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Doctoral Programs in Choral Music

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 12:11:02 -0700
From: Ramsdells(a)

Dear fellow choralisters:

Thanks so much to all who replied concerning DMA programs. Especially helpful
were those who wrote directly from programs. Many also wrote with helpful
advice about how to choose a program. For this we are thankful and grateful,
and have begun responding and replying to those programs recommended. Because
several folks wrote us asking that this information be forwarded to them, we
have compiled and are passing on a list of people/places/addresses that we
received (please do not hold us liable for errors in information, but do help
us by making any needed corrections in future choralists).

Again, many thanks! --Greg and Cynthia Ramsdell

Dr. Timothy Koch
University of Southern Mississippi
Box 5081
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5081

Don Neuen, UCLA
Contact: Mary Crawford
Graduate Advisor, UCLA
Departments of Music and
Ethnomusicology & Systematic Musicology
1642B Schoenberg Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1616

Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati
fax: 513 556-0202

Peabody Conservatory of Music
Johns Hopkins University
fax: 410 659-8168

Conducting Department
Eastman School of Music
fax: 716 263-2807

School of Music
University of Houston
fax: 817 565-4919

School of Music
University of Washington
fax: 206 543-9285

School of Music
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
fax: 313 763-5097

School of Music
University of Arizona
fax: 602 621-1307

School of Music
University of Miami
fax: 305 284-6475

School of Music
University of North Carolina
fax: 919 334-5497

Simon Carrington
The University of Kansas
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
School of Fine Arts
446 Murphy Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045-2260
fax: 913 864-5387

Dr. Charles K. Smith, Director of Choral Activities
School of Music
Michigan State University
fax: 517 336-2880
East Lansing, MI 48824-1043
(517) 353-5340 (music office)

Northwestern University
Wayne G. Gordon, Coordinator
Office of Music Admission and Financial Aid
Evanston, Illinois 60208-1200
(708) 491-3141

School of Music
University of Southern California
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0851
(contact William Dehning)

Music Department
University of Connecticut
Box U-12
876 Coventry Road, Room 228
Storrs, CT 06269-1012
(203) 486-3728

James Gallagher
Hilary Apfelstadt
School of Music
Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210-1170

Greg Lyne
David Stocker
Dom Bailey
Jerry Doan, Coordinator of Doctoral Programs
Arizona State University
College of Fine Arts
School of Music
Tempe, AZ 85287-0405
(602) 965-3371

Dr. Eph Ehly
Director of Choral Activities
Conservatory of Music
4949 Cherry
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499
Conservatory of Music
University of Missouri-Kansas City
fax: 816 235-5265

Beverly Taylor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Larry Wyatt
University of South Carolina

Walter Collins
University of Colorado

Dr. Paul Traver
University of Maryland, College Park

Rodney Eichenberger
Andre Thomas
University of Florida, Tallahassee

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to my request for DMA programs and
directors of choral activities. I received helpful suggestions and insight
into many programs. Here is the compilation of school data I received as
requested by many of you. I have not checked the accuracy of many of
these, so there may be errors.
Thanks again-
Emily Neil

Indiana University- Jan Harrington
University of Illinois, Champagne/Urbana- Dr. Fred Stoltzfuss, Chet Alwes
The Hartt School, University of Hartford (West Hartford, CT)- Richard
Coffey, Paul E.Oakley

University of Michigan - Jerry Blackstone, Theo Morrison
Michigan State-Dr. Charles K. Smith, director, Dr. Jonathan I. Reed
University of South Carolina- Larry Wyatt
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Dr. Eph Ehly.
Shenandoah University in Winchester VA , Dr. Darla Hanley
Arizona State University- David Stocker, George Umberson
University of Arizona- Maurice Skones
University of Washington
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Houston, Moores School of Music-Dr. Charles Hausmann, Dr.
Betsy Weber
Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois)- Robert A. Harris
Ball State University (Indiana)- Dr. Douglas Amman
Ohio State Univiversity- Hilary Apfelstadt, Jim Gallagher
University of Kansas - Simon Carrington
UCLA - Don Neuen
Eastman- William Weinert, studied with Robert Fountain
Northwestern - Robert Harris
Florida State-Andre Thomas, Rodney Eichenberger, only offer PhD
University of Iowa- William Hatcher
University of North Texas, Denton- Henry Gibbons
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky)-Dr. John Dickson
University of Georgia
University of Mississippi- Jerry Jordan
University of Miami (FL) - Jo-Michael Scheibe
University of Oklahoma- Dennis Shrock
University of Southern California
University of Texas
University of North Carolina (Greensboro)
Yale University- Maggie Brooks
University of Connecticut - Peter Bagley
Rutgers University - Patrick Gardner
University of Washington - Abraham Kaplan
University of Maryland -Paul Traver
Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh- Robert Page

Thanks to many who replied. Here is the compilation.

