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Hi Jack:  Lots of work for you.  Thanks to you!  Just wondering if you have had time to fix the pages on "We are the Music Makers" and "in the Bleak Midwinter" since both are with Colla Voce.   Again thanks for all of the work you do for us.   Tom    
Comment: Re: Looking for lush, grand, accompanied piece SSAA for winter
Dear Kathleen:   Have a listen and look at "The Kiss"     THE KISS – Very popular with the ladies   Published by Alliance Music.   Thanks...
PDF Document: Look to This Day
Announcement: Four Prayers for Advent from Concordia
These are four prayers for each of the Sundays in Advent by Tom Council
Comment: Re: When your choir dislikes a piece on your program
Hi Leigh-Ashley"   We all have to go through that first year.  Hang in there, girl!  It gets better.   The first thing I would say is try not to give up on the piece, unless you feel singing it would not give your group the success they and you need at the moment.     I have said many ti...
Forum message: Youth Choir Tour Needing help
Dear Colleagues:   It happens to us each year.  Pittsburgh is looking to be a bit of a challenge to find a church to host us.  So, we are having to move the route a little and we are now looking in the Erie, Pennsylvania area for Thursday June 26.   We also need to find a host church in the...
Comment: Re: Rousing Ender piece for high school chorus
Hi Kerry:   How about "We Are the Music Makers".  I would be pleased if you looked at it.   You can hear a couple of performances of it at   Thanks,   To...
Announcement: Youth Choir Tour in June
Dear Colleagues:   I have had a wonderful response to our seeking host churches for our Youth Choir, Elation. Thank you!   It seems we have one spot left to fill.  It is the Pittsburg Pa. area on Thursday June 26 for a performance.   Elation is  preforming the musical "GodSpell"  as a w...
Announcement: New from Colla Voce
Chris Matthews  of Colla Voce The rollicking, toe-tapping arrangement of "Scraping Up Sand" by Tom Council is now available for TTBB voices. This would make for the perfect finale to your next men's choir performance.   Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea-TTBB | 15-95115 - Colla Voce M...
Announcement: Youth Choir Tour in June
Dear Colleagues:  A Youth Choir, Elation,  from the Dallas, Texas area will be touring with the musical "Godspell" in June. We are asking for your help in finding host churches.  Below is our tour and dates.  Thank you for your interest. Please reply back to me.   Tom Council tom@tomcounci...
Comment: Re: "Come Thou Fount"
Good Moring Douglas:  Yes, the arrangement by Lloyd Phautsch is the one you are looking for.  I was in the choir at SMU when he wrote that.  It was a fav. with my HS choir for many years and still is whenever they get together.   Tom
Announcement: Adam lay Ybounden
This is settiing of the 15th century text based on a melody by Peter Warlock for SATB a cappella by Tom Council.  It is set with a swing/jazz feeling and can be used by a choir, jazz ensemble, or chamber choir.  It is published by Colla Voce Music, Inc.  There will be a TTBB setting coming out...
Announcement: Scraping up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea
This is an arrangement of an American folk song for SATB divisi, a cappella by Tom Council.  It is published by Colla Voce Music, Inc.   There will be a TTBB setting coming out in 2014. 
Comment: Re: Considering taking over musicals
Hi Bruce:   When I began to teach choir at the HS level in the 70's, it had been the tradition as well as the tradition in most of the HS in the district to close up choir for 6-8 and produce a musical.  First of all, not every choir student wants to give up time and/or be involved, and second,...
Comment: Re: Choir standing
Good Sunday Morning Claudia:   I have been the director at four churches 3 Methodist and 1 Presbyterian.  In all churches,  choir and congregation has stood for all hymns.  If this is not the case with your church, perhaps the choir could begin the tradition by  standing for the  first and ...
Comment: Re: up tempo short piece by a poet
Hi Craig:  Please give a listen to my "We are the Music Makers"  The two performances are with a brass choir, but I heard one HS choir sing it with piano.   You can find it at   Just click on listen   Thanks, for listening   Tom
Comment: Re: Composition review at Shawnee?
