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Choir: Singing Out: Toronto's LBGTQ Chorus (Ontario, Canada)
non auditioned--all are welcome!
Choir: St. Louis Harmony Chorus (Missouri, USA)
Comment: Re: Can't log in to ChoralNet? Missing your email?
I'm seeing some "Sorry" error pages when clicking on forum links that appear to be due to the purging of members. I'd suggest that people who are having problems report them in the "Website suggestions" forum, here:   Unless you have different instruct...
News and Notices: Kantorei Names New Artistic Director
Joel M. Rinsema to take artistic helm of Denver’s premier choral ensemble, will continue as President & CEO of Grammy Award-winning Phoenix Chorale   DENVER, Colorado (March 05, 2014) – Denver’s premier choral ensemble, Kantorei, announced today that it has named Joel M. Rinsema as its ...
Comment: Re: Verify Your ChoralNet E-Mail
There could be a technial problem with this plan--ChoralNet's server is currently listed on a blacklist, so if the account-verification email gets sent from the same server, it will either get blocked or relegated to the spam folder for a significant number of the users. I'll send some additional in...
Comment: Re: ChoralNet Founder James Feiszli is Professor of the Year - South Dakota
If this were a church service, Philip might have ended with "can I get an AMEN?" and the immediate and resounding unison response would be an overwhelming AMEN!!!!!!   I'm thankful that Jim asked me to help with this important project, and am very proud of him.
Comment: Re: New Website Unveiled by ACDA
Very nice, Scott--congratulations to ACDA and Jose Tellez. Is there a process in place to submit details about bugs that we find? I've identified a few specific issues and can also provide solutions.
Choir: Cantori delle Cime (Lugano, Switzerland)
Comment: Re: blew wrong note!
If an alert singer who immediately detects the issue can catch the eyes of the conductor, I'd say a shake of the head (as in "No") might be appropriate, but in most cases, the short time between the giving of the pitch and the downbeat probably won't allow for that. I am the "keeper of the pitch" fo...
Comment: Re: Online Ticketing
Three things:   1. NEVER print out credit card numbers--that's not PCI compliant as any banking institution you deal with will tell you. I've had to educate my day job colleagues on this--they used to have people mail in event registration forms with not only the CC numbers, but also the CVV secu...
Comment: Re: Online Ticketing
Not to be intentionally picky, but I think you mean that you need to move to a Linux-based server, rather than Unix. I don't think you'll want to have your pages "back-end" directly into Intuit. Rather, I think they'd prefer that you use one of their approved shopping cart and/or hosting partners, l...
Choir: White Mountain Chorale (Arizona, USA)
Choir: Master Chorale of Flagstaff (Flagstaff, Arizona, USA)
Choir: Oxford Pro Musica Singers (England, United Kingdom)
Comment: Re: Aria ornamentation in Baroque Oratorio: Who has the final say?
Good topic, Lynn. I've been on both sides of this (conductor and singer) and I think it sounds a bit odd when there are significant differences between the amount and style of ornamentation between the soloists of a particular performance. I think that a conductor would be perfectly within their rig...
Community Forum Post: duplicate posts across many communities
Looking at the collection of duplicate pending posts about "Scholarship Opportunities for your students!" here:   What do you think?   d
Comment: Re: Ads that MOVE
Jane, unticking the box while editing your profile page simply disables the animation (most of the time)--it doesn't make the ads disappear. To do that, you must use Firefox or Chrome and Adblock Plus with the filter I provided to William.
Comment: Re: Ads that MOVE
William, when you view one of the banner ads in the upper-right hand corner, the resulting URL looks like this:   while if you view one of the toaster graphics (a right-mouse click then "View Image" in Firefox), the URL looks like this:   http://ch...
Comment: Re: Ads that MOVE
William - I too am using Firefox on Windows XP and the following custom blocking filter for Adblock Plus continues to work for me (it's blocked the little toaster ads over 76,000 times):   ||*   so I think I gave the wrong filter above. If you use this one, I thin...
Choir: Georgia Tech Women's Chorus (Georgia, USA)
Choir: Georgia Tech Chamber Choir (Georgia, USA)
Resource: International Choral Festival of Karditsa
Comment: Re: Are others having problems connecting to ChoralNet?
James, Bruce, and Matthew -- I've accessed from many kinds of computers with at least four different browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari) and multiple versions of each of those. What is needed from each of you are very specific details about the problems you're experiencing (error me...
Comment: Re: the tablet dilemma
I'm pretty sure that many organists and pianists would prefer the much-larger display of the tablet PC I mentioned over the current iPad screen dimensions. The tablet PC wouldn't necessarily be purchased just as a score reader, but could be used as a "desktop replacement" or even a "laptop replaceme...
Comment: Re: the tablet dilemma
I saw a local church pastor preaching from a Dell XPS 18, which is an "all-in-one" computer in the form of a large tablet. The 18" screen is almost twice the diagonal size of an iPad. The question is whether there would be music-display-related software for the Windows 8 operating system similar to ...
Community Forum Post: Hello?
Anyone out there? Has this group been quietly decommissioned? Sorry if my asking this bothers anyone (of course, it shouldn't, but you never know), but it would be nice to know what's going on with ChoralNet.
Comment: Re: Theme of light/day and darkness/night
While this might not make it into Jessica's program (given that she posted her request two months ago), for posterity I'll offer up a wonderful new "dark/light" pair from composer Ola Gjeilo:   Dark Night of the Soul (info on composer's website:
Comment: Re: individual composer website listings
Ah, thanks for the clarification--I see the problem now. I think it's because the ChoralNet staff member who used to manage that page, Allen Simon, set it up to alphabetize properly only if he linked just the composer's last name, and that's not been done on the more recent additions to that list, p...
