if you are interested.
Dennis Holt, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education
University of North Florida
on August 25, 2004 10:00pm
I have just been hired on at a elementary Public School and am going to be teaching Kingergarten to grade 6 music. I am also going to put together a school choir with mixed ages but I do not play an instrument well enough to accompany these children. Do you have any suggestions around C.D.'s that play the music and leave out the vocals? Karaoke style.

Thank-you for any information you would be able to share in regards to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Brenda J. Spencer
on August 16, 2005 10:00pm
Dear Brenda I read your e-mail and would suggest a Kodaly Level I course or workshop which gives the music teacher plenty of suggestions and materials for movement and singing K-6 without accompaniment. I would suggest two books from this methodology. 150 Rounds by Edward Bolkovac and Judith Johnson, 150 American Folk Songs by Peter Erdei and the staff of the Kodaly Musical Training Institute. Both of these books are published by Boosey & Hawkes.
I have used these books for the past few years. The children can't wait each day to do the game, movement & song. I needed a little push since my original certification was 5-12th some years back. I use this methodology for K-4th grade church choir as well sans the movement of course. Dennis