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Community Forum Post: Applause
It takes a new project to get me thinking about how to improve ChoralNet.  I'm working on my "My Most Meaningful Mentor" article.  After I finished it, I read through what the others have written.  I wanted to applaud their work but alas one can only applaud a comment.  Not to beat a dead horse ...
Community Forum Post: Song From Space
This is too wierd for me to comment much on but apparently there is a comet that is sending a "song" into space in the 40-50 MHZ range.   Here it is sped up to an audible level.  Sounds like the pedal tones of a new choral piece to me.  Brian Holmes do you have any insight o...
Community Forum Post: Halloween Song
If you sing Halloween songs with your students here is a cute one they all will really love.   Witches, Ghosts and Goblins  
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "Micronczarnia"
Spelling Correction: Mironczarnia not Micronczarnia sorry Jakub
PDF Document: Mironczarnia SATB
PDF Document: Mironczarnia TTBB
PDF Document: Mironczarnia SSAA
Community Forum Post: Networking
I have spent a lot of time in this past year building up a network on LinkedIn of choir directors, particularly high school directors.  Many are colleagues that I have bumped in to or have some actual relationship but an increasing number are people I have not met.  I know these people have the mo...
Community Forum Post: Check In Fall 2014
Please share with us your composition successes.  Any new commissions, performances, recordings, videos, awards, prizes?  It encourages us all when one succeeds!  In this community we are not shy about sharing what we have done.   Think of it as a professional version of your mot...
Community Forum Post: 2 Seasonal Works Allowed
Community,      To save us some work, the editors and I would like to offer you the opportunity to upload 2 seasonal works to the Composition Showcase.  One for Fall/Winter and one for Lent/Spring/Easter.  That way we don't have to flip out your Spring piece for a Fall one.   These two pieces...
Community Forum Post: VIdeo Page
What do you all think about requesting people send in inks to videos of their works and I post them to a video page. I think it would make for an interesting evening of listening/viewing for our members and hopefully some directors.   We could tag the heck out of it so it might come up in google se...
Community Forum Post: Tree Ring Music
Bartholomäus Traubeck turned tree rings into piano music.  Someone should do this for voices.    What Do Tree Rings Sound Like When Played Like A Record? | IFLScience We all know that the Lorax speaks for the trees, but what do they sound like when they speak for thems...
Comment: Re: Composition Spotlight: "Self-Awareness Missa Brevis"
correction: This piece is for SATB a cappella.  There is no flute or piano. -sorry for my mistake.
Community Forum Post: Shopping for SA
Anybody write anything new this year for SA medium difficulty? or SSA easy?  I'm shopping for the Gifford Children's Choir and Cadence Choir.  
Community Forum Post: Showcase Entries Caught Up
Hi All,    I believe I am caught up with all of the entries in the showcase.  I did loose my internet connection while 2 pages were in process so please check your entries below.  New members, I usually send you a personal note when your works are up but not this time.  I...
Community Forum Post: Editor Status in Composer Community
Hi everyone.  I just spent about three hours going over requests for editor status back several months.  If you have been waiting and wondering check your email or simply get started uploading.  Many ChoralNet users have requested access to the showcase but have not received it because they have ...
Community Forum Post: Editor Duties/Powers
Hey,    Someone sent Greg a request for editor status because I didn't get back to them in a timely manner.  As long as they send any of you the legal disclaimer saying they have read and agree to the terms and conditions, you are welcome and encouraged to OK status if you want to.  Just forwar...
Community Forum Post: 2 Seasonal Pieces on Showcase?
I am considering allowing 2 seasonal pieces, one for fall/winter and one for spring/Easter.  This will save me work taking down someone's winter piece when they want to put up a spring one.  Feelings?
Community Forum Post: The Spotlight on You- Upload New Works
I have started submitting my Spotlight articles for the front page of ChoralNet.   Though  there are some gems in the Showcase that have not been featured, I need more works to choose from.  If I am going to be able to effectively advocate for our community I need more new material to present to ...
Community Forum Post: BYU Vocal Point Video of Nearer My God to Thee
Just had to share.   arranged by James Stevens  BYU Vocal Point and Men's Chorus  
Community Forum Post: Volti Call for Scores
Just passing this along.  I know nothing about it. -------------------------------------------------------------   Volti Choral Arts Laboratory Call for ScoresFor 2015/2016 SeasonVolti (founder/artistic director Robert Geary) is a 20-voice professional chorus in San Francisco specializing in ne...
PDF Document: Psalm 13
PDF Document: Begin Again
Community Forum Post: The Choral Art and Building Community
My family attended the centennial celebration for the tiny town of Gilman, Wisconsin (pop: 408) last week.  A featured part of the celebration was a performance by the Gilman Community Choir (pop: 20, 9 men 11 women) If my community choir approached those kind of percentages I'd have 4,000 people i...
Comment: Re: SSAA or SSA piece that will WOW audience
You want WOW you have to do Aglepta by Arne Mellnas:     sung by Vesna:     sung by University of Miami Very multicultural, very amazing!    
Community Forum Post: Add your Support Please
Sheet music plus is asking for our opinion.  Editors be sure to comment your support or questions in the community forum.  Keeping up a relationship with these guys is good for CCMC and they are offering an excellent service. 
Community Forum Post: FInale Conversion Help Please
I managed to rescue some old compositions from my grape iMac.  They were created in 3.5.2 and Finale 2000.  I was able to open and save them as .mus files through Finale Notebook 2007 on a G4 laptop running OS 9 in Classic mode.  I can save them as PDFs but how can I convert them to something Fin...
