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Syllabus for sacred choral literature course

School of Music
Course Syllabus
Fall 1991
Sacred Choral Literature
MUSM 201-2 Credits, GMSMA 522-3 Credits
Tuesday, 7:15-9:05 p.m.
Room 107

Instructor: Dr. Brady R. Allred
Office: 205
Hours: Mon.-Th. 2:15-3:05 or by appointment
Phone: 434-5494

A survey of sacred choral literature from the Middle Ages
to the present with emphasis on the evolution and development
of choral forms and styles, performance, and performance

Theory III, Counterpoint, Analysis, and History of Music.

At the end of the course, students should be able to:
A. Define "sacred" choral music.
B. Identify and discuss the evolution and historical
development of sacred choral music.
C. Define the terminology associated with the historical
development of sacred choral music.
D. Discuss the musical periods and styles, give examples
of significant church music from each period, and identify the
major composers of sacred choral music.
E. Analyze and identify sacred choral forms and styles
through score study, attending choral performances, and
listening to recordings.
F. Demonstrate the ability to write effectively by
periodic examinations, essays, and a research paper.
G. Demonstrate practical knowledge of the literature
by organizing a reference listening of sacred choral music.

A. Attendance: Members of the class are expected to
attend all scheduled classes. Excused absences are given
only in extreme emergencies and must be negotiated
individually with the instructor.

B. Assignments: Selected readings from the required
and recommended texts, listening assignments, and small
research projects will be given each week. Every student
is expected to participate in class discussions.

C. Mid-Term Exam: A mid-term exam will be given
after week seven. It will consist of term definitions, short
essays, score identification, and identification of recorded
musical examples from the listening list.

D. Final Exam: The format of the final exam will be
similar to the mid-term and is scheduled for Tuesday, December
17 from 7:15-9:05 p.m.

E. Research Paper: A short paper (5-8 pages) demonstrating
your ability to research, analyze, and write effectively will be
due on December 3 at 7:15 p.m. (the last class). The topic and
bibliography must be approved by October 1. Specific instructions
regarding topic and format will be distributed by week four.

F. Listening List. Students are expected to listen to all
the works assigned during the semester and know the style,
form, period, and composer of each piece.

G. Catalog of Choral Music: Students will be assigned
to research and contribute to the catalog of sacred choral
music each week. These assignments will be graded and
late assignments will not be accepted.

The final grade is based on the following:
A. Weekly Assignements-20% of the final grade will
be determined by the weekly assignments. A letter grade will
be given for each assignment and then averaged.
B. Testing-The mid-term and final exam will each count
as 25% of the final grade.
C. Paper-The research paper will count as 30% of the final
grade. Late papers will be accepted until December 10, but the
grade will be lowered one letter grade.

Required: Wienandt, Elwyn A. Choral Music of the Church.
New York: Da Capo Press, 1980.

Recommended: Ulrich, Homer. A Survey of Choral Music.
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, 1973.

Robinson, Ray, ed. Choral Music (A Norton Historical
Anthology). New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1978.

VII. The above schedule and procedures in this course are subject
to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Sacred Choral Literature
Listening Assignment I

1. Machaut - MASS OF NOTRE DAME "Kyrie" 5-101
2. Dufay-MISSA SE LA FACE AY PALE "Gloria" 103-236
3. Ockeghem-MISSA MI-MI "Credo" 238-336
4. Josquin-MISSA PANGE LINGUA (ALL) "Kyrie & Gloria" 338-415
"Credo" 417-480 "Sanctus" 481-550
Side2 "Agnus Dei" 0-123
5. Palestrina-MISSA POPE MARCELLUS "Sanctus & Ben" 125-219
6. Byrd-MASS FOR 4 VOICES "Agnus Dei" 220-

Sacred Choral Literature
Listening Assignment II

1. Dunstable-"Quam pulchra es" 0-048
2. Dufay-"Ave regina coelorum" 50-079
3. Josquin-"Ave Maria" 80-190
4. Victoria-"O quam gloriosum" 191-228
5. Gabrieli-"O magnus mysterium": 230-282
6. Tallis-"O nata lux de lumine" 283-310
7. Byrd-"Ave verum corpus" 310-360

Sacred Choral Literature
Listening Assignment III

1. Byrd-"Sing Joyfully" (p/ 173) 0-46
2. Gibbons-"This is the Record of John" 46-130
3. Carissimi-"Plorate filii Israel" (p. 307) 130-184
4. Vivaldi-"Magnificat" (p. 313) "Et exultavit" 185-218
"Et misericordia" 220-275
5. Charpentier-"Messe de minuit..." (p. 328) "Kyrie" 277-347
6. Purcell-"Come Ye Sons of Art" (p. 347) 349-375
7. Bach-"Jesu meine Freude" (p. 395) 377-577