Hi Tony:   Let me recommend a little book that every choral composer should have in their library. It's called "How to get your choral compostion published"  by Barbara Harlow. It's published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing.  Barbara is the owner. I'm sure you can find it by going to their...
Comment: Re: Looking for a "Pater Noster" for church choir
Hi Sara:   I have a setting of The Lord's Prayer (English) at: There is also a setting of the Gloria Patri there.  And it's all free downloads.   Thanks for looking   Tom
Comment: Re: Social Justice repertoire suitable for liberal church worship
Hi Dennis:  Like someone said, Great Topic!  Our church is a peace and justice church, and I have used a lot of music in worship that I called "Secular music with a Sacred theme".  Someone has already mentioned "Prayer of the Children" that I have used many times with our men.  Two more favs ...
Comment: Re: Choir during lunch period
Good Saturday Tyler:   Congrats on your first position! When I taught HS, I always had and preferred my top choir at the lunch hour. I think someone has already asked the question about the number of lunch perionds.  At my two HS, depending on the size of the school, there was always 3 or 4 lun...
Comment: Re: SAB Sight Reading Repertoire
Hi Bruce:  To answer your question, yes, there is SR music written specifically for SAB.  There were also lists of titles for each school year used at UIL. I have been writing SR music for the UIL in Texes since 1991.  Every SATB piece subbmitted had to have a SAB version.  Songs for SR Volume ...
Comment: Re: Choral Jazz Music for Church
Hi Adam:   Here's a little jazz choral piece for choir, and the best part is it's free to look at and make as many copies as you need.  It's scored for SATB choir and Bass.  You can omit the aleatory measure if you like.
Comment: Re: choral settings of the Lord's Prayer
Hi Cynthia:   Here's my setting of the Lord's Prayer that I wrote for a Communion Service.  I actually involved the congregation. It's a little different and could add variety to your other selections.  The the best part is it's FREE.   Click on:
Comment: Re: Let Us Break Bread
Hi Amalie:   Please look and listen to my arrangement of "Let Us Break Bread Together.  You can find it at:   You can listen at: Just click on listen.   Thanks for looking & lis...
Comment: Re: Lawson-Gould
Hi Tony:   I would always try the publishers website first.  Many times you will find a page for new submissions.  If that fails, I would call and ask for that department.   Good Luck   Tom
Borrowing request: An Anita Kerr arrangement
Item: I'll Remember April, SATB Composer/Arranger/Edition: arr. Anita Kerr Starting: ASAP For: Until March 10th Copies: 30 or less Willing to rent: No   I'm looking for the SATB arrangement of "I'll Remember April"  by Anita Kerr   Thanks,   Tom Dallas,Tx.
Comment: Re: New Music for TTBB
Good Afternoon Mark;   Still morning here in Texas.  I have three TTBB you might enjoy with your men.   Ah, My Lovely Shepherdess TTBB, a cappella with solo;  Colla Voce Music   O Magnum Mysterium, TTBB with some divisi, also with Colla Voce Music   Prayer for Peace ( Francis...
Comment: Re: Transfiguration Anthems?
Hi John:  I wrote  one based on a hymn and reading from the Methodist hymnal.  If you send me an email address I would able to send a pdf for you to look at.   Thanks,   Tom
Comment: Re: University level SSAA Contemporary accapella pieces
Dear Ruth:   I have a SSA that may fit you needs.  Please look at "Two Gazed into a Pool" Colla Voce I would be happy to send you a copy.   Thanks,   Tom Council
Comment: Re: Need Easy 2 part pieces for Children's Choir Workshop
Good Morning Bryce:   I have a two part "Clap Your Hands"  that might be fun. Published by Hal Leonard   Thanks for looking   Tom Council  
Comment: Re: (new) Music for TTBB
Dear Dirk:    Please look and listen to my O Magnum Mysterium for TTBB.   Thank you,   Tom
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: Do Not Stand at My Grave
Janet:  Very Lovely!!   Tom Council
Comment: Re: Out of Print, Publisher vanished...