Community Forum Post: Epic of Gilgamesh Sung in Ancient Sumerian
This post is especially for Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Nick Page and any world music lovers. The composer is Peter Pringle.  This guy is really amazing.  Check out his YouTube Channel!       Here's another one:
Community Forum Post: Moderation and Ideas
As summer hits me in a couple days, I am often away from my computer for days at a time. If you notice you have a blue "Moderate" tab on the colored tabs near the top of any ChoralNet screen and it is blinking, please feel free to click on it and approve any messages for our community.   All first ...
Community Forum Post: Early Summer Check In
We have gained some new members since our last check-in so I wanted to give them a chance to share what they have coming up or recently accomplished.  If anyone has any performances, commissions, recordings etc. to share with us please do.  Links to YouTube or other recordings would be very helpfu...
Forum message: Mission Statements for non-profits: What's Yours?
Hey ChoralNet!      What is your mission statement?  A friend recently linked a useful article in the composer's community where I have been seeking assistance.   After reading that and the very consice ...
Community Forum Post: A Word that Describes a Community
I need a word or two that describes what is unique about a community gathered for a common purpose, life experience or need.  Communities like CCMC, youth incarcerated and living in a prison, those affected by a natural disaster etc.    What is a word that sums up the uniqueness of a community...
Comment: Re: Advertizing on Facebook? Video Raises Questions
The last video burried the lead. You have about 6 seconds to hook a YouTube audience if you want them to watch and share. Your product looks great but the presentation either sounded like the video ads that used to come as previews to a children's video in the 1990's or an infomercial and I doubt y...
Community Forum Post: Devaluation of Education Affecting Student Concert Attendance?
Is anyone else experiencing a huge change in attendance of your singers at school concerts.   Attendance by my students and even by my regularly practicing choir members is at an abysmal 33% for the last several events.   I have never had this problem before and am worried it is a symptom of a dev...
Comment: Re: Children's Choir songs about STARS
Yes, Greg Bartholomew wrote We Are the Dust of Stars for my school choir last year.  It is a fine piece.   Singing the two parts is a bit of a stretch for most elementary choirs yet would be an appropriate challenge for high school girls.   ...
Community Forum Post: Digital Print Profit Comparison
I just looked through Sheet Music Plus's digital publishing program for composers. They offer 45% of the sale back to the composer. How does that compare to JW Pepper's? Here's where I was Looking.
Community Forum Post: Repertoire Post Easter
Things got a little tight around Easter.  We rehearse on Sunday so no rehearsal Easter Day puts us behind.  We ended up revisiting some standards of our repertoire. Here's what we did the past two weeks:   Lord of the Universe by Stan Pethel and Julie Myers SATB and Piano http://www.jwpepper.c...
Community: CCMC Editors
A meeting place for the editors of the Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet
Comment: Re: One Hit Wonders
Bainton's And I Saw A New Heaven
Community Forum Post: Cascadia's Curse, Readers Take Note   One of our members steathily writing under the pen name of J.A.Charnov has just published an ebook for the Kindle.   I don't have a Kindle but I bought it anyway and can read it in my browser.  Show your support and have a read, it is only $2.99 which is qu...
Community Forum Post: "Unfinished Melodies" a CCMC Collaboration
A CCMC Collaboration has lead to the premier of "Unfinished Melodies" by the Washington Park High School Concert Choir in Racine, WI.   Robert Ross, Linda Marcus and I, with help from Ken Matejka wrote a piece in memory of those lost in the Newtown tragedy. I asked my music teaching colleagues if a...
Community Forum Post: End of the Year Check-In
As the concert year comes to a close, what works of yours are getting performed?  Any new commissions for next year?  Anyone recording your pieces? Any connections made through ChoralNet and the Composition Showcase?  Don't be shy, let us know!
Community Forum Post: ChoralNet Front Page PEEPS® Choir
Hey, they put a pic of my teaching partner's choir immortalized in PEEPS® on the front page of ChoralNet.  I am included standing comfortably outside of the box LOL!  Click on it to go to Our Musical Life Inc's blog for more details and pics. You can zoom in there close enough to read the kids' n...
Comment: Re: 501h vs 501c3 Which is Better?
Daniel,   Thanks for your knowledge on this topic.  Your link led me t other useful info as well.  I now get that 501h is not an organization type.  I believe our board is simply desiring to have clear limits even though we do not intend to do any political activity.   I don't see that it wo...
Community Forum Post: 60x60 Project, Rob Voisey and Vox Novus
I have been working on finding people and projects that might be inerested in or of interest to our community.  I found Rob and his 60x60 project and asked him for more info.  This guy is an innovator and has a lot to say about promoting new music.  His projects could involve our memb...
Community Forum Post: CCMC Composers Performed at North Central ACDA Convention
My teaching partner took off most of the week earlier this month and attended the North Central ACDA Convention.  I asked him to bring me the programs.  These are the CCMC composers that were performed and who performed their works.  I wasn't there but I expect they went well, the...
Comment: Re: What Fair Use Is (and Isn't)
Excellent article.   Thanks for putting this on ChoralBlog!
Community Forum Post: Musical Theater Category on Showcase?
How many of you have a musical sitting on your hard drive?   I know Wallace De Pue created the first ever Barbershop Opera called "Something Special"   I know Mike O'Mara has at least one musical.   Anyone else?  Do we need a category?
Forum message: 501h vs 501c3 Which is Better?
Hey ChoralNet,  the non-profit I started is making our final organizational decision before turning in our paperwork.  We are deciding between 501c3 and 501h organizatin.  We have been advised to go with the later.  I am concerned because a grant I was looking at said only 501c3s could apply.  ...
Community Forum Post: Burned Out! What To Do Now?
A member of our community and I were discussing the struggles of life and how life can sometimes wear you down and non-musical things can snuff the flame of creativity.   What strategies have worked for you when the desire to create seems to have disappeared?    Questions ...