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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Alabama ACDA

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As an experiment, I wanted to see if I could redirect Alabama's other two website names ( and to this website.
It worked pretty well, but there is a small hangup - working to see if I can fix that from the ChoralNet side of things.
- plc
I've made a couple of updates to the Alabama ACDA Community:
1.  Created three more editors:  Tim Banks (our president), Jessica Kaufold (our incoming president), and Gary Packwood (our newsletter editor).
2.  I plan on replacing the original Alabama ACDA image with the ChoralNet Community version.
  • we need to contact the other Alabama ACDA Members and encourage them to join this community.  we will probably have to tell them to join ChoralNet as a registered member first!
  • My presentation at Summer Celebration will be based partly on these communities and how we can work.
What other ideas do you have?
In this place, we would really push SUMMER CELEBRATION now that YOUNG VOICES has passed.
We provide propaganda that highlights the positive aspects, provides pictures of coming events or recaps what happened.
We blog here . . . .
Lots of resources, including YouTube video insertion: