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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

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Need help finding ideas for repertoire? Ask here
Re: Music about Human Rights, specifically women
(July 21, 2014 9:52pm)
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History and research (229 messages, 863 replies)
Composer dates, score errata, performance practice
Re: looking for: Carlo Rossini's "Canticum Novum" organ score
(July 21, 2014 8:54am)
Vocal Pedagogy and the Voice (235 messages, 1462 replies)Re: Trouble with decrescendos
(July 21, 2014 6:32am)
Legal issues (161 messages, 932 replies)
Copyright, religion in schools, employment law
Visa requirements for non-US participants in choir festival
(July 16, 2014 5:48am)
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(July 21, 2014 8:53am)
For singers and students (133 messages, 527 replies)Re: Prospective B.M in choral music student
(July 15, 2014 9:49am)
Equipment questions (256 messages, 1100 replies)
Folders, risers, microphones, batons, apparel
Church Renting Space to Store Music - question about prices
(July 21, 2014 11:55am)