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Items by Jennifer Lawrence Birnbaum

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Comment: Re: Alternate text to Tallis Canon
Pete Seeger's Old Hundred should be perfect for school (at least most of the verses)
Comment: Re: Comparable programs in churches with ~75 or less av. Sunday attendance?
YES!!! Count me in!  I work at a progressive American Baptist choir. Average congregation attendance is around 80, choir 8-14 (except at Christmas when I pull in friends and family to bump us up to 20).   I'd be happy to share our anthem list.  I have the added challenge of working within the c...
Comment: Re: Heart We Will Forget Him by ??? (in search of arranger/composer)
I wonder if it was the arrangment by James Mabry, part of the Janet Galvan Women's Chorale Series, though when I was singing under her in college we did the Mulholland (with french horn).
Comment: Re: Looking for Palm Sunday Processional music - youth oriented, upbeat?
Praise the Lord - Cameroon song - Earthsongs publisher Antiphonal Hosanna - G. Alan Smith -   Good luck!
Comment: Re: looking for transposition website
JW Pepper has that available for many piano/vocal songs but I haven't seen it for anthems.
Comment: Re: MM Choral Conducting?
Just thought I'd add a school to the list. My alma mater, Ithaca College has a master's in conducting   Because there are no DMA students, master's students at IC get a signficant amount of time from professors a...
Comment: Re: Movies to show in choir
How about "The Choir" - either version   We Are Together
Comment: Re: Music for K-2
I highly recommend the following resources: - for general music class goals, lesson planning, scope and sequence
Comment: Re: Schools for choral direction/music education?
I did my undergrad in music education at Ithaca College and my master's at Columbia/Teacher's College.  That said...if Queens College had a summer program available I would have done my master's there. Their facilities and faculty were top notch.  It would be worth checking to see if that's stil...
Comment: Re: Seeking African music choral gems
I highly recommend this series - authentic South African choral singing - taught by rote.
Comment: Re: South American/South of the Border winter songs for treble voices
How about "A la nanita nana" ?  Does anyone know the accurate cultural history? I've read Spain, Ecuador and Mexico from reputable sources.
Comment: Re: story telling church anthems
Poor Man Lazaurs - Hairston
Comment: Re: Vocal pedagogy for K-8 singers?
There IS a textbook now!   Did a workshop with the authors at last year's OAKE conference.  It's great.    
Comment: Re: women's suffrage commemoration--need repertoire suggestions
Bread and Roses. I'm looking for a arrangment right now to prepare my church choir for Labor Day.   Here's a couple helpful links to get you started: Wikipedia: Sound file:   - Jennifer Lawrence Birnbaum...
Forum message: Seeking piece for unison children + SATB choir
I'm seeking a piece for mid-June (Children's Sunday in our church) to highlight the children in our congregation. We had a VERY successful anthem last weekend "Antiphonal Hosanna" for SATB choir and unison children and I'm looking for a similar piece. We have around a dozen children but most are onl...