Hi Donna:   This is where I find ChoralNet such a wonderful tool.  Tell us what the title is and how many copies you need.  Someone may have it and let you borrow.   Tom
Comment: Re: companion piece(s) for Vaughan Williams' "Fantasia on Christmas Carols"
Hi Ted:  I think you should look at "Christmas Day" by Gustav Holst   Good Luck   Tom
Comment: Re: Anthems for The Transfiguration of the Lord
Dear Ronald:   I have an anthem for Transfiguration, not published, that I could send you a pdf if you would like to see it. If so, just send an email address that I could use.   Thanks,   Tom
Comment: Re: Looking to Find a KILLER CLOSER for a Conference Performance.
Hi Jason:  I have a piece "We are the Music Makers" that would make a good closer.  Runs about 5 minutes with op brass.  Published by Colla Voce You can hear a performance or two on   Thanks for listening.   Tom
Comment: Re: SAB repertoire - christmas * advent * winter
Good Morning Lorenz:  Please check out my arrangement of  "A Boy was born in Bethlehem"   Colla Voce   Thanks for looking   Tom
Comment: Re: Pieces about music and singing
Hi Mark:  Please look and listen to my "We are the Music Makers"  Published by Colla Voce. SATB with op. brass.  Listen at   Thanks,   Tom
Comment: Re: Communion Anthem Suggestions
Hi Phillip:  I have a couple of suggestions for you.  "Let us break bread Together".  This is published by World Library Publications.  Also a couple of free down load pieces from the Methodist Publishing House.  You can hear a recording of the "Let us break Bread..." at
Comment: Re: Suggestion for a New Forum: "Director/Composer Dialogues"
Hi Julia:  Good suggestions. I agree that such a Forum would be very helpful.   Tom Council
Comment: Re: How l-o-n-g do we go?
Thomas:   I have not read all of the replies, but I'm sure they are all good.  We use to take the month of July off, but found the choir added so much to each service, we were ask not to do that.  SO, instead we just don't rehearse during the month of July.  I find it's freedom from rehear...
Comment: Re: Easy two-part (Treble/Bass) church music
Good Morning Taylor:    You did not mention the name of your church.  I am a Methodist director and composer and have some FREE down loads on the United Methodist musician's web site.  One is an easy two part "Uniting Love" a text by Charles Wesley.  I also have a two part treble "Clap Yo...
Comment: Re: Seeking two-part repertoire that is dead easy and sounds decent
Hi Kathy:  I have an easy two-part "Clap your Hands"  with piano and percussion.  Published by Alliance Music. You can hear a recording at   Thanks for listening   Tom
Announcement: Two Gazed Into a Pool (SSA)
A  beautiful text by Christina Roseetti "Two Gazed into a Pool"  is now available for your SSA choirs.  It is set for SSA choirs, a cappella with some divisi.  It is published by Colla Voce and you can find a purusal copy at Colla Voce.   Thanks for looking   Tom Council www.tomcou...
Comment: Re: Need anthem for choir and string bass
Hi Margaret:   I wrote a piece for my small church choir with string bass.  It's kind of  Jazzy and uses the string bass like a walking bass.  You can find it on the Methodist Musicians web site.  Click on GBOD, and then down to "We Believe in One True God" It's a FREE download!   ...
Comment: Re: Need anthem for choir and string bass
Hi Margaret:  I wrote a choral piece for my small church choir with bass.  You can find it on the United Methodist Web site. Go to:    GBOD Then just scroll down to "We Believe in One True God".  You can download it FREE.  It's a little on the jazzy side using the string bass as a walkin...
PDF Document: In The Bleak Midwinter
PDF Document: We Are the Music Makers
Announcement: Youth Choir tour of "Godspell"
Once again, I am seeking host churches for our summer tour of "Godspell" this June.  Below are the dates needed for hosts.  If your church or if you know of a church near these stops who  might be interested, please let me know.   We have 27 youth and 8 adults.   Sunday Jun...
Forum message: Wanted: Original TTBB by 19th c. composer
A TTBB choir from Romania is looking for an orginal TTBB piece by a 19th c. composer (1809-1873) a cappella for the Musica Sacra portion of the World Choir Games.  It can be in English, Latin, German or Russian.  Music must be of competition level. Please reply to this or email director...