Comment: Re: individual composer website listings
Actually, there's already such a resource on ChoralNet, William. It's found under "Resources > Composers > Individual composer websites" (here's the resulting URL if you follow that path: There are over 200 links there, including the one for "Edwin...
Workshops: July 11-13 - "Four Seasons" choral workshop with Robyn Lana and Bruce Rogers
The Arizona ACDA chapter announces its "Four Seasons II" summer worksop in the foothills of Scottsdale, Arizona, from July 11-13, 2013. The featured headliners are Robyn Reeves Lana (Cincinnati Children’s Choir) and Bruce Rogers (Mt. San Antonio College), both nationally-known clinicians who wil...
Comment: Re: Does anyone have a suggestion for a computer database program to organize church choral music?
There's also a program called the "Church Music Library" by RCI Software, available at Disclaimer: I host that website for a friend, but don't make anything off of sales of the software.
Forum message: RIP, John Howell
I wanted to make sure that regular participants/readers didn't miss an announcement posted yesterday by Ian Howell, John's son:   The Passing of John Raymond Howell, May 3rd, 2013   In the announcement, Ian wrote that "if anyone would like to share a story...
Comment: Re: AR Rahman, Jai Ho
There are lots of versions of this on YouTube, including from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, as well as performances with A. R. Rahman singing it at various awards shows, and to my ear, "Jai" is clearly heard in all of those as a diphthong with an [a] followed by a brief [i], so not "jay." Ther...
Comment: Re: Are others having problems connecting to ChoralNet?
I haven't seen any problems like that, James, and I visit almost every day. ChoralNet's Manager occasionally makes updates to the underlying code that operates the site, and I think one such change was made about a month ago, which could either be related, or just coincidental. Hopefully, he'll see ...
Comment: Re: Choral Caffeine: More Pitches
I'm pretty sure your "B-flat" isn't really quite a B-flat, in that our electrical systems are based on 60HZ, which is in between a B-Flat (58.27HZ) and a B (61.74). From those values, you'll note that it's a little closer to the B-flat than the B, but still very much out of tune, which indeed makes ...
Concerts: Phoenix Chorale - Music from the Silver Screen - April 27-28 2013
The GRAMMY-winning Phoenix Chorale closes its season with a weekend of three concerts under the direction of Charles Bruffy featuring some of the greatest music written for or featured in your favorite films. Selections include Samuel Barber’s "Adagio for Strings" (Agnus Dei) from Platoon, Bring...
Comment: Re: Barber Agnus Dei/Adagio question
Thanks for sharing your analysis and helpful solutions, Craig. I'm chiming in because Charles Bruffy is doing this work next weekend with the Phoenix Chorale, so if anyone happens to be in Arizona, you're welcome to come hear our take on this challenging piece. I sing in the bass section and two of ...
Comment: Re: Anything from movies about horses?
We came up with another "horse movie" from which there are several possibilities, Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles." Thanks for the suggestions.
Choir: Engelbrekts kammarkör (Sweden)
Comment: Re: Anything from movies about horses?
Yes, thanks, Jan. Of those three, I think one fits the bill: "All the Pretty Little Ponies" (they changed "Horses" to "Ponies" in the version used in Flicka). The "fugue" from Guys and Dolls is about horses, but isn't from a film about horses, which is what is being sought. I checked the IMDb listin...
Comment: Re: Anything from movies about horses?
Well, yes, but it's probably not as interesting as you think, Joy. ;-)
Comment: Re: Anything from movies about horses?
Thanks, Carmelyn. I did some searching, but Fogelberg's song was written for ABC TV and doesn't appear to have subsequently been using in movies--"close, but no cigar." :-)
Forum message: Anything from movies about horses?
I've received a special request to find a choral arrangement of a song from any feature film about horses (for inspiration, here's a list of such movies on Wikipedia: ). I know this is a bit of a "long shot" (you may groan now), and it would be...
Choir: Catalinas Community Chorus (Oro Valley, Arizona, USA)
Comment: Re: Obtaining the Neighbor's Chorus (public domain)?
There is indeed a complete vocal score of the opera "La jolie parfumeuse" at the IMSLP:,_Jacques%29   The (badly-scanned) score is in French, and the chorus "Soyez donc bonhomme" begins on p. 180. You'd have to either have them sing it i...
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
Everything we heard from Beyoncé (she finally confessed yesterday), the BTC, and the Marine Band (during Battle Hymn, at least) was pre-recorded (I agree with John about not being sure about the BTC's soloist). The only ones who probably wern't making much actual sound would have been the Marine ...
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
Don't get us wrong, Catherine, I think most of us loved it too. Commenting on the minutiae doesn't imply dissatisfaction with the end result. Yes, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir was singing, but no, what we heard on TV and what the audience heard wasn't "live" as there weren't microphones in place ...
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
I'm confident that most of us agree with your "give me a live performance..." statement, Ron. :-)
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
Sorry you took it as harsh, Ronald--I don't think it was, and I'll explain. On the topic of live performance with electronic amplification/reinforcement, there is indeed such as thing as varying degrees of "fakeness," in that there's a variety of possible options, ranging from using only a recordi...
Comment: Re: The "new" Battle Hymn?
Thanks for the quote, Steve. BTW, much of the music at the 2009 inauguration ceremonies was *also* "canned" (pre-recorded). Here's an interview of Yo-Yo Ma about his "faking it" (in a piano trio by John Williams with Itzhak Perlman and Gabriela Montero)--even more fake than Beyoncé or the Brookly...