1. SUNY StonyBrook. They have a DMA in Conducting that takes 2 years
full time. Dr. Timothy Mount is the prof. there and he is quite

2. University of North Texas has a fine program, and it's an inexpensive
state school - Dr. Jim McCoy & Henry Gibbons

3. Florida State University

4. University of Kansas - Simon Carrington

5. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

6. University of Alabama

7. Eastman School of Music

8. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

9. Indiana University in Bloomington

10. University of Iowa

11. Eastman Conservatory (at the University of Rochester)--they only
accept one DMA student per year

12. Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

13. University of Arizona (Dr. Maurice Skones)

14. University of Southern California, Los Angeles (Bill Dehning, Lynn

15. University of California, Los Angeles (Don Neuen)

16. University of Colorado, Bolder. An enterprising student could get
through the DMA there in two summers.

17. Louisiana State University has a good doctoral program in choral
conducting (

18. University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music. Earl Rivers
would be the contact person.

19. University of North Texas

20. Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. has recently put into place
a DMA in conducting. THey have a fine MME program. They have on their
staff Robert Schaefer, the Grammy award winner from this year's
outstanding classical recording, for the War Requiem. Great faculty,
small school, and summers (mostly). I took 11 hours last summer, so with
my 9 transfer credits, I am one-third of the way through the program.
Contact Dr. Darla Hanley at: dhanley(a)

21. University of Michigan (Theodore Morrison & Jerry Blackstone)

Grace Oey
Worship & Music Consultant
email: graceoey(a)


Thanks to the many of you who responded to my request for information about
doctoral programs in choral conducting/choral literature. A substantial
list is available on the ChoralNet internet site, too.

Here is the list I have been able to assemble. If there are omissions or
errors here, I would be very grateful for correct information.

Choral DMA programs

Arizona State University
Ball State University
Carnegie Mellon University
Eastman School of Music/Rochester
Florida State University
Indiana University - Bloomington
Louisiana State University
Michigan State University
New England Conservatory ("in somewhat exceptional circumstances")
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Rutgers University
Shenandoah University
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Church Music and Worship
Stanford University
State University of New York - Stony Brook
University of Alabama
University of Arizona
University of California - Los Angeles
University of California - Santa Barbara
University of Cincinnati College - Conservatory of Music
University of Colorado - Boulder
University of Connecticut
University of Florida - Tallahassee
University of Georgia
University of Hartford - The Hartt School
University of Houston
University of Illinois - Urbana
University of Iowa
University of Kansas - Lawrence
University of Maryland - College Park
University of Miami
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Missouri - Kansas City
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
University of Northern Colorado - Greeley
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon
University of South Carolina
University of Southern California
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Texas - Austin
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Yale University

in Canada:
University of Alberta

Kirin Nielsen

on December 11, 2002 10:00pm
I noticed a small error: the University of Florida is in Gainesville. Florida State is in Tallahassee.
on January 3, 2004 10:00pm
Jan. 4, 2004

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am seeking for shorter academic year programs for doctoral degree in either in choral coducting or church music with voice as minor. I have enough credentials from Korea and Italy.

Please forward more information regarding above subjects, I am residenct of
Buena park in southern California.

Respectfully yours,

Nack Hyung Kim
on February 3, 2004 10:00pm
Yes, Simon Carrington is now at Yale.

on February 3, 2004 10:00pm
I have noticed on several lists that Simon Carrington is listed as the director at Kansas University. He has not been there for the last two years. The Director of Choral Activities is now Dr. John Paul Johnson.
on June 3, 2004 10:00pm
I have also noticed that Paul Traver is listed for U of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Ed McClary is there now and many good things are being said about that program. It is on my short list for 2005
on February 14, 2007 10:00pm
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
DMA in Choral Conducting
Dr. Peter A. Eklund,
Dr. Therees T. Hibbard,
Dr. Rhonda J. Fuelberth,
Dr. John W. Richmond,
GTA: full tuition waiver (in-state and out-of-state), health, stipend, choral ensemble
on December 11, 2007 10:00pm
University of Washington's Director of Choral Activities/Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Choral Conducting is now Dr. Geoffrey Boers (since Autumn 2004).
on January 5, 2008 10:00pm
Dr. Geoffrey Boers has been at the University of Washington since before fall 1999.
on January 23, 2009 10:00pm
Yes, Geoffrey Boers has been there since the late 1990's, but has only been the head of the Graduate area since 2004, as Gene Peterson stated.